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  1. I've done 2 PFD with them and both were taken off. One was for me and other for my fiancé. They're pretty easy to wrk with. They'll even fax you an agreement before u make payment.
  2. dadufal

    lend america?

    anyone ever heard of this lender? if so any input?
  3. i'll check with our broker hopefully this is an option for us. thanks
  4. thanks for all the input. we;ll pay it off and see what happens.
  5. we have no choice but to pay since it's part of the FHA guideline so is meeting the minimum score of 620 in which she's there. I'm afraid that by paying, it will drop her below that mid score minimum. this sucks!
  6. I was recently told by a mortage broker that in order to meet the FHA guidelines my wife would have to pay off her judgment. The broker told me that public records won't impact her score if paid. From my understanding this would impact her credit score due to recent activity on her file if reported as paid. Can anyone provide insight in to this? thanks!
  7. was the huge increase on your TU solely from the Crown account? I'm curious cause I just opened an account for my wife. hopefully we see the same amount if not atleast 50 point jump.
  8. thanks for clarifying. How much impact did they have on your score considering no util at all?
  9. okay...they actually shot me an e mail about the approval. do we have to periodically use the card for them to continuously report? thanks
  10. Got approved for a Kay card with 1900 CL then applied for Jared's and rec'd similar message. It's about midnight here CST so I probablyh won't be recieving any calls from Jared, but hoping they send me an email or something. What type of questions did they ask? My scores btw are: EQ 587 TU 568 EX 609 (FAKO)
  11. Understood :-( but again isn't this a violation of FDCPA as it states below? can anyone please comment as i am ready to fire out a letter. or is it too late? § 808. Unfair practices A debt collector may not use unfair or unconscionable means to collect or attempt to collect any debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section: (1) [b]The collection of any amount (including any interest, fee, charge, or expense incidental to the principal obligation) unless such amount is expressly authorized by the agreement creating the debt or permitted by law.[/b]
  12. Did it get lower, or is that a typo? jack we settled the 516 in x amount. everything should have been closed thereafter. Today we recieve this letter indicating there is additional charge for $296.00 for interests/fees. Seem like they are just tacking on amounts.
  13. just to add on...are they in violation of FDCPA 808:1 (unfair collection practice) by trying to collect on additional charges on top of the principle balance? I'm looking to write them a letter requesting to provide proof that such charges are withing the original agreement with the OC> thanks guys!
  14. need some assistance here guys. My wife settled on a debt with LVNV in which she paid in January. We recieve a letter today from Resurgent Credit Services stating that there is additional interest charges that accrued on the debt and is requesting payment for it with validation of the debt attached with the letter. The validation attached simply states " account # ************* for wifes name acquired from GE Capital is now owned by LVNV Funding LLC. At the time the account was acquired from GE Capital, GE Capital advised that the balance owing was $516.58. Since that time, additional interest, fees, payments, credits, and offsets, if applicable, have been allowed, for a current balance of $296.54. Is this a legitimate thing to do? I this validation legite? I mean we settled and paid for what ever amount. I can't believe they are billing us for this crap? Please help!

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