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  1. You have to do what you think is right for your family. If that means moving and leaving that house behind, so be it. Living there a few months without paying will help you build up a little cash to move on. And if you've only paid on the house for 6 years, no biggie. Most of that was probably just interest anyway. Where ever you move to, look into owner financing. There are a lot of owners out there right now trying to sell houses and can't move them because of the economy and will entertain the prospect of financing themselves, so no closing points, credit checks, etc.
  2. It's not just the states. Everyone born since 1975 has had their blood samples and DNA stored by federal "authorities" Not to mention corporations moving to patent OUR dna as their property. This goes much deeper than most people realize. Chris Carter (creator of The X-Files) says that he got a lot of his ideas from stuff that the gov't was really doing (not the alien part ) and that episode where they find the tunnel with everyones blood samples, etc, was one of those true things. I assure you, you are only scratching the surface if you think that storing our DNA is as far as they go. Oh, and lest I forget, they are already experimenting with police around the country taking a swab of people's DNA at roadblocks (I'm not kidding). They want to get everyone who was missed.
  3. I believe they are. They get cozier and cozier with bigger sellers (I'm talking the big biz that comes to ebay to sell) and harsher and harsher with smaller sellers. It's been heading in that direction for years. But since most people still use ebay and paypal, they'll continue to do whatever the he** they please.
  4. Hate to change the subject, but what other survey stuff are ya'll doing. My daughter has been wanting to look into them to help out around here, but doesn't really know where to start (doesn't want to get caught in something that wastes a lotta time with little return)
  5. OK. I have to make an addition to my list of favorite movies. I finally saw Avatar. I'm speechless. Utterly speechless. I'm without speech.
  6. Really great thread. Thank you for putting it together.
  7. Hey, this was an episode of House MD where a cat would sit beside these old people and they would die soon afterwards. Turns out that these poeple, already on their death-bed, all had heating pads and the cat was sitting on them to keep warm.
  8. If I was there, I'd pull you out. Any redneck worth his salt keeps a chain in his 4-wheel drive toolbox for these occasions
  9. Firefox seems to get more bloated with each release.
  10. Hmmmm Banks suing customers now because of the bank's shortcomings and mistakes. By George, someone at the bank has been working overtime on new ways to screw people.
  11. Try your local Wal-Mart if you have one. Mine's been running deals on LCD's left over from Christmas.
  12. He has to go through the cities, countryside, airports (going and coming from there). I've seen pictures. It's a hellhole. The government, at the behest of the oil companies that control Nigeria, keeps all the proceeds from the oil and none of it make it down to the people.

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