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  1. Navy Fed seems to have the lowest rates. Tomorrow I sign my Refi at 3%. They offer 1k cash if you can find another company to beat them. In my opinion they are the best
  2. Costco and AMEX are just protecting their best interest, just like we all do. Also checking receipts keeps prices down by preventing theft
  3. PSECU 735 Credit Sesame 769 CreditKarma 774 mpm 774
  4. Discover usually gives low limits and are stingy with cli's
  5. separate checking savings and credit cards is what i do.. I had the damnest time repairing my wifes credit(i fell in love before i knew she was bill procrastinater). i keep everything separate including auto loans. We get along fine and have no financially difficulties. remember money is meant to be hoarded not spent
  6. MPM is hit and miss with me also.
  7. my favs are 1.Navy federal Platinum visa 2.PSECU 3.AMEX Starwood Preferred 4.USAA World MasterCard 5.CITI Platinum Select
  8. bananablack


    San Diego
  9. I thank CreditBoards for being the number one reason my credit changed from zero(low 600's) to hero(high 700's)Over the last 2 or so years. The wisdom i've acquired from you guys and gals is simply remarkable. The info i get from here i usually pass on to my junior personnel whom most have made positive changes in their credit profiles also. The only thing i cant give them is a good list of prime credit cards. So if we could list our prime cards and rates we would be very thankful. I will start it with: Navy Federal Platinum Visa 7.99 USAA World MC 8.49%
  10. They only gave me a 500.00 dollar cli lat week at the cost of a hard pull. So to the sock drawer discover goes.
  11. Discover More...my low limit(2200) makes it useless for anything else
  12. I havent been able to pull for the last two days
  13. IF you like those toy cars do yourself a favor and dont test drive a 7 series.

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