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    WTF Macy's

    . I am not at all confused. I answer calls just like yours all day long, 5-7 days each week, for our Macy's credit customers. I've been doing this for years, and I know our credit section better than most anyone here. Part of my purpose is to walk people like yourself through our web site. Clearly, we are not communicating on this web site, which is fine. Why don't you pick up the phone call and call us, so we can explain it to you? Again, there is no connection whatsover between your AMEX limit and your Macy's store account use. Sorry for the confusion, but it will certainly be easier to walk you through it and explain it on the telephone than this web site. No reason to call. I will be making a purchase on Macy's website with my Macy's AmEx and then post the before and after screen shots so it can be clearly understood that the actual process used by Macy's is to first authorize the sale against the AmEx limit and then after a couple of days post the transaction to the store card limit. After that is accomplished, you might want to take the pictures and show whomever it is that runs the overseas call center you are working at and ask them to give a refresher course on some of the finer points of Macy's credit.
  2. Under Water

    WTF Macy's

    Just wanted to confirm, because nothing you have said about your AMEX made sense. They are two different accounts, and there is no place on our web site where the two show the same activity. All I can think, based on what you're saying, is that you may not have entered your AMEX account on our web site, and you may be using your physical Macy's AMEX card while on the web site or in our store, then looking at your store account on our web site, watching not the AMEX account, but the store account for everything you mention above. Trust me, I am not in any way confused about what shows up on our web site in the credit section. You may not yet have entered your Macy's AMEX account number in your profile, and it really sounds like you are looking at your Macy's store account on our web site and thinking it is somehow connected to the AMEX. So I am guessing about what you have thus far entered on our web site. The answer can only be one: You are actually looking at your Macy's store account on our web site, not your AMEX account. Some of our customers think they are looking at their AMEX account because of our special security code at the end of the store account. What are the last four numbers on the account number on our web site? Then take out your Macy's AMEX credit card, and type the last four numbers on that physical card. They don't match, they are different accounts. The only time you'll ever see a balance change on our web site when you use your card inside our store is when you are looking at your store account. You really are confused. When it comes to checking your account online, first of all, it is quite easy to use the drop-down box on the Macy's website to identify which account you want to see. On the drop-down box you use to select which account you want to see, the store account is identified by 8 stars and then the last four digits of your store account. The AmEx account is identified by 11 stars and the last four digits. In any event, it's impossible to confuse which is which on Macy's website because the store card account only shows individual transactions and never -- ever -- shows how much available credit limit is remaining. In fact, it doesn't even show a credit limit ever since they stopped reporting credit limits on store accounts to credit bureaus about a year ago. It simply shows transactions already posted to your account. On the other hand, on the Macy's website the Macy's AmEx card shows your credit limit, outstanding authorizations and the amount of credit limit currently available for use. When the AmEx card is used for a Macy's purchase, the purchase amount is authorized against the AmEx limit immediately. That authorization -- and the subsequent reduction in credit limit available for current use -- remains on your AmEx account for a couple of days until the transaction is automatically transferred to your Macy's store account. At that time the AmEx credit limit available for current use is replenished. Again, I have verified this each time when I phoned into the Macy's credit center and also on Macy's own website. I'm starting to suspect that you cannot answer the question about how to use your Macy's AmEx limit as a guide to determining your store card limit.
  3. Under Water

    WTF Macy's

    They are two separate accounts, so there is no connection between the two. As near as I can tell, you are not understanding, when you are looking at your account after a purchase, which of the two account numbers you are looking at. So let me ask: in the above situation, after you've purchased something, where, exactly, do you get your balance? On the phone, on our web site, or on some other website? My guess is you are looking at our web site, but you may not be sure which of those two accounts you are looking at on our site. Just to confirm, we are talking about an AMEX credit card which says Macy's on the front as well? Correct? I thought it was understood that when I say AmEx here I am talking about a Macy's AmEx. According to your own Macy's system there is most certainly a connection between the Macy's AmEx and the Macy's store account. I only use the AmEx when making in-store or online Macy's purchases. Every time I have made a Macy's purchase using my Macy's AmEx there is an authorization made on the AmEx account and my available AmEx credit limit reflects that both on the Macy's website and when I call in and speak with a CSR. After about two days that authorization is removed from my Macy's AmEx account, my available credit is increased accordingly and the charge appears on my Macy's store account. It seems you are confused about what shows up on the Macy's website because there is no way to mistake the store account with the AmEx account. The store account does not and cannot show you your limit much less how much of your limit is available after a purchase. Only the AmEx account can do that. So, the question remains, when I make a $500 purchase at Macy's using the Macy's AmEx, why is my AmEx available limit reduced $500 for a couple of days until the purchase actually posts to my Macy's store account if there is, as you claim, no connection between the two?
  4. Under Water

