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  1. Yes I just got the mailing for this yesterday. My forward is being upgraded to sig.
  2. Really high limits aren't my main goal for one reason. I don't want to be denied an excellent sign up bonus on a new card for having what a lending institution might deem "too much available credit". That number varies wildly depending on income and institution obviosuly
  3. Keep in mind the bias for getting all of your Penfed info. From this forum. Most importantly, we rarely get the whole story from the majority of people that post about any type of AA (Adverse Action). I apped with Penfed for the plat. Rewards 3 times total, once every 6 months, and finally got approved on my third try. The first two reasons were pyramiding of course.
  4. There's a misunderstanding here. The OP was asking about taking out a cash advance on his card to pay his rent. There's not many good reasons to do that as there are not rewards earned on cash advances.
  5. No big deal. 2k is pennies to Amex.
  6. Well that's a certain way to get the freedom sick drawered.
  7. Can having a store card actually increase my score if I don't have one yet? I also have no auto loans or mortgages on my consumer reports either. Naturally I will take a short term hit due to AAOA and the hard. Does fico know the difference between a store card that can only be used at the store vs. A store branded visa that can be used anywhere?
  8. This is illegal and unethical. Good day mate.
  9. Stop while you're ahead and spend some quality time reading these forums. The advisor was not very smart.
  10. First I am a woman, and I have never seen it before on the app. Carry on..... Sorry ma'am.
  11. Old news man. They sent an email to me about it 2 months ago or so. It is very cool though.
  12. Credit Karma is sending credit sesame emails?
  13. What's your goal? You look like you're doing just fine and only missing a reward that we'd be able to tell you about if you told us your spending and travel patterns.
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