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  1. I pressed my luck some more and applied for the Amex Hilton Surpass card tonight and was approved. Low limit of $999, but still shocked I am back in the good graces of AMEX.
  2. I was bored this evening and was doing some research about the Amex blacklist. I have 2 Amex CO's that were settled for less than the full amount that are due to fall off my CR in the next 6 months. I also have 2 recent 30 day lates on other cards. I applied for the Amex Gold charge to see if I was indeed on the blacklist (I read that if you are on the blacklist that they will not even pull your CR). I clicked the submit button and a minute later I got the message that I had been approved for the card. I am shocked! There is hope for those of you who are on the Amex blacklist!
  3. I thought when I got denied it would have been for the CO's, but the denial later said that it wasn't. As I said in my original post, I have had no issue getting credit since 2007. I have a car loan that is now 2 years old that was approved for up to $40,000. My current citi card has given me numerous cli's since 2007 too! I think I get at least 1 piece of mail from citi a week advertising more of their cards.
  4. Just applied for the Citi Hilton Honors Signature card and was denied due to limited credit history from EXP. I have 3 settled charge offs from 2007 but have had no issue getting credit since then, including 3 new credit cards and a car loan. I have not had a single late payment on my report since 2007. I have also had a Citi Dividend card since 2004. My fako's are all around 700. I had waited to apply for this card until my utilization was around 10% and having only 1 Inquiry in the last 2 years on my EQ report from early 2010. I called the following citi number, 888 201 4523, and was to
  5. I pull everyday, including weekends.
  6. When I first joined CBs, I thought B* was a bunch of bologna. Well, last month, I slowly saw inquiries disappearing from Equifax CR. My TU has been INQ free for some time now. My EQ had 6 INQs at the beginning of May and my EXP has 8(!) INQs. Right now, the only INQs on my report are on my EXP, all 8 of them. I am trying to slowly get rid of them...
  7. I was ordering some books online today through Amazon, and saw the banner at the top of the page, apply for the card and save $30. I figured it was worth the shot, even with a hard pull. I have 3 paid CO's. I clicked the button nervously, and was approved for $1,200, one of my higher limits. They only pulled Experian too, which I have the most inquiries on. The month of May has been very good to me getting increased credit lines and 1 new credit line! I will be forever grateful for finding CB's!
  8. SEND A COPY (not the original) to the one who agreed to the PFD and remind them of what they agreed to (law firm) What ever you do DON'T ever send a copy of that letter to any CRA Why not to a CRA? How about the OC? The "OC" is out of the picture...they didn't make the deal Unless the "LAW FIRM" made the deal on behalf of the "OC" I assumed the "LAW FIRM" was acting as a CA You don't send stuff the the BIG 3 that basically violates their TOS The law firm negotiated the settlement, however, they never showed as a collector on my CRs, I don't know if that is a b
  9. SEND A COPY (not the original) to the one who agreed to the PFD and remind them of what they agreed to (law firm) What ever you do DON'T ever send a copy of that letter to any CRA Why not to a CRA? How about the OC?
  10. This is all hypothetical. Let's say that you had a letter from a law firm that was the party negotiating the settlement of a charged off credit card. You have arranged for a PFD and gladly pay the settlement amount. You get a hard letter from the law firm stating that they will delete the account once payment has been received. A month later, you check you CR and the account is still showing up on your account. The law firm changed the balance on the account to $0, but the account still remains. Now here is my question. If you are in such a situation, who do you send a copy of you
  11. I finally received responses from TU and EQ. I disputed 3 accounts from each CRA with a jack attack, listing multiple errors for each TL. TU added new information to 2 of the accounts and verified the third with no change.......There is still incorrect information on it, so another letter with more serious language will go out to them tomorrow and hope I can get someone who doesn't want to deal with verifying new info. EQ wrote me a letter addressing only 2 of the 3 accounts. I don't know how they missed the 3rd account, seeing as it was the first one listed....It also seems that they
  12. For some reason, I can not find any information regarding the Best Buy Store Card. My original CL was $1,500, but it was reduced to $605 after a later payment (less than 10 days) a few months ago. My credit has been on the climb since then, and I am trying to get my original CL reinstated. Have any board members had any success with this? Will they pull a hard for asking for a CLI? Any CLI success stories in general with Best Buy? TIA
  13. I called in today an inquired about having my CL increased. The agent said one second, and said, I am able to give you a $500 increase. I gladly accepted. So to recap this month, I have received $2,100 in CL increases for the month of May! What a great month!!!!! Thanks CBs!!!
  14. what CR is it reporting to? You can dispute it if you would like. The worst they could do is simply update the CO, which won't do anything, seeing as it is paid off. The CO will not remain past Jan 2010 if you dispute it and it is updated, so you have nothing to lose.
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