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  1. LVNV Funding Greenville, SC Original Creditor IDT-HSBCORCHARD Platinum-mpl Status: Collection account, past due 709 as of April 09 Date Opened: 01/2009 Type: Installment Credit Limit: 699 Date of Status: 04/2009 Term: 1 month Thats how its listed on experian, dont have eq in front of me right now but will post it when I get home
  2. hmmm...... looking at my crs for the last 2 years, I find that they are reporting DOFD as 01/2008 which isnt possible since the last payment made was 04/05. Nice..... Forgot to add, that this account went on my EQ report the day after they recieved my DV. Cant wait for them to start calling
  3. Hello to all. I just had LVNV pop up on Experian of all places, and was sitting here wondering if anyone just sent a dv to all the Sherman companies. The reason for this is they are reporting on Equifax after I sent a DV. Under one of the other companies. Same account number amount ect. So, thats what makes me wonder if that is a course of action anyone has tried before?
  4. hi pryan, No have not recieved anything from them at all, I just drafted an unknown letter to them. Going to drop it in the mail in the am.
  5. Hi all, Quick question. I have Vital Recovery Services calling my GF number. It clearly states in her vm her name. Yet the collector proceeds with her script about if your not me, hang up bla bla. Then she goes on to detail why shes calling and her contact info ect. Isnt this a violation? I have not gotten any notices from them, they arent on my reports. Thanks
  6. Im sorry about your situation, good luck to you and your wife
  7. Do you know what the name of that program? I cant seem to find anyone locally that has any info on these apparently obscure loans
  8. I have encountered this problem before as well. I have even had clients tell me that LOs have told them nobody does 203k loans anymore. This site has alot of info about these loans: http://www.fhainfo.com/fha203k.htm#203K%20...gram%20Overview Doug Thank you doug, will def. look into it
  9. Im reading alot about americredit, they have done a "hack" job to my reports thats for sure Yes- they sure do. I was on a joint acct with DH. They report different crap for both of us! SAME ACCT! Take a look at the link below...see if this can help you. http://whychat.5u.com/repoltr.html Thanks for the link
  10. Im reading alot about americredit, they have done a "hack" job to my reports thats for sure
  11. Hello all I am a little confused about a couple of points and was hoping to get some clarification. We are looking to purchase a Hud home, the property is being auctioned for 30k . After inspecting the property with our Hud Broker he feels we could bid about 15k and Hud would take it. Now to the confusing part, we cant seem to find a mortgage broker who either does/understands the 203(k) program, I was a little shocked when I had to explain what 203 is to several local brokers My questions are as follows, do we have to use hard money for the purchase or can we roll the purchase in with the estimated rehabilitation cost? Since nobody locally I have found knows I figured I would try here. Thanks so much for any info
  12. Hello All, I have a quick question, I had volun. repo in 02/04 with Americredit, pulled my report w/experian today and see that they are reporting it as a vol. repo for 02/04 and a charge-off as of 03/06. Is this normal?? Thanks for any help !

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