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  1. It has been awhile since I have been in here also...need to make it in here more often.
  2. Tell them it is a company phone and you can not get calls at work and send them a Letter Certified Return Receipt...
  3. Thank you to all...we are excited for him. Pam, thank you!!! My fat fingers got me that time...LOL
  4. Our son is graduating from Air Force Basic Military Training (BMT) on Friday. I am excited for him, this has been his dream since he was 8 years old... TD EPIC spelling mistake in the title....LOL
  5. Not the guy in front, but to the right just over his left shoulder. This was in week 2
  6. +1 It's already started. Makes me sick. I wish folks would simply offer up prayers for the families involved instead of turning them into fodder. Agree 100%....with both breeze and radi8.
  7. Please don't make this political...this is a tragic event and my prayers and thoughts are with the families and victims. My link
  8. If you have a Fry's Electronic nearby you can look at MSI or Toshiba. Ask for one without an integrated video card if she is going to be playing games on it. I have both MSI and Toshiba without the integrated video cards and I like both machines. Although my wife works for HP, I think their consumer laptops suck. Business line is ok. Dell, not may favorite and the Latitude 510...I have one of those also and she will not be happy with how it performs with the Sims. It is out of date with the requirements needed. JMHO
  9. Thanks for the Thread and information. I am an ex smoker but for Christmas I plan on getting starter kits for several of my employees as gifts. This info is very valuable. TD
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I don't post much anymore although I do come in and read for amusement. My family and I have a lot to be thankful for this year. After a long bout of unemployment we are now moving forward, our clinic is up can going strong, we are signing a new lease on December 1 for expansion. We are then turning the existing space into an Urgent Care facility. Currently we are a cash only business but soon will be accepting all of the major insurance plans along with Medicare and Medicaid.No we are not rolling in dough, we are taking a small salary and reinvesting the remainder back into the business. So yes I am thankful for all of my blessings this year. God Bless each of you during this season and hopes for a great 2011.. TD
  11. No but my daughter and her friends did....I was the Taxi.
  12. "But when Ross was being processed at the station, officers discovered their female lawbreaker used to be a man." no surprise at that little fact...
  13. Yes we will be going, have no idea what we are buying....I have learned after 23 years to just do what my wife says on that day! LOL
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