    WTF Macy's

    Nope, there is absolutely no connection between your Macy's AMEX account and your Macy's store account. Separate limits, separate account numbers, separate account statements, hard limits on the AMEX account. When you swipe a card which says Macy's AMEX on the front inside a Macy's store or on our web site you are actually NOT using the AMEX account, you are using the Macy's store account within the card, not the AMEX account. How can there be no connection? Each and every time I shop at Macy's I use my Macy's AmEx. Each and every purchase made posts against my AmEx account and reduces my available AmEx limit for a couple of days and then it magically disappears from my AmEx account (increasing my AmEx available credit) and reappears on my store account. If, as you suggest, I am not using my AmEx account, why does my AmEx available credit decrease when I check my account?
  5. Under Water

    WTF Macy's

    100% of these posts are discussing Macy's store accounts. They are separate from and completely different from our AMEX accounts. All of our AMEX accounts have true limits. Your Macy's AMEX account is a separate account from your store account. When you are standing in a Macy's store and swipe your Macy's AMEX card, you are using a second, separate, account, the store account buried inside the AMEX card. Let me know if you have additional questions, sorry if this caused any confusion. Right, I understand. What I mean is that if you have a store card and a Macy's AmEx, you know that your store card limit cannot be lower than your Macy's AmEx limit. Since all purchases at Macy's using the Macy's AmEx ultimately post to your store card account, how can the store card limit be lower than the Macy's AmEx limit? For those without the AmEx, though, they are still not going to be sure how much will be approved until they either call in for guidance or simply take the plunge at checkout.
  6. Under Water

    WTF Macy's

    This thread is pretty interesting. There is still, however, something that just doesn't seem logical. As far as I know, there are still fixed -- in as much as anything can be considered "fixed" these days -- credit limits on the Macy's AmEx, right? So, taking an example I read about on another forum, what happens when you use your Macy's AmEx on a Macy's store purchase? That purchase is, within a few days, automatically posted to your Macy's store card and removed from your AmEx account. Now, I am not sure why they do that, but the fact is that's the way it works. So I have a Macy's AmEx with a $2k limit and I buy, for example, a computer at Macy's for $2k. That charge will get posted, ultimately, to my store account. Doesn't that mean my store account limit is at least as large as my Macy's AmEx limit? Since they do not tell us our store account limits anymore, when that $2k purchase hits the store account after a few days there is no way on Earth they can hit me with an overlimit fee. Am I missing anything here?
  7. It's a credit monitoring service called Kroll's. They are part of Background America which is one of probably hundreds of companies owned by First American Financial. If you are a member of PenFed, you are likely a member of a credit monitoring service called Kroll's that PenFed gave everybody after they had a problem with someone gaining access to their debit / credit card database a few months ago.
  8. You're right. The card does not report as secured. The personal secured loan, if you have one, does.
  9. Judge's do not have injunction power under the FCRA. The Judge can't force the CRA or furnisher to delete. Actually, they do. A judge can issue a remedy based on law or on equity. Equitable relief does not have to be specifically authorized. It is sufficient as long as it is specifically not authorized.
  10. Does USAA serves the entire U.S.A? Out of curiosity, how high/low is the starter limit? As long as you are a member, they serve the entire world.
  11. I do not have any military associations and I got their credit card, checking, and savings. Is there a membership fee to join? Nothing is mentioned on the website prior to the application page. No membership fee at all. You either have to live in a certain geographical area or have a military nexus to obtain full membership.
  12. They took the CLI increase button off their site a long time ago and now they say all CLIs are automatic. You can call and request a CLI, but they generally will tell you that you need to have been using the card for at least 6 months. After I had opened an AmEx and MC with them a while back, one day at about the 7 month mark they just out of the blue asked me if I was satisfied with my AmEx limit. I told them it wasn't bad (already $25k) and they said they could add another $5k to it. I probably could have pushed them up, but I didn't. I did ask them how about my MC. She said they'd CLI that up $5k as well. I think the higher your limit the smaller -- percentage wise -- the increases. I have heard of some pretty large increases from lower limits.
  13. The easiest way is to go to small claims court. They will either capitulate or else actuslly show up and get slapped with a judgment. Also get the judge to order them to delete the TL.
  14. There definitely is tiered membership. I have had a $5k per day ACH limit from day one as well as overdraft protection, deposit anywhere facilities and no holds whatsoever on deposits. I am not sure if the tiers are related to credit score or military status / rank.

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