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  1. Dang didnt know BofA was so generous with CLIs. My oldest card is BofA from when my Charles Schwab 2% card got converted to BofA and over all these years and excellent credit they never gave my an increase... I guess I have to request one.
  2. PNC does 55% max DTI loans and 620 min FICO
  3. thanks again for the info. Relative paid down their balance to just below 89% and while Credit Karma didnt show much movement, he had a much better than expected credit score when he applied for his car loan. (60ish point difference)
  4. yes totally agree with getting cards that actually provide value than just being useless place holders. Forgot to mention that I plan to finally reup for the citi dividend card that I foolishly let get closed due to inactivity because it went through a rough 3 quarter stretch of weak categories yes I was looking at CK AAoA. I did recall that closed accounts should still contribute to AAoA but thought since it dropped on CK I just assumed that credit scoring algorithms must have changed
  5. I have great credit but recently my AAoA took a hit when my oldest accounts: 12 or so student loan tradelines were finally paid off and closed. I recently did a mini app spree after I hit my 5/24 quota from Chase so this is as good a time as ever to seed up some cards that I plan to keep open forever to collect a long aged history so I can continue to churn a majority of my other cards for sign up bonuses. my first thought is NFCU... I already have a platinum with them... is there a max card count and total credit across all their cards that they are willing to extend to a customer? there's also some store cards (Target and Kohls) I always wanted to have but never felt like burning a inq and new credit line on Also when opening a new card is there a rule of thumb of how long do most creditors consider it a "new card"? Hopefully I wont be at risk of the "too many new tradelines opened" denial excuse for more than 1/2 year.
  6. thanks again. Does ratio of 0 balance cards help? My relative has balances on 4 out of 5 cards so Im thinking of adding him as a AU to a few of my cards which will should help overall utilization and also change ratio of 0 balance cards to 4 out of 8ish cards.
  7. wow great intel thanks. Im a big ebates user but didnt realize there's cashback at giftcardmall. Anyone use that Alliant 2.5% cashback card that gives 3% CB and $100AF waived for first year? Ive been an alliant member forever but never got a card with them. Says its a "high spender" card but dont know how aggressive they are to MS activities. But 3% +3% giftcard cashback would be crazy good, just need to dush off my bluebird and figure out a way to efficiently liquadate. And then even after the first year 2.5% + $100AF is still very good... only need to churn about 1667/month to break even on the AF when comparing the Alliant card to a flat 2% CB card with no AF.
  8. I prefer cashback but I go for the most efficient rewards value return I can get
  9. whats the card of choice to churn Simons gcs? Ive been out of the MS game for a bit because I havent seen a setup that really pulled me back in since the Wells Fargo 5% cash back cards.
  10. thanks Occam, are those thresholds for overall revolving utilization or each individual card utilization?
  11. I was once carrying a +30% revolving utilization because I took advantage of a $0 fee + 0% BT transfer... when my utilization improved to below 30% I didnt see any meaningful FICO improvement
  12. thanks for that. Do these individual percentage buckets also apply to installment loans?
  13. So I heard that a card with high utilization can negatively impact your FICO even if your overall revolving utilization is good. But does anyone have any more details of how exactly an individual card's utilization impacts scores? Is it in % buckets like 90-100% very bad, 0-10% good? Or is it a scaling % where every penny paid to a balance can help gradual increase FICO. Im asking this to help a relative who is trying to fine tune their FICO before getting a car loan. Their overall revolving credit is at about 39% but they have one card thats 95% utilized. Im trying to figure out is there a magical % they should pay that card down to see a noticeable improvement on their FICOs. thanks

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