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  1. I lost another lb today. My total weight loss since August has been 19 lbs! I can see and feel that I'm losing it in my legs, rear & chest but I'm having a heck of a time with my middle. I've always had a lower "pooch" even when I only weighed 105. This time I have both the upper and lower and while the lower seems to be going down the upper is sticking firm. Ugh. I had never thought about the "not eating white things" before. That's great advice as most of that stuff is carb filled. Oh how I love breads. I've been eating whole grain bread though for the past couple of years. I think the thing that's helped the most is cutting out all soda. Looking back, I was drinking a 6 pack of Cokes a day! That's a heck of a lot of empty calories.
  2. Yes!! They do as a matter of fact! That must be it! Yep it's the "I'm the new sheriff in town" syndrome.
  3. Aren't cell phones great? Lol. The second anything goes awry with either of our DD's I'm sure we'll get a text.
  4. Does the school have a new principal this year? DD's school does and she's been implementing all kinds of whacko rules. All of the kids hate her.
  5. Yea! You did great! Sounds like someone finally decided to read the district's guidelines in regards to students with medical conditions. Keep your eye on the situation to make sure nothing changes. No sick child should be bullied into doing physical activities especially when their doctor has forbidden it. My poor DD can't even bend enough to shave her legs or cut her toe nails. I'd hate to think of some teacher trying to get her to bend thinking she was faking it. Hopefully you'll get a diagnosis that will lead to a cure for what is ailing your daughter soon. I know what it's like to have a kid in pain and have no explaination for it. My DD goes back to school starting this coming Monday. I still have to remind all of her teachers that she is supposed to have a textbook, kept in each class by the teacher for use during that class period (we're also to have a textbook to keep at home). She's on a very strict weight restriction of 5 lbs max. She's also supposed to be released from each class 5 min early so that it lessens the chance of her getting rammed in the back by someone. I emailed all of her teachers and guidance counselor 2 weeks ago letting them know she'd be going back next week and asked for updates on assignments, etc. Only her English teacher and guidance counselor bothered to reply. Ugh.
  6. It's time to contact the STATE Superintendent of schools. Were you able to find the school district's policy manual online? You may want to contact a local advocacy group to have them help you. Just google a local disability advocate center and you should find something. If you were in AZ I could give you all of the info you'd need. I'd also try contacting the media. DD's district pulled the same crap on us by pawning us back down to the school level. BUT in our case, they were on notice from the District to remedy the problem. Centex's advice is spot on about the IEP. They can be a bit tedious to get drawn up and implemented, but I do have the original paperwork I took with me for DD's meeting with the school officials which should help get the ball rolling at least. I also have a formal 504 plan. If you want copies of either just let me know. Gryff
  7. Some Like It Hot. It also had Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe.
  8. I love the medic armor that warns you whenever there's danger by saying, "Gear up soldier!" Somehow I lost it when I did The Pitt and didn't get it back.
  9. There's no way to to complete Tenpenny Tower with a happy ending. The thing that's aggravating is that you're supposed to get a key from Tenpenny (one of I think 4 keys that various characters have). I've yet to figure out how to get the key from him. They key opens a munitions bunker. Not that it much matters. I kept Fawkes with me as soon as I got her (yes, Fawkes is a female) and would grab anything of value for trading for ammo, stimpaks and better weapons. The best ones are the alien blasters. They take down just about everything with minimal effort.
  10. Ugh. They're adding it to my favorite video game, Rock Band 3. I predict the only thing it's going to add to the game is major LAG.
  11. I went through this exact same thing last year with DD's high school. She had missed a week due to contracting H1N1. Then, she started complaining of severe back pain which led us to her severe scoliosis diagnosis. She missed days due to pain and other days having medical tests run and various medical appointments. I received all of the BS letters threatening to throw myself and DH in jail, even though we had a Dr's note on file with her guidance counselor and school nurse. Everything hit the fan last year when they called my daughter into the office along with 6 other kids (all of which had chronic health conditions) and had the district's truancy officer bully them. He told them they wouldn't amount to anything and that they were all failures! They did this without even contacting me! One child in the meeting said he had surgery scheduled for the coming Monday and the truancy officer said, "We'll see about that.". When my DD called me in tears I tore into that truancy officer via a phone call asking him what the hell he thought he was doing tormenting a child with a documented medical condition! He tried to turn it around on me stating that they did not have "their form" on file for her. This was the first time that I'd even heard of "their medical condition" form! Funny in all of the conversations I'd had with her guidance counselor and the attendance office how I was just now hearing about a special form that had to be completed by her MD, even though we already had a MD note on file. What it came down to was that nobody in the school had bothered to share information and it was apparently an "oversight" on their part. BS! After the threat of suing the attendance clerk, truancy officer and school district for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act did things sort of calm down. Knowing that DD was going to miss between 6-8 weeks of school the next school year due to surgery, I wanted to prevent a repeat of what had happened the previous school year. I contacted a local non-profit disability advocacy group. After speaking with one of their attorneys he said my problem was that I let it stay at the school level and should have been going through the school district. They pointed me to a sample letter that I would need to submit to the district that I could adapt to our situation. While school was still out for summer recess, but the district office was open, I found the name of the person I would need to send the letter to and hand delivered it, (getting my copy stamped by the office for proof of delivery). This started the process of my being able to obtain a 504 plan for my DD as she was going to have many restrictions for the next year (no bending. lifting anything over 5 lbs, no twisting). Even with the 504 in place we STILL received a nasty call from the attendance office saying DD had missed 3 days of school in a row. Well, no #$%^! She was laying in a hospital bed, out of state, recovering from major surgery. Needless to say, I called the attendance office and ripped them a new one. Anyway, I'm getting off track...... MDW: You need to look up your school district's policy manual. It should be available online. Check out the section in regards to medical conditions. You then need to contact the school district and make them aware of the situation your daughter's school has created. It also wouldn't hurt to seek out an advocacy group who can advise you and represent you should you continue to have problems.
  12. Ugh! I swell up when I'm bitten by anything. I've got two mystery bites right now and they're driving me crazy! Benadryl is a great way to get the swelling down. For the bite site itself, Cortaid should help.
  13. I'm also anxiously awaiting New Vegas. The only problem with any game made by Bethesda is they can't seem to get past the freezing up issue. It happens across all platforms too (PS3, 360 & PC). Oblivion and Fallout 3 - especially some of the DLC for Fallout 3 were horrible to freeze and while not freezing completely, they would become incredibly laggy.

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