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  1. @back2 The prepaid card does not Mean the $25 gift card... You have to apply for the prepaid card.... You provide american express with your full name, address, date of birth, social security number and all the basic information... (a gift card doesnt even ask for your name).... They mail you the prepaid card in the mail in 5 to 7 days and you can load your account in many ways, such as direct deposit, checking or savings account, cash etc....... I like this card alot because they dont have many fees like other prepaid cards..... Most prepaid cards ive scene has either a monthly fee, like $9.95 a month or a "per transaction" fee. This Amx prepaid card doesnt have any..... They used to have No fee atm transactions, but as of last week, they now offer everyone 1 fee free atm transactiom per month. Addiitional a withdrawl transactions are $2.50 i believe (i think that is what I saw)..... One thing I dont like about the card is there is Maximum load amount of $2500 ... Which means there cannot be anymore than $2,500 available on the card at any given time . When I spoke with the AMX rep, she said american express will be raising the limit soon... Knowing that there is a $2,500 card max on the prepaid card, I wonder when they finally approve someone for the Charge card, will the limit be less than $2,500 too????? ( especially if they approve based soely on the prepaid card usuage)... I would love to hear more Comments on what everyone thinks about this new card product
  2. Yes this is the first!!!!! Lets see how it goes!!!! I will try to pay most of my bills through my amx prepaid card, billers that accept amx anyways...
  3. If they report a zero balance, the cra will only update the information on file. They will not delete based on this. Get something in writing, have them fax you a letter stating that they will deleted after payment. If he is not willing to do this, then dont trust him. (never trust a. CA rep anyways)
  4. I have the American Express prepaid card and I just got a letter from American Express stating that by using this PREPAID card regularly, American Express will monitor my usage and I can qualify to be invited to apply for a Charge Card. I called American Express to ask about this and it was confirmed. The American Express rep also said that even if my credit does not qualify me for a Charge Card, based on my usage on my prepaid card, I can still qualify for a Charge Card. She also told me to try and use the card as much as possible, for everyday purchases, food, starbucks, gas etc.... I noticed the website recently updated the information to reflect this. I think this is a good idea for a bank to give someone a chance based on the use of a prepaid card. I did find it interesting that American Express says they can qualify you for a Charge card (not credit card), based on prepaid usuage. I guess it makes since.... The charge card will Probably have a ghost spending limit that mirrors the prepaid card usage. I just wanted to let everyone know this. If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free to do so.... P.s has anyone else heard about this????
  5. your very lucky, I agree... they usually run all 3 reports.. Apply for their Secured card
  6. I know! I cant believe, they were trying to make consumers prove they DONT owe the debt, then Midland should be the one Validating the debt... I feel sorry for the consumers who dont know the law and fall for their tactics.... Midland says, that 95% of their clients ignore their collection letter and they Bank on that fact... you IGNORE, THEY SUE!
  7. By Jonathan Stempel Jonathan Stempel – 1 hr 5 mins ago NEW YORK (Reuters) – Minnesota sued Encore Capital Group Inc, one of the largest U.S. debt collectors, for allegedly using fraudulent "robo-signed" affidavits in collection cases, a practice that critics say also infects home foreclosures. Thursday's lawsuit against Encore's Midland Funding LLC and Midland Credit Management Inc units follows a ruling by an Ohio federal judge that Minnesota's case would not interfere with a $5.2 million class-action settlement of similar claims. "Midland has perverted the justice system by filing robo-signed affidavits in court and hounding citizens for debt they don't owe," Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson said. Encore Chief Executive Brandon Black in an emailed statement said the company changed its affidavit process in 2009, believes its practices are "legally sound," and will work with Swanson to resolve the matter. He added that "because 95 percent of consumers ignore letters sent by the company, the legal channel is often the only remaining option." Based in San Diego, Encore often buys debt from credit card companies. Through year-end, it had invested about $1.76 billion to buy 33 million accounts with a face value of $54.7 billion, or about 3 cents on the dollar. In her lawsuit filed in a Hennepin County, Minnesota, court, Swanson said Midland workers testified under oath to having signed up to 400 affidavits a day without reading them. She also said the Midland units "often force individual citizens to prove they do not owe money instead of themselves substantiating that the citizens actually owe the money."The lawsuit seeks a halt to improper practices, and fines of $25,000 per violation and for contempt of court. In the federal case, U.S. District Judge David Katz in Toledo, Ohio had previously issued an order that put some litigation relating to robo-signing claims on hold. But in his ruling Wednesday, he said that order could not cover sovereign entities, and thus "cannot be read to encompass the state of Minnesota." All 50 states are investigating robo-signing and other improper practices by banks in the mortgage industry. In afternoon trading, Encore shares were up 54 cents, or 1.8 percent, at $31.00 on the Nasdaq. The Minnesota state case is Swanson v. Midland Funding LLC, Hennepin County District Court. The Ohio federal case is Brent v. Midland Funding LLC, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Ohio, No. 08-01434. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Tim Dobbyn and Gerald E. McCormick)
