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  1. So I guess this means it will break my lovely streak of "green Ok" payment designations for that account on the credit reports...
  2. So if it doesn't get reported as late, does that mean it will get reported as officially on time? Or does it not get reported at all for that month?
  3. What happens if you make a credit card payment late but before 30 days late? 5 days late? 10 days late? Would if you pay before the closing date? I know the credit reports only show a late if you are 30 days late, but how do pre-30 days late payments show up on the credit report? Since they're not really officially late, but they're not really officially on time either.... The creditor in question is BOA. Thanks for any advice, it is greatly appreciated!
  4. Does anyone know if you go over your credit limit while you have a 0%APR promo rate, will that cause you to lose the promo rate? The terms and conditions aren't clear on this.
  5. If you get approved for a CLI from the luv button, what are the circumstances under which you should decline it? What is the point of declining the CLI? Is it because you only can get 1 CLI every 6 months(so if the CLI is small, you should decline it?)?
  6. Doesn't 7 - 10 day message mean income verification?
  7. If you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear your income and monthly spend that you put on the form. Income 85k Monthly spending I said $6000 I think what does factor is having another card card with $2000 cl on my report witch is A secured card that helps allot to get higher credit lines now and later in the rebuilding process ppl don't realize that My third card is credit one card $700 Thanks for the information, Yuda. Is that secured card you have also a Cap One card?
  8. I never heard that credit steps should preclude you from getting CLI. Haven't plenty of people on credit steps gotten CLI at 3 months?
  9. If you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear your income and monthly spend that you put on the form.
  10. Is there really any limit to how often you can apply for a CLI if it's a soft pull? If putting in one monthly spending amount doesn't work, couldn't you just do another try with a different amount? Will this make you look desperate to Cap One if you keep hitting the luv button? I don't know.
  11. Can you do the Creditcheck total trial only once? After certain amount of time can you do it again?
  12. I received a prequalification letter about BuyPower card. I never heard of it....anybody have experiences/opinions on it?
  13. Are they requesting income verification also?
  14. Which number did you call to get them to change their mind on the approval? And is a CLI with Chase a hard pull?
  15. How did the address verification work? What documents did you have to send in?

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