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  1. Forget the automated system. Call 1-877-379-8173 to connect to the underwriters and politely ask for an increase. I told them I didn't want to "max out" the card with each use and requested to be bumped from $500 to $4000 and was approved! No hard pull for this one.

  2. Congrats on getting approved on the Home Depot card.


    I got approved last month with a $500 limit. So, I thought I would call and ask for an increase. I called the same day and asked for $4000 limit and was approved. It was very easy. I did not have to provide pay stubs to them. My score is around 650ish. Here is the number I called:Home Depot Store Card: 800-677-0232


    Go on and gfive it a go. Ask for a few thousand at least. Best of luck!


    I called that number and was told to go to the store to verify ID, but the store told me my limit is still $500. :-(


    I would try calling again tommorrow. They asked me some Lexis Nexis type questions to verify identity. Didn't have to go into the store. Maybe weekdays are better to call.

  3. Congrats on getting approved on the Home Depot card.


    I got approved last month with a $500 limit. So, I thought I would call and ask for an increase. I called the same day and asked for $4000 limit and was approved. It was very easy. I did not have to provide pay stubs to them. My score is around 650ish. Here is the number I called:Home Depot Store Card: 800-677-0232


    Go on and gfive it a go. Ask for a few thousand at least. Best of luck!



  4. PrinceRomeo,




    I would call the underwriters at 1-877-379-8173 and ask if they service Ashley accounts. If not they will provide you a number for them. Each representative was very friendly and I was not intimidated at all. I really didn't want to talk on the phone, but it was easy. Best of luck for you.



    When you ask for an increase go large. They always counter offer.

  5. Called today just to see if I could get any results. And was amazed! Thanks to the OP for this great info.




    Walmart was 300 asked for 4000 approved 4000. Should have asked for 10k. Maybe next time.


    JCP was 150 asked for 3000 approved 3000 (Almost closed this card but glad I didn't)


    Old Navy was 100 asked for 1500 countered with 1000! (just have it for coupons anyway)


    Amazon Store card 500 asked for 3000 approved 3000! (Great for no interest promotions!)




    Here is the number I called. Each request was done on a separate phone call. All request were done the same day.


    1-877-379-8173 for Walmart, JCP and Amazon


    1-877-379-8170 for Old Navy




  6. I had a green card back in 1993 which I closed due to the fees. I thought the $55 fee was too much for what little I used it.


    Anyway I am an authorized user on my spouses Zinc card. Today I called to backdate and the rep informed me that authorized users cannot backdate. My spouse had never had a an AMEX prior to the Zync. I was hoping it would work.


    AMEX has denied my applications several times. Low FICO 677. At least I can piggyback on my spouses.

  7. My membership renewed today at the $29.95 rate. I called to ask for additional pulls and about lowering my rate. They informed me that the rate is set when you start the account. I would need to cancel and then restart.

    They don't allow you to cancel and restart on the same day. Maybe someone knows how long the wait would be to restart. They did give me a free month next month to compensate. B* would be done at the end, so I was happy. If you just got charged, ask for a free month to compensate. You can always cancel at the end of the free month.

  8. Received this email today. Anyone else?




    Message From MyCreditPlan.org CEO‏


    May 1, 2012


    On behalf of AAA Fair Credit Foundation, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you who have so patiently waited for the release of My Credit Plan (MCP). MCP has taken over three years to develop and this day has been a long time coming. The tools found at MCP are unique and will properly guide you to better credit scores in the quickest amount of time possible.


    AAA Fair Credit Foundation is an award-winning accredited 501©(3) nonprofit, HUD-approved, credit and housing counseling agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We work directly with thousands of consumers, financial institutions, and lenders nationwide to help their clients manage their money, reduce debt, and improve their credit worthiness. Our goal is to provide you with accurate information and a strategic plan to help you improve your overall credit standing and help you save money.


    MCP originally was designed to offer two platforms – scanning and automatic. Many consumers already have their credit reports in hand and just want an analysis and plan of action. If not, you can obtain your credit report from many sources and enroll. Once enrolled, you can either upload your credit report within the online system, or fax it to (801) 951-5212 to be scanned into My Credit Plan. You will be notified when your analysis is ready.


