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  1. I did Identify myself with my name. And I wasnt blocking my number. If they have an account they are trying to collect on my name should be sufficient. And I was calling from my SO phone which is the number they have been calling.
  2. Good Bye John, my heart goes out to your family. You will be remembered always
  3. Hey all, have a quick question. Im recieving calls on my cell from Omni Credit Services. They do not identify themselves. I had to google the number to find out who they are. The msgs they leave are automated and an actual person. Heres a transcript of the msgs. (Thanks Goog voice) Human caller: This msg is for Pandora80 you must immediately return this call and ask for group 6 we have been trying to reach you for sometime, if you do not return this call immediately concerning this urgent matter we will have no choice but to complete an employment verification. It is in your best interest to return this call. There are about 8 calls like this with variations of the above msg. When I called them.... they asked me what number I was calling from.. Told the guy he should know since they are calling and leaving msgs. He told me he couldnt tell me anything unless I gave him the number I claim they are calling me on. I asked him for the name and address of the company he works for and he told me he cant give me that information unless I tell him the number 1st. Told him where he can stick it. Now after this convo. I have been getting automated msg from these ppl. The number they are calling is my SO's ph. Are these msg a violation?? Havent gotten anything in writing from them. Im fortunate to live in NC with some pretty good laws in place. I just wana make sure Im not hoping violations .
  4. thats sweet ! And no I didnt know that you could do it either
  5. Just got scorewatch alert.......Go log in an BAM 70 point increase!!! My dispute with EQ just finished on the 3rd . They deleted Cavalry and CBCS and updated a couple of tl's. Im so excited!!!! Last mon I was in near tears when my EQ fico dropped to 503 . WOOT!!! Thanks everybody.....Creditboards rock!!! our FICO® score went up on a day when there were no credit alerts on your Equifax Credit Report™. This can happen if: The balances on one or more of your credit accounts decreased. In general, less debt is better for your score. The credit limit on one or more of your credit accounts increased. Larger credit limits tend to help your FICO® scores if your balances remain the same. Negative information on your credit report, such as a bankruptcy, collection, or record of a late payment, was removed because it was more than 7 years old (or 10 years old in the case of a bankruptcy). Negative information on your credit report is not harming your FICO® score as much as before because it is now older. Past negative credit behavior, like missing payments or defaulting on loans, are offset over time by more recent history of credit responsibility.
  6. I have 3 invites left . If interested pm me email addy.
  7. You can get GV without a landline, just have it linked to your cell #. Thats what I do. Since I have Tmobile Fave5 plan I added my GV num. so I dont use any of my peak min. Plus I love GV for international calls its about 0.02 cents per min.
  8. I dont know of any that dont pull credit for new account. Sorry.
  9. I don't understand what either of you means by "as if I never had a dispute.." I go to dispute results and it just shows 4 of 5 items complete, are you showing no dispute at all? Thats exactly what I meant. Sorry, I should have worded it better.
  10. Im in the same boat. 3 days ago, I was still able to see progress. Today, nothing, as if I never had a dispute.
  11. Wondering the same thing. I have recieved no alerts with scorewatch even though I have had several changes over the past 2 weeks.
  12. We are having standing rib roast, asparagus, roasted quail. steamed green beans, roast garlic and feta mashed potatoes, carrots in a honey glaze, yeast rolls, herbed cheese biscuits, 2 types of salad, baked mac n cheese. Chocolate mousse, stuffed pears/homemade vanilla gelato.
  13. NC Consumer Protection Act. General Statute 58-70-115(4)(5)(6), 58-70-130 , 58-70-145, 58-70-150, 58-70-155 and GS 75-56
  14. Well this is the result of 4 DV's and a dispute.... I am drafting my 623 and im in NC , and for once grateful that I am. Since I have some teeth now to bite them with.
  15. I have Arrow trying to collect on a FP account from 06. Got my hard copy reports today with the results of my disputes. Arrow was reporting as renewed or refinanced on EQ 120+ days late. EQ verified. TU updated to add another 30+ late. And the hammer is EX of course! The account is now reporting as follows. Date Opened: 01/2009 Date of Status: 04/2009 Reported Since: 04/2009 Last Reported Date: 11/2009 Type: Collection Terms: 1 month Credit Limit: 479 Recent Balance: 650 Status: Collection as of Nov 2009, April 2009 This item was verified and updated on Nov. 2009 Account information disputed by consumer( meets FCRA requirements) Consumer Disagrees!! Geez!!
  16. Don't know what you're talking about. Rub it in....make me feel even more "below average"
  17. I am currently dealing with the same thing. I am going to assume you are talking about Arrow. I believe dragonflyer is also dealing with this exact reporting. I have disputed it and all three cra's came back verified. I am drafting a 623 dispute for Arrow's reading enjoyment. Wish I could give you useful info. Im sure one of the vets of the board will chime in.
  18. I have had similar expirience with myfico. The negs are also positives. Who knows.. I do know I will not be worried about it.
  19. Cool. Thanks Bob. So Myfico and Equifax seem to not agree on my score. Per myfico score Im 535 and Scorecards putting me in the 590-659 range

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