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  1. My FICO is currently over 770 and I like to keep it that way. But recently, I have a charge that I am disputing with a car rental agency who claims I owe them, and is in the process of forwarding me to a collection agency. So my question is, at my rating level, how much of a negative effect can this cause?
  2. What happened was I've been making payments each month, but I'm still a payment behind for the past 7 months or so. And as a result, I've been charged a late fee that has compounded this whole time. And I've already asked one of their call center manager to eliminate the fees, without luck. I'm thinking about calling again and speak to another rep right before paying it off, or perhaps ask for a settlement. Not sure if this will work though. I'm wondering if there are any negotiation tactics, such as paying off my balance first; at which point I will technically paid off my debt of the
  3. I'm aware of that. What I want to know is are there any ways I can go around from paying these fees since I'm going to pay off my balance.
  4. I'm trying to pay off my capital one auto loan. However, after checking the "pay off" amount, it showed to be about $1K MORE than the actual balance owed. So I called and spoke to a manager at their call center. And his response was that I've been behind on my payment for 52 weeks, and that the additional amount was tallied by late fees accrued for the entire period, and that I agreed to pay these fees when I signed the contract.... yada yada yada. This is outrageous and clearly predatory. I just want to pay off my loan without having to pay all these ridiculous fees, and was wondering
  5. Hi, I contemplate on filing Ch7 if qualified but I like to know can creditors legally confiscate my vehicles that aren't on my loans in an effort to collect debt? Also I read on another board that by reaffirming a debt on your BK is equivalent to bad scores but want to know if this is true since I intent to be in good standing with this particular creditor. Thanks Jon
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