  8. The do ask for a PG, and they are looking for a Experian Credit score of upwards of 800 FICO. They also, run a Duns And Bradstreet report. They are quick to deny you if either report is not to their liking. Additionally, some companies do get approved without a PG, but they type of companies that are approved are companies that are medium to large size companies. Here are an example of they type of companies that can easily be approved without a PG. 1) Walmart, Annual Sales in the $Billions with hundred of thousands of employees , worldwide. 2)Pizza Hut or Dominos 3)Home Depot 4)Vons, Ralphs type grocery stores 5)Larger department stores, such as Macy or JC Pennys 6)My Uncle is the Executive Vice President of HR for ROSS STORES, and he has a a JCP Corporate card 7)Radio Shack 8)MC DOnalds, Burger Kings, Del Taco, AMPM, Chili's type companies. Get the idea? the ones I listed are Large corporations. Im sure many other medium size companies can be approved. (Several Years ago, these company would be approved based souly on your D&B reports and audited financial records, but now since Experian and Equifax are in the Business reporting business, they tend to pull all three. This informationw was given to me by a buesiness credit analysts in the JCP regional Offices in Los Angeles ca. I hope this helps someone.. Love Spell
  9. You state that the CA verified the account with the OC, while in dispute.... the CA can claim that they did verify the DV request with the first letter they sent you... even though it wasn't a full validation to your liking, its a matter of, "WHATS TRUE VALIDATION", if you can prove that the CA did not properly validate this debt and they verified this debt with the Credit agencies, you can send the CA an INTENT TO SUE letter. Explain to them that they violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices act. You will need to show them proof that they received your request, by sending them a copy of the signed returned receipt from the USPS, additionally , you will need to send them a copy of your credit report showing they verified the debt, before they provided you with validation. (How can they swear to the credit agencies that its accurate, if they haven't fully validated it with you. Not possible) The maximum damages you can get from them is $1000 and they are claiming you owe $4,600 so , I don't know how much this is going to scare them. I have used this tactic for debts, less than $1000. I even went as far as filing a small claims suit and paid the $30 filing fee, to show the CA im serious.... Generally, once they are served, they will drop the debt. If the CA is out of state, it is not worth their time, to hire a lawyer, fly them to your town to fight a small claims suit thats less than $1,000. But they know that, if they dont show, they will get a default judgement which will affect their business credit and it would give you the power to garnish their business bank account.... So, filing suit, works ( it has for me, on several account). Thats why its sooo important to send everything by certified mail, so you can prove that they received your letter. If they have a minimum wage employee who put your letter to the side and didnt take action ( oh well, thats not your problem).. hahaha good luck.. maybe someone will chime in and offer more advice
  10. yes it is allowed. even if its a zero balance, they are allowed to report it up to 7 years. Just because they didnt report it to equifax before doesnt mean they cant start... I would be surprised if they start reporting it to Experian also... but yes, They are allowed to report it... They are letting everyone know that you HAD a collection, but its a ZERO balance now.. good luck!
  11. it isnt a FAKO... the equifax score they actually gave you is a TRUE FICO... Equifax and others are moving to the 400 to 950 scale.... im not sure, what score is considered "poor". "fair" "good" or excellenct... since its moved up by 100... im ASSUMING is your score is 688, its probably eqivelent to a 588.... IMO.. im not sure.. but it makes since... if anyone knows for sure, please bump in.. =o)
  12. OK, WELCOME TO cb! Several mistakes you've made,but hey we are here to help... First, do you understand the purpose of asking for Debt Validation? When you send a collection agency a request for debt validation, you are asking them to PROVE the debt they are trying to collect is valid. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act leave the word "Validation" Undefined. Meaning, everyones meaning might be slightly different. Additionally, once the collection agency receives your request for validation, they MUST stop all collection activities. The MUST NOT verify this account to any 3rd party until validation has been obtained. The is no time limit opposed on the collection agency regarding the time they have to reply to your request. The can take 1 day or 1000 days, just they must freeze all collection activies until they can prove the account is valid and belongs to you. Thats why its important, that you dispute this account with Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, while your waiting for a response on the debt validation request. If the account is VERIFIED, then you GO EM!!!!! YOU can SUE or threaten to SUE the collection agency for violating the FCDPA. Remember, they are soppose to STOP all collection activities, and that including verifying these accounts to any 3rd party. Additionally, if you ask for validation within the 30 day response period, of you receiving their first letter, they cannot report the account to any credit reporting agency, until they obtain validation. If you are asking for validation, anytime after the 30 day period and the account is already reported to a reporting agency, the collection agency must notify the reporting agency that your account is in dispute and the CANNOT, continue to update the account with additional information.... Ive used this method to have over 15 collection account deleted. Once the collection agency violates the FDCPA, I show them, that I have proof, inclunding my receipts from the US Postal service, showing they did receive my letters. Additionally I;ll have my previous and new credit reports showing the in fact verified the account in violation. Once they see that information, they easly cancel and remove the account. Ive had account with balances anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to my max of $14,000, the balance of a repossed car. Its important to remember, once your catch the collection agency in violation and your ready to mail your demand for removal, make sure you send it to the approriate party. Sometimes, if a entry level collection agent receives your letter, action may not be taken right away, until its esculated to higher authorities. The most important fact to remember, and im sure you've read it before is NEVER, EVER speak to a collector on the phone. Demand all communications be by US MAIL. In th event that the Collector do validate your account to your satisfactory, thats when you can neog. on repayment or PFD, etc. My last peice of advice would be, never put your signature on any document being sent to a collection agency. Just print or type your name at the bottom of the page. thanks! Lovespell
  13. Citi Secured MasterCard has a maximum limit of $25,000

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