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  1. NP I'm using the other version for now with the changes noted in the thread. This download goes to a blank window with a box in the corner like a broken link.
  2. The download is not working for me. Anyone else have a problem?
  3. As a newbie I spend most of my time reading. I always enjoy Georges posts. Maybe he's not trying to be "cryptic" his fingers are just tired!
  4. *faint* I have seen some at 32.99%
  5. Hang in there, you'll be receiving the $175 fee with $200 limit offers before you know it. I opted out six months ago, but we did get some good laughs out of the offers I received. (and no doubt would still be receiving)
  6. My credit isn't perfect, and there are cards out there that are much better for rebuilding. Those of us in the repair stages sometimes need a good laugh.
  7. I went thru the same thing 2 weeks ago only to see the monthly charge show up on my credit card. Called back and of course had to be put on hold several times and verify that I had cancelled 2 weeks ago. Sooo keep an eye on the card you used for the service just in case they didn't understand the first time.
  8. Did they continue to update monthly until it fell off? Mine have stopped updating and I'm wondering why. Due to falloff April and June.
  9. Mine have not reported since Dec. In fact I have been checking every day for the last couple of weeks. Mine was dropped form Tu in Oct but not due to fall off EX until 04/09 and EQ 06/09. Thought maybe they are preparing to sue me but who knows??
  10. If you have any TU or EX reports you can sometimes look at all three together and figure out the account number. HTH
  11. Thanks for the link! I will be doing some reading later. The debts are falling off this year but I was a little worried about last minute lawsuits. Also concerned about the next three years.

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