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  1. I have a crown acct and they stopped reporting for me a couple of months ago.
  2. This is was an account with Americredit . Its suppost to fall of 04/10 . I hope it gets sold I have about 2 years worth of greencards to present to the next aholes that get it.
  3. Checked TU this morning and Cavalry Portfolio is poof gone!!! They have been reporting regularly since 06 . Didnt dispute it with TU gave up on that a few months back.... I send a dv to cavalry every month, just to be in there memories They have never responded to any of them. So check experian and equifax and they are still there. They updated the account on 06/18/2009 with them. So Im not sure if I should be happy or looking for a summons Its past SOL and its about 10grand now...
  4. I have to agree that TU rocks, disputed 2 tradelines and as a thank you for using TU gift they deleted the disputed tradelines, and 6 others not being disputed and my BK7 which still had a hang on report life of 1.5 years.......
  5. They did not provide validation as far as I am concerned. I dont consider telling me you bought it as validation. I am not confusing the 30 day rule. In the last letter they sent me they informed me that if they did not recieve updated contact information so they could speak to me regarding this account they would resume collection activity within 21 days of the date of the letter. In my DV to LVNV/Resurgent I sent a C&D. They have yet to mark account as "disputed" by consumer, they recieved my original DV on April 24th. My confusion with this matter is that they seem to be going backwards . 1st they send me "validation" then they tell me they are going to investigate my dispute. How does that work? How do you validate something you later claim to have to investigate? To clarify i meant that I was still within the 30 days, in my prior post. Sorry for the confustion.
  6. No it hasnt been 30 days yet they still have 16 days.
  7. Hi All I am confused. Ok, Resurgent responded to a DV sent to LVNV, ok. 1 st . Letter says Enclosed please find an original validation of this debt. blabla this is dated May 05, 2009 2nd Letter says we recieved your recent inquiry about this account and are in the process of investigating. Blabla this is dated May 08, 2009 and now the 3rd letter arrives yesterday and it says Information you have provided has been forwarded to Customer Service to be researched, you will recieve our response to your dispute within 21 days. Oh and it also says if they cannot establish contact with me within 21 days of the date of this letter they will resume all collection activity, and they will update the TL on my reports WTF?? 1st letter is supposed to provide "validation" 2nd letter contradicts 1st and 3rd contradicts 1&2. So how am I supposed to respond to this?? Any insight or understanding of this would be greatly appreciated
  8. this is not the first, total of 3 calls after DV and C&D were recieved.
  9. Also, I just noticed that I sent the DV and C&D to LVNV but the response and supposed attempt at valdiation and acknowledgement of reciept of my correspondence came from Resurgent as a rep. for LVNV . Do I need to write specifically to Resurgent now in response to their response? Also in reviewing Foti vs NCO and Hosseinadeh vs MRS I think I have them dead to rights on those. But under the 807 couldnt they make the arguement that they have my permission to use that number as a contact number from the terms of the initial agreement of the OC and had no reasonable means of knowing that I changed cell providers and SO assumed that line and number?
  10. thanks DF I sent Full C&D and I advised them the # they are calling is a 3rd party and cell phone. They sent me a dunning letter to the correct address. I sent DV and C&D so theres no need for them to verify the address ect since they have it. I have green cards and there response letter to prove they recieved both. I am digging around and researching right now, but so far it looks like I can go after them in several ways theres the 807 violation and 1692 (d) (6) and possibly 1692 (e)(1) since I am in reciept of there msgs
  11. brain storming that at the moment, since the initial idea occured to me I have been researching this, and seeming to get lost in the process as I am discovering there are lots of shades of gray concerning this. Any suggestions?
  12. I was just going thru my so's vm , and came across a msg. left by LVNV and the collector left a msg stating that it was urgent for me to call about my case, and left me a case num. So, I am thinking theres some violations here. They recieved my cease and decist . So violations as follows: 3rd party disclosure Called after informed not to Left msg using verbage that under the least sophisticated consumer logic can be construed to mean litigation has already commenced which is false representation of the legal status of the account. I am basing this of my int. of FDCPA section 807(2)(a) Am I off, in my thought process here?? Would appreciate some clarification.
  13. I just recieved the same letter from them. Only difference being its and old HSBC/ Orchard account. Love how they called it "original validtation" I read that and thought hard, have I disputed this before??? Then realized I have not. Wish I had something helpful to add. Lots of knowledgeable people are going to chime in , Im sure. Good Luck.
  14. JBW yes I checked Budhibbs. This is just nonsensical. I am trying to DV them within 30 days and running out of time cause they dont know what their address is. Called( I know) the address the really nice salamander gave me is the same 1 thats undeliverable.
  15. As the topic states, I have googled and searched for a good address for them, they are on my reports and I sent out DV's but all cant be delivered. What gives?? The one listed on the crs is 370 17th st Ste 5000 Denver CO 80202 came back as undeliverable as addressed? Ugh
  16. Thanks already dv'd waiting to get green card back!
  17. no actually it doesnt, anywhere on it. Heres the way they are listing on equifax Current Status: COLLECTION ACCOUNT Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $699 Type of Account : Open Credit Limit: $0 Date Opened: 2009/01 Balance: $709 Date Reported: 04/2009 Amount Past Due: $709 Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: $0 Scheduled Payment Amount: $0 Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 04/2009 Creditor Classification: Financial Activity Description: N/A Charge Off Amount: $0 Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: $0 Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: Factoring Company Account (debt purchaser) Date of First Delinquency: 12/2006 Comments: Collection account
  18. LVNV Funding Greenville, SC Original Creditor IDT-HSBCORCHARD Platinum-mpl Status: Collection account, past due 709 as of April 09 Date Opened: 01/2009 Type: Installment Credit Limit: 699 Date of Status: 04/2009 Term: 1 month Thats how its listed on experian, dont have eq in front of me right now but will post it when I get home

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