    The automatic system was ready to launch in February 2012. Unfortunately, the major credit bureaus and FICO® have countered to stop the information found on MCP from being disseminated. This system is currently suspended. They have falsely accused AAA Fair Credit Foundation of being a "credit repair" company, and have even asked AAA Fair Credit Foundation to use their "education, non-lender" credit scores. Their credit repair claim is entirely false and we refuse to engage in practices that are in anyway deceptive to our clientele. AAA Fair Credit Foundation has never engaged in credit repair and never will, and we will always try to provide accurate and timely credit information. MCP utilizes the highest level of security including encryption and elevated levels of password protection. No personal information can be seen in any online account. Additionally, no one at AAA Fair Credit Foundation / MCP will contact you to ask for your Social Security Number or any other personal information. If you elect to submit a credit report, you may delete your social security number.


    As part of our appreciation for your patience, we would like to offer you a discounted rate if you sign up by May 4, 2012. Instead of incurring a $99 setup fee, you will incur a discounted one-time set up fee of $39 and a reduced monthly fee for the first 12 months. This is savings of over 50% from the regular price. To get this discount, enter promotional code "mcp2012" during enrollment or click this promotional code "mcp2012" during enrollment or click this link.


    Again, thank you for your patience. We are excited to roll out this new program. With the current and the new tools slated to come online in the coming months, we know you will have many new opportunities to build your credit scores. If you have any questions, please contact us at Support@MyCreditPlan.org.




    Preston Cochrane

    President & CEO, AAA Fair Credit Foundation

  9. Can someone help with count. The auto count shows 208 softs. No B* achieved. Also I pull EQ daily but none of those soft ever appear. Am I doing something wrong?

    ANDERA 01/15/12AR-BLOOMIES/DSNB 03/30/12, 12/30/11AR-CAPITAL ONE 10/04/11AR-CAPITAL ONE NTL ASSOC 03/19/12, 11/28/11INTERSECTIONS 12/21/11CD-INTERSECTIONS 12/20/11FIRST ADVANTAGE CREDCO 12/25/11FIRST ADVANTAGE CREDCO/ 12/20/11CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 04/15/12, 04/14/12, 04/13/12, 04/12/12, 04/11/12, 04/10/12, 04/09/12, 04/08/12, 04/07/12, 04/06/12, 04/05/12, 04/04/12, 04/03/12, 04/02/12, 04/01/12, 03/31/12, 03/30/12, 03/29/12, 03/28/12, 03/26/12, 03/25/12, 03/24/12, 03/23/12, 02/29/12, 01/31/12, 12/31/11ND-DIGITAL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION 03/27/12, 12/27/11EQUIFAX 03/25/12EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 02/20/12, 11/22/11, 09/09/10EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 11/02/11, 10/16/11, 11/13/10, 07/26/10EQUIFAX 02/26/11EQUIFAX 07/15/10ND-EQUIFAX 09/17/11ND-EQUIFAX 09/12/10ND-EQUIFAX 09/12/10ND-Equifax Consumer Services 04/14/12, 12/31/11ND-Equifax Consumer Services 10/30/11ND-Equifax Consumer Services 11/23/10ND-Equifax Consumer Services 11/11/10ND-Equifax Consumer Services 05/19/10EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS 12/22/11, 12/09/11, 11/23/11EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 03/29/12, 12/09/11, 11/03/11, 12/03/10, 10/08/10, 08/25/10, 07/27/10EQUIFAX UPDATE 07/26/10ND-FAIR ISAAC 10/04/10ND-HSBC BANK 04/15/12, 04/14/12, 04/13/12, 04/12/12, 04/11/12, 04/10/12, 04/09/12, 04/08/12, 04/07/12, 04/06/12, 04/05/12, 04/04/12, 04/03/12, 04/02/12, 04/01/12, 03/31/12, 03/30/12, 03/29/12, 03/28/12, 03/27/12, 03/26/12, 03/15/12, 03/14/12, 03/13/12, 03/12/12, 03/11/12, 03/10/12, 03/09/12, 03/08/12, 03/07/12, 03/06/12, 03/05/12, 03/04/12, 03/03/12, 03/02/12, 03/01/12, 02/29/12, 02/25/12, 01/31/12, 12/15/11, 11/09/11, 09/04/10AR-HOUSEHOLD BANK 03/20/12, 12/27/11INTERSECTIONS 12/20/11AR-MACY'S/DSNB 10/09/11AR-MACYS/DSNB 03/30/12, 12/30/11AR-MACYS/FDSB 08/16/11AR-PRIVATE LBL RETAIL/CITIBANK NA 03/30/12, 12/30/11AR-SOUTH JERSEY FCU 01/12/12, 10/21/11DTC-STERLING 11/16/11PRM ONL-THE LENDING TREE 03/25/12TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE 04/14/12, 04/13/12, 04/12/12, 04/11/12, 04/10/12, 04/09/12, 04/08/12, 04/07/12, 04/05/12, 04/04/12, 04/03/12, 04/02/12, 04/01/12, 03/31/12, 03/30/12, 03/29/12, 03/28/12, 03/27/12, 03/26/12, 03/25/12, 03/24/12, 03/23/12, 02/29/12, 01/31/12, 12/31/11PRM ONL-WFNNB/ONESTOPPLUS 03/31/12PRM ONL-WFNNB/VICTORIA'S SECRET 03/30/12

