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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the in store application?
  2. I have been approved with AutoZone. Used them a couple months ago and I have not seen them report yet. Does anyone know what they report as? Or what report?
  3. Did you just get approved for the credit account reporting?
  4. What did your reports look like? I applied for it with 5 trades on DNB and 2 on Experian. I was declined.
  5. Decent credit!? You need excellent credit. Reason I ask. I know Capital One Sparks card you can get with descent personal credit.
  6. What was your fico score when you applied? Do you have to have decent credit?
  7. What does Home Depot report as on Experian and DNB?
  8. SLH


    Has anyone seen this actually report to DNB?
  9. Do they report to either DNB or Experian?
  10. How easy would Cabela's be and do they report?
  11. SLH

    IKEA Direct

    What is your credit history like? How many years in business?
  12. SLH


    Okay. My next question is.. how bad does it look if it stays on there. I know with personal BK is better than a foreclosure.. and that companies aren't to skeptical to extend lines of credit to you since they know you can't file again in 7 years.. is that correct?
  13. SLH


    Thanks. I will try it out and let you know what happens and if it works for the business aspects.
  14. SLH


    I have a question.. on my Experian credit report it is showing a bankruptcy that I filed 4 years ago. Does any one have experience disputing a bankruptcy off their Experian business report? If so can you please tell me your experience with them removing it off your report?
  15. I know that over the past 6 years companies have been walking away from BMLB. Apple use to be with them a few years ago.
  16. Has anyone heard of this card and knows if they report?
  17. How did you apply for the card?
  18. Anyone ever notice how the link to apply online is attached to DNBI?
  19. I hear that BLMB looks at Equifax mainly. Is that true? How easy is it to get an account with BMLB?
  20. SLH


    Can someone tell me if BB&T is members with SBFE?
  21. Too much of a "blanket" statement! New businesses need the net 30's to get started on biz credit. Maybe once they get past the net 30's and revolving accounts etc etc and start looking at some BLOC's and leases, ok, maybe the net 30s don't come so much into play but a new biz has to start somewhere and the net 30's are a good way to begin a good credit profile. Be careful what you post in because a lot of new members are coming in searching for info and if they read from you that the net 30's are a waste it will send them in the wrong direction. Its confusing enough these days. The initial steps to building credit are basic: set up biz entity biz phone line ein and duns number net 30's I have been very successful in my biz credit building and the net 30's helped my ALOT! I helped my neighbor and now my brother is off to a great start using the same method that has been outlined here for years and still works today! He just got staples and office depot 2K each from the net 30's. He needs the office supplies because his biz needs are office supply heavy. I agree they serve a purpose but can't be relied on as a guarantee to getting credit from Citi and others. A few years ago a Quill - Reliable - Uline trifecta would definitely lead to Staples and others within 6 months. That is no longer true and they often want a PG even 6 or 12 months later. For those not worried about PGs it may make more sense to PG a small Staples or Office Depot account initially and quickly to get those lines established and reporting in conjunction with the Net 30s. I just don't agree with you. They still work very well. I witnessed 2 people go thru the same steps and did get staples and O.D. with no pg. - very recently. When is the last time you went thru the steps to base your info on? Just curious . I believe that Net 30 accounts are very important to any one who is trying to build business credit. After getting everything settled with getting your business incorporated getting your EIN#..ect Think of it this way.. You need to have a foundation. Net 30's would be the foundation your building off of. They help establish your Paydex score. If you try to apply for a gas card without having any trades you will be declined or they ask for a PG. which you don't want to do when trying to separate your personal from your buisness.
  22. I used this last week. And I didn't have to pay too much over all. I got the very basics for the business. For me it still came out cheap. Which I enjoy.
  23. Get there score back up to an 80. If they know where the late came from call the company and talk to them about the slow payment and see if you can fix it there before calling DNB to get the dispute removed.
  24. There is no credit app. The easiest way it seems to call in your first order and set up the net 30 over the phone. Reliable you have to purchase your first order through the phone anyways. And make sure you mention it as a net 30 account.

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