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  1. I currently am sitting at 1% utilization across 6 cards. I do not have any heavy hitters with big CL but I will soon. Current scores as of today per fico EQ:660 TU: 697 EX:661 There are a few accounts I need to jack attack now that I have all old addresses removed. Will work on that over the weekend. I was feeling antsy and CLI on my BofA and was granted a 5k increase. Decided to pull the trigger on Amex right after and got an INSTANT APPROVAL!!!! Holy heck that never happened when I was sitting pristine in the past!! I was on cloud 9 so I decided to try for a Chase Marriott Rewards. I travel a lot for work and use them, plus wanted the 80k points. I got a 30 letter pop up.... UGH I am happy with my current situation and will continue to nourish and ride this wave.
  2. This is hilarious and downright sad to say to a customer.
  3. Slowwww down!! Focus on geting some of the baddies off. Listen I am on my second repair after fixing everything thanks to CB and slipping up again. I was the same way when I did this the first time like you. You have to get some of those negatives off and then try for a card.
  4. Carrying proportionally high balances on lowish limit cards is usually viewed negatively by issuers. Especially when you sound like you had balances on multiple accounts. Call a Barclays specialist and see if you can PC the Apple card to the Barclays Rewards. At least it will give you 2% on groceries and utilities so if nothing else you can make some occasional purchases on it to keep it open. I just paid every card off 22k worth and am waiting for the dust to settle then I will def PC. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Anyone still giving info on Barclays?? I have an Apple card which had a $1500 limit. Finally PIF and they decreased my limit to $500 which annoyed me. I am debating on waiting to call when my utilization across all cards drop in a few days or sock drawer that worthless amount. Perhaps trying for rate decrease could yeild an increase? I do not want a hard for this card as I rarely shop at apple anymore and do not see another card I would want from them. The account was opened in 2011 so I rather not close it.
  6. Hi Marv, you helped me get my dream car at that time!! Glad to see you still here. When I have all this fixed I will be asking for your blessing again. I have emailed Breeze and she is looking for it. Hope life has been treating you well.
  7. LOL! What is worth it to some is not to others. Be more specific please. What are your goals?
  8. Start in the newbie section and read, read, read. It is a lot but you will not be sorry. Many of your questions and subsequent ones will be answered there.
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