  10. According to the Suze Orman website:




    Sign up now and for one year with your active Approved Card account** you’ll be able to:

    • Access your TransUnion credit report online that can be updated daily

    ** You are eligible to receive the TransUnion services after receipt of your Monthly Account Maintenance Fee 30 days after enrollment in The Approved Card. Upon successful billing of the Monthly Account Maintenance Fee, you will receive instructions on how to sign up for the TransUnion services.



    The only reason to get this card.



  11. These are the statements that concern me in this letter.

    "The statement “120 days past due” is generally how a charged off account is defined by the credit bureaus"


    ---I have never heard of this....Is this legal?



    "The term “open” does not literally mean that the account is open."



    ---This is confusing as well if it is not open then it is closed right?

  12. I filed a complaint with the BBB against LVNV for listing an account as "open" and "120 days past due". They did not respond to my validation request. I forwarded copies of green cards to the BBB. I also requested that all communications be in writing. I did request no telephone contact. This is their response to the BBB.


    I am not sure how to reply to this letter. Thanks for any help.











    Business Bureau of Upstate South Carolina

    408 North Church Street, Suite C

    Greenville, SC 29601-2164

    Phone: (864)242-5052 | Fax: (864)271-9802





    Anywhere, USA




    DearConsumer :


    Thismessage is in regard to your complaint submitted on 12/2011 against ResurgentCapital Services LP. Your complaint was assigned ID.


    Thebusiness has sent the BBB a message regarding this complaint, and we arepassing it on to you. The contents of this message are below or attached.Please respond to this message at your first convenience.




    BBB Representative

    Dispute Resolution Director








































    January 2012






    408N. Church St. Suite C


    Greenville,SC 29601-2164




    RE: Consumer:




    CurrentOwner: LVNV Funding LLC










    Dear BBB Representative:



    This letter is in response to your correspondence regardingthe above referenced account. LVNV Funding LLC (“LVNV”) currently owns accountnumber. Resurgent Capital Services L.P. (“Resurgent”) is the master servicer ofaccounts owned by LVNV. The account was previously sold by A Creditor and atthat time the balance on this account was $1,000. As of the date of thiscommunication, the account balance is $2,500. Because interest, payments,credits, fees, and/or other permissible charges can continue to cause theaccount balance to vary from day to day, you should contact us at 888-665-0374to determine the exact balance. Please review the following accountinformation:



    1. ACreditor advised that this account originated and was opened with Merchant A.


    2. Thisaccount charged off with a balance of $750.


    3. Nopayments have been received on this account since LVNV’s acquisition in 2007.



    It appears there is some confusion regarding the creditbureau reporting of this account. The term “open” does not literally mean thatthe account is open. This is a common area of confusion for our customers. Inaccordance with the Metro 2 credit reporting guidelines, created by theConsumer Data Industry Association, factoring companies are required to reportaccounts with a designation of “open” in the portfolio type field. This meansthat the entire balance is due at one time. This is the nature of a charged offaccount. The entire balance is past due; therefore, the entire balance is dueat any given time.



    In most cases, creditors charge off accounts once they are120 days or more past due/delinquent. The statement “120 days past due” isgenerally how a charged off account is defined by the credit bureaus. Due tothe account being charged off, the bureaus still report it as 120 days pastdue. This comment is added by the bureaus to further define the account;therefore, this statement cannot be altered.



