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  1. Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a modification with Mr.Cooper. They have frequently denied me even though they messed up my original modification.
  2. I have had the accounts for six months. Is it worth paying D and B to report the info.
  3. I currently have an 80 paydex. However, Office Depot is the only account reporting and I only have a 500 credit line with them. I have the following cards and net 30's. Staples 1,000 Key Bank 4,400 Quill Reliable Best Buy 5,000 and two other net 30's that I can't remember. Conoco 1,500 never used. None of the other creditors are reporting. Ford declined me, stating that office depot was the only company and they wanted a pg. Any suggestions? How can I get the other companies to report? Is there a source for auto financing. Thanks
  4. abmady

    key bank

    You are exactly right. The fraud department wanted to verify the purchase. They stated that the most fraud occurs at Target, Best Buy and Wal Mart.
  5. abmady

    key bank

    400 at best buy on a laptop, macys for a bag for the laptop. It is impossible to get a live person.
  6. On Saturday I received a key bank mastercard in the mail with a 4k limit. I activated the card Monday, I used the the card this afternoon at best buy without a problem. I tried to use the card tonight and the sale was declined any insight or thoughts?
  7. abmady


    Has anyone had any luck getting personal lines of credit lately?
  8. I received my card in the mail. I called to activate it and it asks for the last four of my ss. I didn't list my ss. What should i give.
  9. My suggestion, use the cards that report. There is not a need to keep everyone happy. Especially if you have monthly service fees.
  10. Thanks I feel alot better. This was the only fleet card that I had. I am just curious as to why they would overnight pre activated cards and then take them away. I guess I should not apply for any cards through comdata. Receiving a call from a private number just really made it worse for me.
  11. I received a call from someone named Vincentat around 2pm. He informed me that the risk department determined that my account was a liability and it was closed immediately. I grilled this guy for fifteen minutes and he could not give me a satsisfactory answer. My cards were cut off even though I only had them for two weeks and did not even have a bill due. This makes no sense. Has this happened to anyone else?
  12. I received several BP Fleet Mastercards with a 1,000 limit and it's net. I was also informed that it is only good for gas and maintenance. Does anyone know anything about this card?
  13. I tried to apply for a keybank businees mastercard yesterday and the app. asks for a pg. Is there more than one keybank? Cap. one also asked for a pg. Am I mising something.
  14. I recently received an office depot card with a 500 limit no PG. However, I was not approved for shell, uline,exxon, home depot,staples, borders or sams club. They all wanted PG's. My company is 4 years old. All of my accounts are new so I don't think I have a paydex score. Can anyone suggest other creditors that I can apply with. Also is there still a promotion taking place with BOA. Thanks Current accts- Quill 1,000 no pg Majestic Advertising 1,000 no pg Office Depot 500 no pg Pitney Bowes 1,000 no pg Grainger 1,000 no pg
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