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  1. I'm in CA. They have sent me some junk mail, but i didnt pay any attention to it since it was a collection company. Whats DOIA mean?
  2. I was just served a summons by these guys in regards to a Chase card they say I owe...Ive never been sued, what should I do first?
  3. Thank you Medion, thats the kind of reply I was looking for.
  4. Does it work? $40 for 22-35 point increase within 10 days??? outbound link deleted.
  5. Clear to Close just means the lender has all conditions cleared and docs should be ordered and sent out for you to sign.. Are you signing at a title company? Looks as if everything is moving smoothly with plenty of time for you to sign and close on time. Congrats.
  6. Thanks for your input. They will fall off after 7 years. The loan had been current since the lates up until last November when I sold the property. They are showing on EX and for the last 2 years when a mortgage inquiry is made my score is stuck at 699. I cant get it higher and thought if those lates dropped off, even though they are 5 years old, it would make a difference. Thanks again.
  7. I have 1x60 day late and 1x30 day late from 2002...over 5 years ago now and the account has been paid and closed since November 2006. How much longer will these lates show on my credit? I've tried disputing several times and always comes back verified. Thanks.
  8. I just noticed a Unifund Corp Collection on my EX report. How difficult were they to remove? Did you send a DV? I have a dispute with EX going and the first DV ready for the mail tomorrow.
  9. What is the purchase price? A good majority of closing costs are based on the loan amount or purchase price. Were you quoted an 80/20? because there are additional fees sometimes for the 2nd mortgage from the lender as well as the title company. You should be able to guess-timate your closing costs to be roughly 3% of your loan amount/purchase price. Did you receive a GFE to see the itemized costs?
  10. Why isnt your loan officer calling the lender to find out where your file is? It does happen that the hard copy file that is sent to lenders is lost in transit and the lender may not even have the file. I would make sure you LO is being pro-active and getting ahold of them. At the very least your LO should have received some sort of confirmation the lender has it...It should not take 3 weeks for a purchase.
  11. Sounds like he contract for 2 new builds and out here, right now, they dont allow you to purchase if you already have a primary residence that does not have a listing agreement in place to sell it. And being a new build, they dont allow you to sell it with in 1-2 years without giving your profits back to the builder. If they are closing relatively close to one another, you may get away with buying both at the same time as your primary. But be aware, if the lender finds out they could call one due because its fraud. When will the 2nd home close? You will need to read your contract casrefully and see, I dont think they will make you pay for the upgrades you added if yu choose to break the contract. Do you know how far along they are in the process? Alot of the upgrades go in at the very end like flooring and cabinets. They will have no issues finding someone to sell it to...maybe as a spec home. How much is the earnest deposit?
  12. 80% is $184,000 @ 6.5% = $1163.01 payment per month for 2 years (an interst only payment would be $996.67 approximately) 20% is $46,000 @ 10% = $403.68 payment per month for 30 years Both are Principle and Interest amortized over 30 years. The 1st can adjust after 24 months, you would want to refi before this time, unless rates have gone down dramatically then.
  13. Chitwoodc

    Bomb drop

    Hunter, check your e-mail. You may also want to consider a Hard Money or Private Money...but you'd have those fees. Thanks Shane!
  14. This is so not true. If your working with or have worked with a broker who did this you need to find another one. You dont need to pull credit when shopping a loan for a borrower. I pull credit once and until that loan is with the lender I have found to be best for my client is a credit report been pulled by that lender. No need for multiple pulls just to shop it around.

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