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  1. Question....I have an item on my cr with TransUnion, that says that AmEx has "updated" my report with notice that I'm behind. I do not have an AmEx card now - I did have and it was canx back in 2007....and yes, the debt was unpaid so it shows as an R9.... But since then I've not made any payments on that card, there is NO contact on my behalf with AmEx...nor have they ever bothered to contact me either after the first few months I couldn't pay same.... So, how can they then just report out of the blue that on 1/23/2012 I did not make a payment on same.... I guess another way
  2. MIght this be the forum to ask questions as a Canadian who's looking for a new car loan - but has just awful (no BK tho) credit? ? JVR
  3. JVR

    Canadian SOL?

    the debt was incurred here in Ontario.... and the prov I'm interested in finding out about any SOL is yup - still Ontario... as listed in the original post too, eh! ??? Jim
  4. have a line of credit with CIBC for years...and stopped paying for same 21 months ago.... heard from a collector that they now want to talk settlement...but wonder... is there a SOL here in Canada in Ontario? and when if so, might that be? ? Jim
  5. not a problem, and thanks! :-) JVR
  6. up here in Canada, many of those "payday loan" shops offer up secured MasterCards or Visas, so I'd think that in the US, you can find the same too! JVR
  7. I've just heard that there are 'new' bankruptcy laws in Ontario -- but I've no idea what they are, when they begin nor for that matter how 'all encompassing' they are on Ontarioites who want to file... Does anyone have any exp in that area or know what and when they start ? :-) JVR
  8. JVR

    Thanks CB!

    just wanted to say thanks for the canuck forum! aim to be here often too! so....questions folks? :-) JVR
  9. agreed....Canadian Credit works for me too! oohhh.....can't wait too! :-) J
  10. So....creditboard MODs.... can us canucks have a forum? ??? Jim
  11. thanks....Hmm....well, being judgement proof then is like "almost" being invulnerable...nothing to lose and no paycheck to garanshie....and if you're smart about your income and "whom" the cheques are made out to...then I'd think it's really really close... Hmmm...gotta think this thru a bit more maybe.... JVR
  12. just wondering, here... if you own nothing....and I mean you rent your house... if you are self-employed...and declare your own income... and for alll you can "see" is that you are totallly "in the clear" -- DO you have much to fear about when it comes to collection agencies.../ :-) Jim
  13. sorry, just found this thread...but as a canuck -- yes I'd LOVE a Canadian sub-forum here..... JVR
  14. went. joined. got a secure M/C. am alle to transfer $ from my canuck bank to the card with NO fees. can use the card just like my normal M/C too. AND...there is the whole iPhone mobile interface too, that allows me to do the same thing from the phone... cool! and as it's a M/C product, sorry.......but I did think it belonged here in this forum... move it, if needs be....but hey mobile payment systems come to Canada, eh! :-) Jim
  15. HELLO ALL... JUST HEARD ABOUT a brand new payment system called ZOOMPASS... look into same...looks interesting, eh? JVR
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