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  1. It isn't just the details that are incorrect on my real report, everything is incorrect. Not sure why I have to keep saying this. On my real EQ report an inquiry that is supposed to be for a Barclays card is listed as: Bank of America 201 N Tryon Street Relationship Development Svcs Charlotte,NC 28255-0001 It is correctly listed as a Barclays inquiry on my TU report, yes they pulled both. I am actually trying to get something that is legitimately incorrect off my credit report.
  2. No, like I already told you and said in my original post, on my real report the inquiry is listed as Bank of America. The inquiry is most definitely incorrect, I never applied for credit with bank of america. I'm concerned about the inquiry because it is incorrect, either report it correctly or remove it. I don't have anything else on my credit report that is incorrect or anything else to be concerned about. Anybody that went over a year without applying for anything would probably be a little peeved that an incorrect inquiry shows up to sit there for two years.
  3. Thanks, when I said my real report that's what I meant. I have the actual paper report that was mailed to me and it lists the Barclays inquiry as: Bank of America 201 N Tryon Street Relationship Development Svcs Charlotte,NC 28255-0001 Having a Bank of America inquiry instead of a Barclays inquiry makes no difference credit score wise but it is still inaccurate and I want to get it removed. If I thought it would just be corrected I wouldn't bother but I think I can get it removed if I find the right person.
  4. Your report above shows the inquiry displaying from Barclays. Yeah, that is what I said in my original post. That is a scorewatch report and it lists the inquiry as Barclays but the details as BofA. MY real Equifax report has it listed as: Bank of America 201 N Tryon Street Relationship Development Svcs Charlotte,NC 28255-0001
  5. It looks like the Good Sam card was once a MBNA card so that was a good lead. The inquiry is still inaccurate and I'm going to use that to my advantage to get it removed. Does anybody have a contact for BofA that would be receptive to resolving this. I'm not even sure if BofA could resolve this since the inquiry was from Barclays yet is is displayed as BofA on my report.
  6. Thanks for responding. It was for the Good Sam card.
  7. Can anybody explain why this Barclays inquiry shows Bank of America contact details. Barclays pulled a hard inquiry on EQ and TU to approve my latest card. The TU inquiry Says Barclays, the EQ inquiry says Bank of America. You can't dispute inquiries any more. I can't find anybody at BofA who has ever heard of "Relationship Development Services". Anybody have a good contact at BofA to get this straightened out? Thanks.
  8. When I click on the most recent EQ inquiry (which is Barclays and the only inquiry I have this year on any report) the popup which shows the details says Bank of America. When I look at my actual EQ credit report the same inquiry is listed as: Bank of America 201 N Tryon Street Relationship Development Svcs Charlotte,NC 28255-0001 I don't have any kind of relationship with BofA. I haven't applied for any BofA product in years. Nobody I've spoken to at BofA knows what "Relationship Development Svcs" is and the strangest thing is that this Barclays inquiry has something to do with BofA. Anybody have a clue what is going on here? Thanks.
  9. Lifted from another site: Details: We'll give you $25 when a friend or family member joins. And we'll give your friend $25 when he/she joins. Complete a membership application (downloaded from navyfederal.org) and bring it, along with this completed form, to any Navy Federal branch. When you join, the person who referred you also gets $25, too! $5 minimum balance to open and maintain savings account and obtain bonus. Bonus deposited with in 5 days of opening account. You are able to open accounts for your children (under 18) and get the bonus too. Navy Federal $25 referral form You can do this over the phone if call the 800 number. I could not find this on the Navy Fedeal website, but when I called the operators were aware of it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/scovers/006.jpg
  10. [quote name='Shawnee' date='May 2 2009, 01:22 PM' post='3703131 What are you arguing? The score they give is not a FICO score. If you disagree send them a secure email and ask them directly. It's a FAKO score and as useful as a TC or CCT score. I did email them and they said they would update the faq to further define the score. Now instead of arguing with everybody that it isn't an EX Nextgen fico score you can argue with everybody that it is. You might as well have fun with the crow.
  11. The title should read "Even my Bull isn't safe because of my credit report errors"
  12. Since when does one or two reports indicate a trend? My Merrill card is untouched and I have yet to hear of an FIA issued credit union card that has been touched.
  13. No AA, 8 cards, I never activated or used 7 of them, one gets billed for CS monthly. Best of breed unless you know of another issuer that backdates accounts.
  14. Thank you for being one of our most valuable customers. We're recognizing your loyalty with an exclusive invitation to upgrade your card to the new Chase Sapphire - at no cost. Chase Sapphire provides you with a higher level of services and benefits including dedicated service professionals available 24/7. You'll enjoy a breadth of redemption options and rewards through Chase's new Ultimate Rewards with no earning caps, no expirations, no travel restrictions, and no blackout dates. It's our way of saying thank you. If you continue to meet our credit criteria, you will receive your exclusive Chase Sapphire upgrade invitation in the mail in the upcoming weeks.
  15. http://www.policefcu.com/home/home https://www.penfed.org/loanapps/policefcu/visacardapp.asp It looks like their cards are offered through penfed and have the same rewards. I imagine the underwriting is the same. Any other credit unions that offer penfed reward cards?

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