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  1. Hey, thanks again to everyone that replied. I feel 100% better now, understanding what that Vantage Score is actually used for. I found the various places I could get actual FICO scores and all of them were actually similar and all over 800 😬👍 I was just worried that a lender might use that trans score and I not get the credit I have worked so hard for over the years. Again, THANK YOU all for taking the time.
  2. Wow, awesome, thank you guys for the replies! I did get my actual TU credit report and there were no derogatory‘s on it at all. The only place I see anything that mentions anything derogatory is on that Vantage Score 3.0 from Trans Union. Unfortunately a lot of the places that offer me my score for free use that same score so it gets frustrating to see all over the place. Would I be correct then to believe that no one that might pull my score that actually matters to me at this point (auto loan, home loan, etc) would see that as my score but would have a different score? When I got my last home loan, they gave me a print out that included all three scores. I just don’t want one of them to come up very low the next time I apply for a loan. Thanks again for the help everyone!! This site has been a WEALTH of help since I began my credit journey 10 years ago!
  3. So my TransUnion score is about 60 points lower than the others. On the 3rd party sites that give me my score, they mention a derogatory account being the reason so I pulled my report and there are no derogatory accounts. I called TransUnion and they were no help, trying to get me to buy something. So here I sit, decided to buy my TransUnion score directly from them, found it to be 9.95, 19.95 and 24.95. The lower prices are displayed but then when I log in to buy, the other prices disappear and they want 24.95 Starting to feel a bit bullied. 😡 Any idea why my score would reflect a derogatory mark but my report does not? Thanks!
  4. Anyone? Bueller? This was the reply from Cox today; I've reviewed the account per your request and found the following: Your final billing statement from 2010 was for the dates from 09/03/2010-10/02/2010. The total billing due for that statement period was $174.32. The account was closed on 09/09/2010 per your request meaning that you used six days of service at this address from 09/03-09/09. We pro-rated the bill and issued credit from 09/10-10/02 leaving a total of $24.85 owing for the usage of the final days of service which was due on or before 10/03/2010. The equipment fees were then added and have been since been removed. This still however still leaves you owing the final balance stated earlier of $24.85. Our collections team will have the amount sent to the agency adjusted and once the past due balance has been paid, it will be marked as such on your credit report. Thank you My reply was; I NEVER received a bill for 24.85 and when I called to cancel service, I paid, at that time, the total amount due told to me by the rep. Please understand that I do not have a problem with paying a bill that is due and just. I had a problem with paying for a piece of equipment that was in fact picked up by the person representing Cox that came to my house which is all that the bill that came to me represented. Now, the issue that I have is that it was sent to collections when I was told by Cox that it was going to be reviewed and tracked and I would be contacted with the results. I called immediately after receiving that bill to contest it as required and said by the notice to have it resolved, was told it would be looked into and was never contacted further by Cox. It was simply sent to collections. THAT IS THE ISSUE, it is a collection on my credit now and should have never been. What you are proposing will result in a "PAID," collection on my credit report and that is also unacceptable. Like I said prior, I have no problem paying an amount that is actually due, even though I never received a bill for that amount, but the collection needs to be DELETED from my credit report as it should have never been a collection in the first place. If you do not have the authority to handle that, then I need to speak to someone that does. Which their reply was (from ANOTHER different rep); We've asked for a member of the collections team to review this and call you.
  5. I had 3 Barclay accounts. Best Western Travelocity AmEx Apple I used the BW regularly (ok rewards), the AmEx to BT at 0% and never used the Apple Card. After a year + of no use, they closed the Apple Card. Never had a late payment and PIF the BW every month. Is that normal? It affected my AAOA and my available credit. My wife has a BW card with them that she never used (has better cards with better rewards), and after a significant time of non-use, they closed hers. She called them to let them know that she wants it to remain open and that she would use it if they kept it open so they reopened it (nothing changed, same account, same card, same number). Is this a Barclay thing or should I be concerned about other "sock drawer," cards and be sure to use them occasionally?
  6. Thanks for the reply! No I do not have the receipt from when they picked up the equipment unfortunately. I have not tried to dispute the trade line through snail mail yet only because I am not sure if I should fight with Cox first to try to have the debt eliminated and then dispute with RGS, or if I should just go straight at RGS or straight at Cox. That's why I don't exactly know where to go from here, and was hoping to get some guidance to lead me in the right direction from those that are much more experienced in this type of thing. There is so much information on this website, I feel like I have read hours and hours of pages and threads on different ways to deal with collections that I really don't know which is the right way to go at this point.
