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  1. 2 since my CLI's this summer with HSBC, and low util across the board.
  2. Looks like HSBC has become ultra-sensitve to new accounts and inquiries. Called 800-555-9261 at customer service's request and talked to an account review specialist who stated that too many new accounts / too many inquiries were the reasons and the account would remain closed. She did say a supervisor could review the account, but the supervisor will not override. Looks like I'll be staying app free and for a while and gain some AAOA.
  3. I logged on to my HSBC accounts to make a payment today (2x BBRZ and 1x Sears Solutions Mastercard) and it looks like HSBC decided to close all 3 accounts. Figured I'd give you all heads up in case HSBC may be on a closing spree again. I'll be giving them a call in a bit and I'll let you guys know what I find out.
  4. If you happen to have the email address of someone that can help me with this I would be very grateful also. I've got 2 public records that need to be dealt with as they are inaccurate.
  5. Fron what the rep told me, they started with customer initiated CLI's on Thursday.
  6. Don't know if it was hard, I'll know probably tomorrow. I've used my free pulls for today and EQ is giving me problems because of too many inquiries (they freeze my pulls from them when they get ready for C*). I'll keep you up to date, however if someone else finds out please post. I have lots of inqs and lots of new accounts at the moment (GEMB app spree and new auto loan) so they don't seem too sensitive to that. Util was pretty high also on my other cards. It also appears that they are doing this for their other cards. Secured cards are still non-graduating though, will be closing mine before the AF hits next February if they don't graduate.
  7. Just called HSBC regarding my 2 RewardZone Mastercard accounts and got some very good news - they are accepting customer initiated CLI requests! I just called the regular customer service nubmer, no backdoor. Possibility that they pull for CLI, not 100% sure though. Both cards were $100 limit, they have been CLI'ed to $400 cards =) Figured you'd all want to know, and figured I'd pass this on since you've helped me with my credit journey.
  8. Pulled the trigger on this one, $100 limit. Wonder how these grow.
  9. Just curious if anyone has a Virgin Money social loan that stopped reporting today on Experian. Was my only active installment loan, which will frustrate me if they are unable to report.
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  11. brianmcw09

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  12. Tyvm to all who have been positive on this. I have no plans to go delinquent on this or any of my new tradelines. I've been making progress on my credit, and the last thing I would do is something that devistates the hard work I've done this year. I'm not worried about their rates, their fees - right now I'm worried about establishing positive lines. Found out the line amount - it's $200, but with a CLI at 3 months (possibly credit steps? )
  13. Went to the Capital One site today to see if I could get preapproved, and it informed me that there was a secured card that I was "preapproved" for. I know Capital One had stopped giving secured cards for a while, so I decided to jump at it, as the terms were pretty good ($100 deposit for $200 credit limit, auto CLI after 90 days). I entered my information, went through all "I accept" pages etc, and when I got to the confirmation page it stated: "We're pleased to inform you that we're removing the security deposit requirement from your Capital One MasterCard ® . This means you don't have to send us a security deposit! All of the other great terms of your card stay the same, like the competitive 17.8% variable APR on purchases and the $19 Annual Fee. And you'll get an automatic credit line increase when you follow these easy steps: Make a purchase within 90 days. Stay within your credit limit. Make your payments on time for three months. " I am soooooooooo incredibly happy - this is the first unsecured card approval for me. Fico's as of today are 564 TU/525 EQ/Unknown EX. Now, to continue the process and use the cards I have wisely.
  14. I've done the preapproval for the HSBC (preapproved for their "platinum"), but was denied because I have an account with them (my Orchard secured card). I have heard different stories about how long until I can get another card with them (6 months from some, 18 months from others), so I am not too sure.
  15. I've made some significant progress since I started working on my reports with the information I've learned here. I've also gotten some credit cards (Orchard Secured, Crown Jewelers (although they no longer report), and one that shall not be named lol). Anyway, I think I am in need of a new card. My FICO scores have not popped over 600 yet (and have actually gone down some due to Crown Jeweler's dropping). So, I think it may be time for me to find a second secured card to add to the mix. What I want in a secured card is: 1. Easy approval (no declines due to low score/chexsystems issues) 2. Lower fees (I don't want to pay a whole lot of fees yearly/monthly) 3. Unsecures after a period of time (12-18 months is ok, shorter would be great) I've been thinking about the following but not sure of my approval chances and what you think. 1. Wells Fargo 2. Citi 3. Public Savings Bank I think I may have some problems with the credit union products because of Chexsystems (which I am working on). So, any suggestions/thoughts on what I should pick?

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