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  1. I was gardening for the year and gave into temptation. USAA had a preapproved AMEX card waiting reply and I couldn't resist. APPROVED! $7500. Now back to that gardening stuff.
  2. Philadelphia
  3. Thanks to the OP for this info....I sent email Tues, received call Wed and Today was told went from $500 to $3000! Woohoo! I almost closed this card. Happy In didn't now.
  4. Forget the automated system. Call 1-877-379-8173 to connect to the underwriters and politely ask for an increase. I told them I didn't want to "max out" the card with each use and requested to be bumped from $500 to $4000 and was approved! No hard pull for this one.
  5. I called that number and was told to go to the store to verify ID, but the store told me my limit is still $500. :-( I would try calling again tommorrow. They asked me some Lexis Nexis type questions to verify identity. Didn't have to go into the store. Maybe weekdays are better to call.
  6. Congrats on getting approved on the Home Depot card. I got approved last month with a $500 limit. So, I thought I would call and ask for an increase. I called the same day and asked for $4000 limit and was approved. It was very easy. I did not have to provide pay stubs to them. My score is around 650ish. Here is the number I called:Home Depot Store Card: 800-677-0232 Go on and gfive it a go. Ask for a few thousand at least. Best of luck!
  7. PrinceRomeo, I would call the underwriters at 1-877-379-8173 and ask if they service Ashley accounts. If not they will provide you a number for them. Each representative was very friendly and I was not intimidated at all. I really didn't want to talk on the phone, but it was easy. Best of luck for you. When you ask for an increase go large. They always counter offer.
  8. Called today just to see if I could get any results. And was amazed! Thanks to the OP for this great info. Walmart was 300 asked for 4000 approved 4000. Should have asked for 10k. Maybe next time. JCP was 150 asked for 3000 approved 3000 (Almost closed this card but glad I didn't) Old Navy was 100 asked for 1500 countered with 1000! (just have it for coupons anyway) Amazon Store card 500 asked for 3000 approved 3000! (Great for no interest promotions!) Here is the number I called. Each request was done on a separate phone call. All request were done the same day. 1-877-379-8173 for Walmart, JCP and Amazon 1-877-379-8170 for Old Navy
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