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  1. Hey Simonson, were you able to make out of these first 30 days with your account still open?
  2. Very interesting. I wonder how "recent years" is defined and how (or whether) back office will embrace this approach as branches start to use the new relaxed criteria. If anyone here with a non-fraud chex entry or two at least, say, 2 or 3 years old happens to apply for checking with Citi please be sure to let us know how it goes. I don't know if Citi uses EWS, but in the event they do, it's interesting that their relaxed approach makes no reference to it (business as usual if you're in EWS, one would assume).
  3. Wow. What state was this in? With the description of ongoing behavior you described, kinda hard to imagine things ending any other way for him, except perhaps being carried by 6...
  4. Time to get on with that celebratory BBQ this weekend
  5. Any PRs in your fairly recent history? I was once told by a (probably uninformed) Discover rep that, quote, "We never approve unsecured cards for people with bankruptcy reporting..." That statement is clearly incorrect or at least unqualified. I was approved for for an IT card with a 660 EQ08 and BK still reporting (4-5 years old). Was opted out and hadn't received any mailed offers, but just went to the aforementioned Find My Offer site and took the IT offer. I'm with those above who said there's probably a good chance of approval for you, especially if you don't have any PRs/BK...I agree that the offers with opt out language aren't just sent to everyone automatically. Depending on your scores, they may or may not want to offer a higher APR (this is typically what happens if you see a message during your online app that you couldn't be approved for the current Discover offer, but that another offer is available...same IT card, higher APR). Check credit pulls for your state
  6. Congrats!! I'll third the response above...let us know the details when you get a chance
  7. This. Matters less if you never pay CC interest anyway, just another positive TL to add to your rebuilding efforts
  8. Perhaps she doesn't have enough "recent" activity/factors/reporting tradelines for the CRA(s) in question to generate/calculate a risk score? No score doesn't necessarily mean you've never had credit before. Which CRA(s) did they pull? Did EX/EQ/TU all say that a score could not be generated? As suggested above, your grandmother can pull her own reports and verify that things are being reported correctly...
  9. This. Was also approved for 1k with a 661 EQ FICO 08. Like others said, your odds are good. If you've already app'd by now, hope if went well for you
  10. Went from $1k->$5k via chat about 10 minutes after applying for the card. Calling is where chat leads you anyway if you ask for enough (read: ask for A LOT).
  11. Satire for the ages. Lol. Never met anyone who just kinda liked or was lukewarm about that movie. It was either funny/satirical enough to be liked, or despised/misunderstood enough to be hated/dismissed as an outright stupid waste of time. I only have one rule. Everyone does credit repair DIY, no one quits. If you don't do your job, the credit gods will shoot you. [/Rasczak]

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