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  1. They have slowed down with my CLI's, was getting small ones everey couple of months. After 6 mos of denials, got a $500 increade today. Limit is now $31k
  2. DIscover gave me my regular $500 CLI - card is at $30.5k now Nordstrom Visa - $5k auto CLI to $15k FNBO Amex $3300 Auto CLI to $19.6k
  3. They likely rolled the payoff into new lease. I just turned in a lease early to the Ford dealer. I only owed 1 payment, but lease wasnt due to expire for 4 more months. They would not accept they vehicle unless I made the final payment to Ford Crédit on the spot. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  4. Just came across this the other day... http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lazarus-20160415-column.html
  5. My last CLI was 8/30/15, I believe it was for $4k, taking me to $25.5k. I tried a couple of times since then, and got the "not enough experience at current limit." Just tried today (92 days) and got $1.5k, taking me to $27k.
  6. I asked for $20k. They offered other amounts but I declined Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  7. My score was 764, I was approved for $20k @ 7.5%. Utilization was 5%. Income around 100k. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  8. I'm not Racer, but I can answer some of your questions. They pulled exclusively EX for me, and I had probably 12 INQ's there at the time of the app. I can't say if they will pull another bureau. They are a group of college grads that started the company, and yes, you will have to indicate where you went to college and send a copy of your Degree as proof that you graduated (that was part of the application process). Not sure if I answered this earlier, but no baddies on my report, AAOA 5.3 yrs (approx). DTI 38%.
  9. My TU is 781, and they DID quote me 22%.

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