  7. Well I have re-engaged Cox through FB as well as engaging RGS so I'll update with results. Still open and asking for advice! Thanks
  8. I have a collection from RGS Financial from a collection from Cox Communications a few years back. It's a unique story I think? I had Cox (cable/internet) back in 2010. When I ordered the service, they came out and installed the equipment. When I moved, I cancelled and they sent someone out to retrieve the equipment. Everything that came into my home from Cox was taken out of my home from Cox. I paid my "final bill,"and all was well. A couple of months later I received a bill for "not returned equipment." I called them and assured them that the equipment was all returned. They said they would research it further and attempt to track the missing piece of equipment. I didn't hear anything back and assumed that the equipment was recovered internally. A month or two later, I received a letter from Credit Control Corp (CA) representing Cox for collections! I called Cox and they said "we didn't find the equipment so it was sent to collections." Since then, CCC has been removed from my CR and then RGS Financial showed up (with $25 added). I was getting nowhere with Cox and someone recently advised me to take it on social media so I recently did. I went to Cox's facebook and posted my complaint. They quickly responded and asked me to message them privately so they could take care of this for me. I did and after all the dust settled (them researching, different people answering the messages constantly, etc), they said that they would waive the equipment fee (122.58) from my account but that I had an outstanding balance of 24.85 (I don't believe I had any outstanding balance but it seems to be about the same amount added to the collection when it went to RGS hmmm). When I asked how to get this removed from my report, I was told this; "Since the account has been turned over to a collection agency, I would recommend paying the outstanding balance to the agency. Once the balance has been satisfied, they will notify us. -Renee." I explained that I was concerned with it showing as a paid collection instead of being deleted and they responded with; We will not be able to remove the account from the credit report. You will need to file a dispute with the bureau. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know. -Stephanie After this, I went back on their facebook wall and saw that they deleted my complaint from it. Now I am stumped, I don't know what to do and know that I need to be careful to not have the debt reset or anything like that. Please, Gods of Credit...guide me...please!
  9. When I bought my truck I applied through the dealership I ended up with multiple inquiries from different lenders on my report. The way I understand it, multiple inquiries for the same purpose within 30 days is supposed to count as 1 but they still show on my report as each one a separate inquiry. Is there a way to get the excessive ones deleted?
  10. That CU is a complete pain if you ask me.I applied for a new auto loan and was approved but they made it a nightmare to get it funded. I ended up just financing completely through a different lender. They also do not give you access to any one particular loan officer. It's constantly, "I'll submit your concerns to the loan dept and they will get back to you." Them "getting back to you," is a notation on your loan online. Most impersonal CU I've ever felt with.
  11. I just got the Disco IT card. I applied for it about a year ago and was denied, called to recon and the rep said to reapply in 6 months. Waited a little longer and pulled the trigger. The disappointing part is my limit...$800 lol. So I called to recon the limit and was very politely told to try in 3 months after they see a little bit of usage/payment history. I'll check back in 3 months and let you all know how it goes!
  12. Yes, I figured I would give that a shot first and if I had no luck then just close it. If the only effect I will really see is going to be 9-10 years down the road, I have no concerns. By then I should have a stellar enough CR that it won't matter. Thanks everyone for the quick advice!
  13. I am considering dumping a Cap 1 card that I just got in June 2013 (GMC Card). I only applied for it because I was thinking about buying my wife a new GMC in a couple of years and thought it would be nice to build some rewards credit toward the purchase. They gave me a measly $600 limit and when I got it in the mail and called to activate, I requested a CLI right away which was declined. I have hardly used it since opening. HISTORY WITH CAP ONE; I have had a Cap 1 Rewards card since a few months after my BK (2009 and they were not IIB) that they started me with a $1500 CL which of course I was thrilled with. Since then I have used that one HEAVILY and always PIF but every time I asked for a CLI, it was declined by "CLI's cannot be requested for this card, it is subject to occasional reviews for CLI." FINALLY (after 4 years) a few months ago they increased it to $3000. Obviously I'd prefer a higher limit but no big deal. My AAOA is not stellar by any means and with the low limit of this card and the recency of opening, would it hurt or help my credit to close this account?
  14. Yes it is known. TU b* bounces back and forth for a little while - it is usually a good idea to pull for a few weeks after your last one falls to ensure they stay gone. Hey guys, I just wanted to clear up the difference here. I am at 0 inquiries with TU pulling with SC, (also CK shows 0) but still showing 12 when I pull direct through TU (I guess that's backdoor?). Should I continue to pull for a couple more weeks to make sure they stay off or should I leave it be? Also, I have done a bunch of reading to figure out if lenders are seeing the 12 inquires still showing and there seems to be mixed information. Can anyone just verify one way or another? One other thing, I am about to start working on B* with EQ, does the same thing happen where they will show as deleted one place and show up still there somewhere else? THANKS!!!
  15. Applied for Walmart Discover, got store card with CL of 1200.00. Applied for Lowe's card, got CL of $700.00 First call for Walmart recon and got CLI to requested $5000.00 Hoping to see conversion to Discover soon! Second call for Lowe's recon and got requested CLI to $5000.00! Loving this number!! Edit: Figured I'd call again, see if I can go 3 for 3 and get an increase on my Amazon card, asked for $5000.00 from $700 and APPROVED!! Woot!!!

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