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  1. Can the CA then post medical info on your credit report? I though I read something that medical collections were not allowed to be reported on CR due to HIPPA.
  2. It seemed like it might be a scam, the card comes with a lot of benifits if you enroll in the benefits program for an annual fee, but it is not required. They do not personal credit check, but they DO need your bank account information (red flag) ANyone heard of these people?
  3. well chances are you sending in the address dispute before the 30 day for the initial disputes could add time onto your 30 day window for your online disputes. But...you know if you're going to dispute addresses you do that first THEN dispute the TL's that's the whole point of disputing the addy's...to help the TL's be deleted easier.
  4. I have it. It was a pre-approved mail offer. I had to ignore a few offers with worse terms before they finally sent this one: Blue card (not Blue Cash) Zero APR purchases 12 months Zero APR BT's 12 months no fee 5000 bonus reward points Sweet deal. AMEX is all over the place what they will offer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I got it for 6 months...no pre approval just applied online
  5. I am happy to say I've bought all my gifts with my rewards cards and I'm really racking up the points and miles! I hardly use cash for anything anymore, why when I can get free stuff?
  6. HOw would you make a big purchase with it before you get the card? It wouldn't even be activated yet? IF you're talking about a big purchase other than on the card then they wouldn't even know about it.
  7. you should have followed the 1-2 punch and DV'd before you disputed (as with all CA's)
  8. they told me that the other day and I insisted to speak with a manager the rep asked the manager and he informed her that now they can give out passwords even if you don't have a "complete file"...she stressed that I will be limited in the things I could change once i log in since I hadn't purchased the credit builder...yeah right).
  9. so you said you were in dispute with the CA...had you sent a validation letter to them???????
  10. In DH's experienc, one the BK was off the report no creditor knew about it. Chase, BofA, Citi, Amex atleast
  11. HAd you already sent them a validation letter? If so, the inquiry is considered continued collection and that is a violation. Otherwise they are allowed to pull the inquiry.
  12. Just remember FAKO's mean absolutley nothing, and they don't necessarily monitor your progress. For example I had a 60 point drop a few month back with some new accounts ont TU FAKO and I actually hadd a 40 point gain on my FICO...you can't even use them to monitor anything because they mean nothing.
  13. Here is the real question. If they don't stay off, how can you prove that they were deleted in the first place? Do you have the letter from them stating that they were deleted by the CRAs as if you did it by mail? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yes.. and people remember that just because you are disputing by fax doesn't mean you will get results or faster results it's just another option. For those of you who have requested a PR and have not received, write a stron letter demanding deletion for their non-compliance with FCRA, include copies of first letters mailed.

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