    Please be advised Resurgent did not provide validation ofdebt in response to Consumer’s request due to the fact that his letter requestedthat we cease telephone contact with him. Accordingly, this account is in acease status, which results in no contact, written or otherwise, fromResurgent.



    In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”),if an agency that is reporting an account to the consumer reporting agenciesreceives information that changes the existing status of that account, theagency must report such changes to the consumer reporting agencies. The FCRArequires that accurate and complete information be provided to consumerreporting agencies. Failure to report updated information, including paid willcause an inaccurate reflection of the status of existing reported accounts,which violates the FCRA. Based on the previous information, the tradeline willnot be deleted; however, it is being reported as disputed to the three majorconsumer reporting agencies.



    Enclosed is a bill statement on file for this account. If,after review of the above referenced information and enclosed bill statement theconsumer believes this account is fraudulent, a complete police/incident reportregarding the fraud, or a notarized fraud or identity theft affidavit (blankforms are available at the FTC’s website: www.ftc.gov/idtheft) will help usresolve this complaint. If this account was paid or settled in full, thesettlement offer, cancelled check(s), and/or confirmation of payment in fullwould help us resolve this complaint. In addition, if Consumer has anycorrespondence to/from Creditor A concerning his dispute, it may help with ourinvestigation, so please have him forward it to:



    Compliance Department or Fax:866-467-0918


    P.O. Box 10497


    Greenville, SC 29603



    If we do not receive additional information from you within45 days of the date this letter is received, then we will assume this disputeis resolved. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, pleasecontact Customer Service at 888-665-0374.





    P. Holladay


    Compliance Department


    Resurgent Capital Services L.P.




  13. The funny thing is that I have have at least 10 Visa/Mastercards, 4 that report a balance. A car loan and a mortgage are also reporting. Utilization is 12% .My average age of credit is 8 years according to experian. I am not sure where they got this information. My oldest card reporting is 18 years old. This is why it seems so strange to me.

  14. GE Capital Retail Bank has received your request for a credit program with GAP VISA. Regretfully, your request cannot be approved at this time. The boxes checked indicate the following: The request was judgmentally reviewed and denied for the following reason(s): Our decision was based in part on a credit scoring system that was used to evaluate your application. The reason's where you did not score well compared with the other applicants have been determined and are listed below: NO RECENT REVOLVING BALANCES



    NUMBER OF CONSUMER FINANCE COMPANY ACCOUNTS If more than one agency is disclosed below and if box above is completed,the reason(s) shown in that box are based on the report provided by the first listed agency.

    Some information used to make this decision was obtained from the consumer reporting agency (agencies) listed below. This consumer reporting agency (agencies) did not make this credit decision and is unable to provide you with the specific reason(s) for our action. If you want a copy of your credit report, or if you think that there is an error in your credit report, please contact the consumer reporting agency. T.U. CONSUMER RELATIONS


    CHESTER, PA 19022

    800-888-4213 Information from an outside source other than a consumer credit reporting agency was relied on in whole or in part in reaching our decision.

    Information about your External Credit Score used in this evaluation for credit


    In addition, we also obtained an external credit score from the consumer reporting agency indicated above and used it in making our credit decision. If more than one agency is listed, the credit score was obtained from the first listed agency. Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your credit report. Your credit score can change, depending on how the information in your credit report changes. The credit score below was developed using standard industry methods and was used to evaluate your application. The credit score may differ from the score you obtain from a consumer reporting agency.


    Your Credit Score: 015 Date: 12/22/2011 Scores range from a low of 000 to a high of 999. Key factors that adversely affected your credit score:








    GE Capital Retail Bank





  15. November 17, 2011- Pensacola, Fla.--- Pen Air Federal Credit Union and MasterCard are giving members a chance to win a trip to meet golfing legend, Arnold Palmer. Pen Air FCU members who use their MasterCard credit card or debit card between Dec. 1 and Jan. 31 will be automatically entered for a chance to win.


    One grand prize winner will receive a 5-day trip to the annual Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, Fla., with opportunities to walk inside the ropes and follow a professional golfer, access to the hospitality area, play 18 holes at an acclaimed course in Orlando, enjoy an indulgent spa visit, and attend a meet and greet with Arnold Palmer.



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