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  1. Seems nothing is "safe" . I had my identity stolen via the IRS breach and have been dealing with the fallout from that since 2015. And now this.......
  2. Chase Freedom 15 months 0% on purchase and balance transfer. 1% cash back and 5% on bonus catagories, no annual fee
  3. I Im a bit fuzzy on this. I have gotten different answers about the cost. I don't think you will see a substantial savings maybe a cpl hundred here or there at least thats the general impression I got having to read between answers. I will ask again see if I cant pin someone down with an answer.
  4. Just wanted to add I just did Navy HomeBuyers Choice pre-approval. Current Mortgage scores are 660,668,652 offered rate was 30 year 5.5% per my loan officer 680 score will get under 5% interest.
  5. Depending on where in Atlanta metro your looking to rent there are some options. Douglasville has a NSP program where they purchase properties and either sell or lease. Dekalb also has a similar program. Cobb, and Fulton county have resources as well. I am not home so no access to the detailed info but will be glad to get it for you. Not sure about Douglasville income limits but Cobb, Dekalb, Fulton I think you can make it under the cut off. Credit is not an issue with these programs and they work with you to get your budget under control and let you pay deposits in installments. Like I said not sure about the income limits but it never hurts to ask
  6. pandora80


  7. Ok so here is my situation. In Nov 2013 I got behind on my car payments due to unexpected loss of income and health crisis for my SO. In Jan 2014 we decided to let the car go back. The car was financed with Santander. Fast forward to present. I relocated to Atlanta Ga for higher paying position. My SO and children are still in NC till school gets out. I currently own my home in NC and looking to buy a new home in the metro Atlanta area. I reached out to several lenders about getting a pre-approval. I have been pre-approved with quicken loans at 4.125% with 5% conventional on condition the charge -off for repo be paid. The current balance is 7630. I have no problem settling this account however it leaves me with barely any money for down payment. As I am currently supporting 2 households doesnt make for building savings a quick under taking. I spoke with a broker who looked over my credit reports and he feels I should not need to pay the charge off . So my question is , is this something that could become an issue in underwriting? I don't want to get caught off guard half way through the process. With the new mortgage payment my ratios are 25/27 my middle score 640 . My current ratio 7/10 Should I just go ahead and try to settle this account with Santander for less and take the hit with notation or pay it in full or leave it alone. Help lol
  8. A little late in answering but there is the NHF Platinum Grant 5% of purchase req 680 score DTI under 45% and 2 months reserves of new mortgage piti. Also Invest Atlanta has some grants and special incentives if you are looking in the city of Atlanta . Fulton County has a NSP program. Gwinnett County does 7500 1st Time Home Buyers, Cobb County has a NSP program with up to 20,000 assist. Decatur also has 1st time buyers for 7500. Hope it helps best of luck
  9. Hey guys , So we are getting ready to purchase our 2nd home and in doing some research , decided to check what Navy offers. I chatted with one of their mortgage agents and asked about score requirements , dti ect for their products and was told there is no minimum score requirements, I have seen more questions than answers regarding Navy mortgage products, and did a quick search and did not find this information already posted ( if it has been and I missed it , I apologize for the duplication) I followed up the chat with a call to Navy since the choice of wording left me wondering what she meant. And was told again there is no min score req. Here is a copy of the statement Financing 100% is riskier than when someone puts their own money down. Without PMI for both the HomeBuyers Choice (HBC) and the 3/5 and 5/5 ARM. Only the HBC has the 1.75% funding fee (HBCFF) that you are allowed to roll into the loan. Lynne: Navy Federal does not provide a credit score number requirement on any of its mortgage products. Each mortgage product has different criteria for qualification, which includes credit history, debt to income, and loan to value ratios. All of these factors are taken into consideration and are reviewed along with underwriting guidelines to determine if a loan will be approved. Lynne: The assigned loan officer will be able to discuss these factors in greater detail once you apply.
  10. WoW! Shock.... Yesterday after reviewing my report, started an online dispute with TU about old addresses, name variations, phone numbers and a couple of collection accounts for the same debt. I woke up this am with a investigation complete email waiting for me. Go to my TU account and poof everything I requested to be removed was. Not sure if I should be happy or concerned lol
  11. So today my other half calls me at work and says some law firm Kramer and Associates sent a debt collection email to their email address for me , spelling out exacly how much I supposedly owe, to whom ect. My basic question is , is that legal? I have spent a few min looking into it. From what I am seeing so far , email dunning isnt illegal persay , however sending info about my alleged debt to a third party is. I am probably giving to much credit here, but considering the email address they sent it to , is my other halfs full name their would be an assumption that someone else is getting that email not me? Smh Any ideas where I can find some clear info on the matter? I was hoping my state had some clear guidlines on this (Im in NC) but cannot find anything clearly addressing email contact.
  12. This is great explanation. Love it, thanks for posting.
  13. I was approved for a mortgage today, with a 30 day late from Sep 2011. I got a FHA 30 year @ 4%. My scores were 651,627,631 I would try talking to another lender see what they say.
  15. Thanks, will do that first thing Mon
  16. I ordered one have not received it yet, should be in the mail box in the next couple of days. I know there are differences in the online v hard copies @ times, but the ca has 1# as the client reference number. I dont know just so aggro right now lol
  17. How do I file a police report with no information?? I have never had to do so, I dont have an account number just the letter and entry on my credit file, but neither have an account number just 1# thats it.
  18. Hi all Ok heres the situation, in April I received a collection letter from Robert M Cohen " In-House Counsel" for American Credit and Collections, LLC. This is the first I have ever heard from these people, they are trying to collect for a Penn Foster account for $ 1075. So I send out a DV which they signed for on the 22nd of April. I dont hear a peep from them, on April 30, I pull my credit report all clear. On May 18 I pull again and low and behold theres a collection for ACC for 1075.00 wtf? Now, I still have not heard from these clowns, and after some research on this PENN FOSTER and ACC I have realized I am dealing with real sleeze here. Per my understanding wouldn't them placing this on my credit AFTER receipt of a DV within the initial 30 days constitute continued collection activity? Im in NC so I am looking at the state laws here also. Not really sure how to proceed ? I am in the middle of buying a house, and I will NOT pay this. Its not mine never heard of PENN FOSTER prior to April. But, I need this off ASAP, as I am sure if another report is pulled they will try to make me pay this before closing. Any advice is much appreciated. edited to add : There was no 30 day ect on the letter I received either, just this is a communication from a debt collector all information blabla
  19. I have had that same denial reason from Citi . My average age of accounts is 6.5years, I would love to understand that myself.
  20. Thanks all for the replies, I guess I will do as suggested and dispute it with the CRA, and sit tight.
  21. Hi All Title pretty much sums it up, I check my reports today and low and behold theres an entry by I C System, for an ATT bill from 2005. I have sent out timely DV's to every agency all 9 never got anything from any of them. Now I have not had any communication from I C System no calls, no letters so now I am wondering what to do, I want this done , once and for all!
  22. I have Ch.7 filed in 2001 . All my IIB accounts disappeared around 05/2002 saw a 60point increase then, but I had added several new tl's too.

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