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  1. +1,000 I'm not planning to avoid HP, just do everything I can CLI soft wise first, grab a (hopefully high limit) 2% everyday card, and THEN hit the HP list. I'm all for adding a few decent limit lines for diversification. Any recommendations? Here is what I currently have (roughly estimated): BOFA AU - 42900 NFCU Flagship Rewards 30000 Amex SPG 25000 Priceline Visa 21000 Fort Knox FCU Visa 20000 Penfed Visa 20000 PSECU Visa (shared) 20000 PSECU LOC (shared) 20000 Discover More 15500 NFCU LOC 15000 JFCU LOC 15000 USAA MC 11000 JFCU Platinum Visa 10000 Alliant Visa Platinum 10000 DCU Platinum Visa 10000 BOFA Cash Rewards 10000 Omaha First Nationa 7500 AMEX Blue 6000 Capital One MC 5000 Nationwide Visa 5000 Penfed LOC 2000 Alliant LOC 2000 USAA Amex 1000
  2. Been awhile since I've been chasing credit (was allowing some age to build up), but I'm planning out my attack. I've got an 800+ FICO with all three majors, 0 hard inquiries, a decent age, no new accounts, approximately 250k in available credit with revolving lines at most every bank\CU. My goal is to to: 1) Get as much CLI love through soft pulls 2) Obtain a 2% cash back card (Citi Double Cash?) 3) Obtain whatever else I can with no AF's (Bonus\Points offers a big plus) Just a couple questions: Who currently does soft pulls for CLI? Is Citi Double Cash the only game in town for 2% without caps\limits?
  3. Very nice Menta. If you worked around the iMacros stability issues, this should certainly be pretty useful to all those Bumpers out there. Good job! I'll give this a run as well once I complete my daily testing of the other program.
  4. Resurrecting my old thread Been away for awhile since I've been letting accounts age. Autobump is D-E-A-D. The tool was dependent on a $999 library that wasn't very consistent and flexible. The good news is that I recently app spree'd and have a bunch of bumping to do. I have an application that I'm working on that is standalone and appears to work more consistently with more web automation features. I'm currently testing it for a few weeks. Will update this thread when it's ready for others to try out.
  5. At the 16 minute mark, your call will be dropped. I literally had to cancel a credit card to cancel the service recently. They won't cancel through email and I tried to call about 5 times before giving up and killing the card. It's the only game in town for B* and the service is dismal. I think at one point I searched out the owner or CEO and was close to writing a nasty gram.
  6. This could be a very good thing I've completed 4 orders so far today. All have new transaction codes.
  7. Good to know. I'm able to submit the order multiple times a day and the result appears to be the same. Today, I got the usual "Order Confirmation" receipt from earlier today. Wondering if the ability to submit more than one order a day can work to my advantage If only I could access the backdoor or view my inquiries
  8. The grouping (Pathway) with a permissible purpose counts..each date counts. Your second set of data does not have a "Permissible Purpose" so none of them count.
  9. I'm also interested in how this went. Stuck in the same boat as of this mornings' pull
  10. Nice. I need to increase my daily softing in hopes of EX lockout!
  11. Cool, that's how I've implemented it...appears to work with some of the sample material from this thread. Dumb question, but why do most posts NOT include the hards? The hards are in the "queue" of 85 right?
  12. Gotcha. That makes sense as I maintain a cool 85 (no choppage) year round if I include the non-prefixed equifax softs. So basically if the total B* soft count (minus the questionable EQ counts) plus the questionable EQ counts is equal to 85, count em. And if the total is less than 85 or greater, don't include them. Is that generally correct?
  13. I have unfortunately taken JDS's work for granted. I'm working on a standalone counting tool, but need to get up to speed on the counting rules. Why is "UMB" not counted? It's not prefixed and isn't an "Equifax".
  14. I forget, what prefixes should or shouldn't be included in the count? I might work on an interim counter.
  15. And another question: And third question: Thanks for posting this. Yours are slightly different than what I've seen. I'll try to update the script over the next couple of days with detection of "idx", where x can be 0-20 or a-z. That seems to cover the range of everything I have seen so far.
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