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  1. I filed yesterday, and the NYT calculator is pretty spot on for me. The tax cuts are saving me about $2500.
  2. To update, I ended up not asking for a CLI on the 2nd card because I thought it might look bad. I did ask them to combine the limits, and they did.
  3. I got a $7500 CLI on my PenFed, bringing me up to 22.5K. I have another PenFed card I never use. Should I ask to combine the limit onto my 22.5K card? Or maybe ask for a CLI on that card as well, then call to combine a week or so later? My goal is 50K on the one card. I have a 50K limit with Discover already. Any thoughts?
  4. There used to be a politicsfirst website run by the people here meant for political discussion that wasn't wanted on this board. Wasn't very popular and people would still post political stuff on here. Also, Mickey Mouse for President 2020. Yeah, I said it.
  5. I'd just go to your PCP. Going to a neurologist is a bit of an overkill. Sounds like migraines to me. It's not uncommon for children to get them. Prevalance is 4% to 7%. Many people outgrow them. There are triggers for migraines. If you can find a trigger, you can avoid many migraines. A common trigger is chocolate. Here's a trigger list: https://migraine.com/migraine-triggers/food-and-drinks/ I would recommend avoiding things on that list to see if it makes a difference. If the migraines continue, see your PCP. There are medications that can help. Migraines suck. So
  6. Other than the sponsorship of sports teams, I don't care about any of those. Banks are turrible.
  7. That's fantastic! FYI: I was a bit disappointed when I paid off my house and the paperwork I got in return (Deed of Release) is really nothing but a dinky piece of paper not suitable for framing. I really thought I'd get some kind of title thing like one gets with a car, and I wanted to frame it and put it on the wall. Nope. Also, it took between 2 and 3 months for the paper to get to me after I paid off.
  8. The dollar bills in your wallet/purse have no intrinsic value, either. In case you're not familiar with it, the term is fiat.
  9. No. Once you're on the dirty list there's no love. I thought I read somewhere that sometimes they do put you back on the nice list, although it can take years. Anyone else read that?
  10. WTG! What are your scores and util? Util < 1%. EQ FAKO 749
  11. I joined Penfed ages ago with a dirty report. Never get any preapproved offers. Was declined a few times for cards, and finally got a Penfed Promise card on recon 2 years ago that I never use because it is useless (I don't carry balances). I recently paid off my house and it is showing paid on my credit report, so I figured I'd try to get a real card from Penfed. Approved for $15K on the Penfed Power Cash! Didn't even need to recon this time. Opened up a checking account so I can get the 2% cashback. Finally have a decent limit 2% cashback card. I have the Citi DoubleCash, but
  12. Truth. Zero offers, ever. :/
  13. I have 2 out-of-state checking accounts that I'd like to move some cash from. I can't close them yet because I opened them for a bonus, and they'd claw-back the bonus for early closure. However, they have a couple K in them and I would like to use that money. I have no minimum balance requirement. Problems: I have no checks for the accounts. ACH costs money. I have a debit card for both accounts, but I don't know the PIN. What about Bill Pay? Is there some way to Bill Pay myself? Any ideas? It's not the end of the world if I can't access the cash for a few months, but I can
  14. $196 in Houston. My highest is summer is usually around $250. Sure beats my old house. It used to be nothing to get $400 electric bills in the summer.
  15. HIPAA protects medical information. Your address is not medical information.
  16. Is it possible to get a CLI with a BK showing on your report? I've had my card for almost 2 years. Started as secured, now it's a DC. I have to make multiple payments a month because my CL is < $1000. I've tried for a CLI several times online, all softs, and all immediate declines. The letter they send references the BK. I really like this card and want to use it daily, but the kiddie credit limit really makes it hard.
  17. I just want to point out that BOA does not automatically unsecure at 5-12 months. I'm at almost 2 years with a secured BOA, and they've denied me 3 times for unsecuring. I am an outlier, but I burned BOA in the past and they do not seem to have forgotten. The rep on the phone is almost positive he can unsecure it, but then he puts me on holds and talks to someone higher up, and nope.
  18. I agree it is irresponsible to recommend people to carry a balance. They should stress the importance of never carrying credit card debt.
  19. My Citi DC has a ridiculously small limit, but it has the best rewards so I regularly charge it to the limit, pay it off, and repeat. I think I cycled 5 or 6x the limit last month. Nothing has happened yet. I'm hoping Citi finally gives me a CLI.
  20. When I see Apple users, I think "does not know or care about technology". It's not true in all cases, but it seems true more often than not. Android users tend to understand their technology.
  21. The person who is paying 40K in cash for a vehicle in unlikely to want to spend 5K on useless warranties and other financial baubles. It's the financing buyer, the person who can't actually afford the vehicle they are buying, that is going to buy those.
  22. My Citi unsecured a few months ago as well, right at 18 months. No automatic CLI. I asked for a CLI and was denied. Twice. I PC'd to a Double Cash for the 2%, but it's hard to use with a $500 limit. I had a bill for $1800 and had to make 4 payments over 2 weeks to pay it with my Double Cash. I hope I get a CLI soon, because otherwise I think it just won't be worth the hassle.
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