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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the in store application?
  2. I have been approved with AutoZone. Used them a couple months ago and I have not seen them report yet. Does anyone know what they report as? Or what report?
  3. Did you just get approved for the credit account reporting?
  4. What did your reports look like? I applied for it with 5 trades on DNB and 2 on Experian. I was declined.
  5. Decent credit!? You need excellent credit. Reason I ask. I know Capital One Sparks card you can get with descent personal credit.
  6. What was your fico score when you applied? Do you have to have decent credit?
  7. What does Home Depot report as on Experian and DNB?
  8. SLH


    Has anyone seen this actually report to DNB?
  9. Do they report to either DNB or Experian?
  10. How easy would Cabela's be and do they report?
  11. SLH

    IKEA Direct

    What is your credit history like? How many years in business?
  12. SLH


    Okay. My next question is.. how bad does it look if it stays on there. I know with personal BK is better than a foreclosure.. and that companies aren't to skeptical to extend lines of credit to you since they know you can't file again in 7 years.. is that correct?
  13. SLH


    Thanks. I will try it out and let you know what happens and if it works for the business aspects.
  14. SLH


    I have a question.. on my Experian credit report it is showing a bankruptcy that I filed 4 years ago. Does any one have experience disputing a bankruptcy off their Experian business report? If so can you please tell me your experience with them removing it off your report?
  15. I know that over the past 6 years companies have been walking away from BMLB. Apple use to be with them a few years ago.

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