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  1. After merging my 2 Cap One accounts, they mailed me some BT checks. I ASSUMED they were for the open account (silly me...) and the fiasco caused my checking account to become overdrawn and caused my semi-secured BOFA ccount to go over limit. Cap One just said whoops... But, BOFA reversed their $35 overdraft for me and after I called and voiced my concern about how their TL looked negative since my high limit exceded my CL, they then graduated the card early (by a month or so) and gave me a CLI to $5000!
  2. Also visit the Consumer Protection Forum.
  3. What about applying to Home Depot? They frequently send me 0% for 12 month deals.
  4. There is an initial hard, EQ for me in CA, but none for additional purchases. I like it because I don't want additional TLs.
  5. Very bad idea. You're turning unsecured debt into secured debt. Work on improving your scores, improve your uti and perhaps within a year you'll qualify for some decent cc's where you can BT some of the remaining debt to a lower rate. Have you called either Providian or Cap 1 and inquired about a lower interest rate?
  6. The 7 year (+ 180 days, but the CRAs will generally consider a TL obsolete at 7 years) reporting clock starts at the Date of First Delinquency. Call the CRAs and ask when negative TL will dropoff. Have you retained your old bills?
  7. Being added as an AU is advised if the account has significant age, low uti, and a perfect payment history. It is not meant as a substitute for establishing new credit. Since you're rebuilding and your account is new, it would be a poor choice for an AU account for them anyways. And the account # will be listed on their credit reports if you choose to add them... Please do some research on why it's such a bad idea to offer to repair other people's credit.
  8. Have you considered why the OWNERS haven't pinned thread like this?
  9. Cap 1 High Limit is the default for CL. BT to nearly max the card, after it reports, BT back.
  10. How 'bout "On the road to Financial Independence." ???
  11. It's not all about scores... What kind of baddies do you have? Do you have any open positive revolving TLs? Orchard would probably be your best shot for unsecured.
  12. screwed-- Another 7 years from the time of your reaffirmation? Did you ever dispute the TL? For those who have signed a reaffirmation agreement, it would be best to pay off the old debt before using the new card IMHO.
  13. (Just for clarification...) Paid, or unpaid, a negative TL is obsolete 7 years (+180 days) from the Date of First Delinquency.

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