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  1. myfico scorewatch for $ 6.00/month use discount code FICOYES
  2. Thanks Clam. I might just have to sit back and wait a few months..
  3. I have contacted them both. I did Whychats letter series, 623 dispute, sent copies of the tradeline from my reports, showing the changes of amount. Im frustrated beyond words with this. Cavalry and Americredit are suppost to fall of 05/10 and 11/10 , but who knows with these clowns.
  4. From my expirience ordering reports is automated. I have never spoken to a human to order new reports. The only human contact I have had is when I already have a report in hand. I moved from Atlanta to North Carolina. Still have Atlanta phone number and havnt had any issues with fraud alerts or refusal to let me order reports. Hope this helps
  5. It was sold to Cavalry back in 06. I cant tell you how many times I disputed this tradeline with them. They change it every time I dispute it with either the CRA or them directly. This is there newest version. So, short of suing them what can I do? I have 23 letters over the last 5 years to them. 10 disputes. I finally got Cavalry off EX. Still reporting on the other 2. They refuse to acknowledge any of my requests for validation, verify everytime and update the balance regularly. This started of @ 7100 now Cavalry is at 10,989 and AmeriCredit at 12k. Ugh!! Thanks for the advice Clam
  6. Federal Employees here and Members
  7. Just wondering how they could write off 12,625 when the loan balance at the time of the reposession was 12,204. and the defi. was 7k. I thought the could only write off the def? Might be wrong here so Im looking for feedback. Thanks. AMERICREDIT Status: Transferred,closed. $12,625 written off. Date Opened: 12/2002 Date of Status: 12/2006 Reported Since: 01/2003 Last Reported Date: 12/2006 Type: Installment Terms: 61 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: $13,177 High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: N/A Recent Payment: N/A Creditor's Statement: Account transferred to another lender. Account History: Charge Off as of Mar 2004 to Dec 2006 Voluntarily Surrendered as of Feb 2004 30 days past due as of Jan 2004
  8. thanks... just so hard to believe after 3 years of trying to get rid of them they finally went away.......GOOD start to the weekend
  9. WOW.... After 7 disputes with Experian!!!! It was due to fall of 05/10 anyway, but I just decided to dispute one more time
  10. Im just curious what made them see the error of thought? Did maybe one of our special elected officials become a victim of "updating of the credit card system"??? I hope so.....
  11. Wow..... what did they think was going to happen??? Glad to see they figured out the 9 months worth of lead time was a bad idea.
  12. Oh Well that sucks. But thanks for the respnose appreciate it. Bob:
  13. I may have misunderstood but i thought SL dont count against UTI? I pulled my EQ and its showing my UTI to be 108% So I look and its my SL? Please correct me if my thinking was off.
  14. dont touch Cap1 - they WILL update it and report it as a CO every month... if you aren't going to pay it off.. leave it be. +1 Capital One will also update the other CRA if they're not on those as well. No plans on touching cap1. They are PITA . havnt missed a beat in updating monthly. ETA: As far as the home goes its gone. Thats ok gave me the extra motivation to finally get rid off the few baddies I have and focus on rebuilding. Thanks all
  15. To whom it may concern; I received your letter attempting to collect on the above referenced account . In a review of my records, I noticed that I have sent a request for validation to your predecessor collection agency known as P. Scott Lowery as well as Cach LLC for whom P. Scott Lowery was attempting to collect. The request for validation was received and signed for within the statutory thirty days (30) . There has been no response to my request, nor subsequent requests. Please note at this time your violations under the FDCPA specifically 15USC 1692g. Also, in reviewing the letter sent to me I noticed violations of the North Carolina General Statue as follows. There is no permit number listed anywhere on your letter, per NC statue 58-70-1 you are required to be licensed and bonded to collect in the state and must display said permit number on all correspondences. Failure to comply is a Class 1 Felony. 58-70-110(7) Falsely representing the status or true nature of the services rendered by the collection agency or business. 58-70-115(5) When the collection agency is a debt buyer or acting on behalf of a debt buyer, bringing suit or initiating an arbitration proceedings against the debtor, or otherwise attempting to collect on a debt without (I) valid documentation that the debt buyer is the owner of the specific debt instrument or account at issue and (ii) reasonable verification of the amount of the debt allegedly owed by the debtor. For purposes of this subdivision, reasonable verification shall include documentation of the name of the original creditor, the name and address of the debtor as appearing on the original creditor's records, the original consumer account number, a copy of the contract or other documentation evidencing the consumer debt, and an itemized account of the amount claimed to be owed, including all fees and charges. 58-70-125 The office of a collection agency shall not be shared or have a common waiting room with a practicing attorney or any type of lending institution. As the courts prefer that parties attempt to resolve their issues outside of the courtroom. I am offering you the opportunity to settle this matter by : 1)Immediately deleting any and all references to this alleged account from any and all credit reporting agencies you may have reported it to. 2)Providing acknowledgment, in writing, that this alleged debt has been extinguished, and there will be no more attempts to collect upon said by your company. You will not sell, assign or otherwise transfer this account . 3)You will issue a check to me for 1500.00 for the violations under North Carolina Statues. Failure to comply in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days of your receipt of this letter will result in legal action without further notice and complaints being lodged with the Attorney Generals office of North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Insurance, the FTC and the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. Please also note it is inconvenient for me to be contacted by phone, please forward all correspondence to the above referenced address. I look forward to resolving this matter promptly.
  16. thanks for the responses. To answer the question its been on the market for about 2 weeks. Its an older home 1923 listed on the national registery of historic places. Completely updated interior. There have been severl showings. The house needs to have a roof replacement soon. went with my father-in law to check it out yesterday. Even with the roof replacement given the area its in the excellent schools and the size 2300sqf. its still a good deal. Need to get crackin on these baddies.
  17. Hi all My situation is this. My TU is 554 my EQ 568 EX? . I have about 10k in sl with a monthly payment of 47.00 no credit card debt,no car loans, mortgages. I stumbled across a killer deal and am dying to figure out how to get it. My monthly income is 2800 . I have a cap1 account from 04 thats reporting balance/120days every month. Everything else is charge offs from 3-4 ago. Total of 4. What if any programs out there that I could qualify for? The house is appraised @ 136,000 and the bank asking 64900. No major repairs needed. Its just getting to me that I cant get on this deal. Thanks for any advice.
  18. DF: I have the same situation with Arrow. I got dunning from them in May sent a DV. Then in June they appeared on EQ, Listed exactly as yours, same down the board except for balance which is 580. I disputed with EQ, verfied. Date opend went from Nov 08 to Jan 09. I have sent a total of 4 letters to Arrow with no response. So I decided to call from my google number, and ask some general questions without id who I am . LYING is bad , but I gave them a bogus name and asked why its reporting that way. I was told that they do that to PROTECT my credit while they investigate my dispute. Thats all the info they would give me but thats enough.
  19. Hi all Ok gonna give a quick history run down here. Credit One CO 05-07 Get dunning letter from Cach LLC 03-08 Sent DV 03-08 no response Cach LLC shows up on CRA's Sent dispute to CRAs 03-08 DV 2 sent 04-08 No response CRAs verify04-08 Get dunning from Scott P Lowery for same account Sent DV 04-08 No response, but tradeline removed from all 3 cra Fast forward to Sep. Get dunning from Jacob law group for the same Credit One account. Checked NC license website, there not licensed here. So now Im wondering what my next step should be reading NC statue 58-70? Any help appreciated.

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