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  3. I have been PIF, and I received one last month for $250.00. New Card 4 months old.
  4. I have been applying for a few cards myself. I applied for JC Penny, Sears, Firestone, Jareds, and Bank One. NO Inquires from none of these companies. I thought it was just me. I guess do what coach always said, " keep doing it until they stop it!" LOL
  5. I have a current account with them, never late. I filed Ch 7, and they were not IIB. I just called back and was given a different number now to fax my bank statement. (800-211-3169).
  6. I just called to activate my ($1,000) Secured MC from Cap 1. They transferred me to the Fraud Dept. They stated they want me to send them a copy of my bank statement to confirm my check has cleared. Rep was like we think the routing number was incorrect, I'm like BS u deducted the money the next day. They do not want to give me any information at all. I'm like why is this account tainted right off the bat. THEN they gave me the number to fax it, I googled the fax number and it people have referenced to NCO Financial. (888-259-3021). I'm a little confused on what to do. I am about to call my bank and just say F* it and go to public savings. I already have a card with them that I use the same bank account with, which is the funny thing. What do you guys think I should do!
  7. I got that message on Monday, and it still was showing when I checked today. I called and the rep pulled it up and checked it. She came back and said that it was declined due to the fact that my discharge was less than 12-24 months!!! I would suggest you call, becasue the suspense was killing me lol
  8. I will be renting an executive office and they will supply me with a phone number and I can use there address for my business. Do you think that will raise a red flag when I try to apply for business credit?
  9. It was officially done in 2006. "Correction in business since 2002" and incorporated in 2004 and gone in 2006.
  10. I started a business in 04 and racked up some bad blood with HD and Staples due to the declining mortgage crises. I had to close down and I just incorporated a new business in 08. Do you guys think I will be able to start my new business without any problems and obtain credit?
  11. On a purchase can I put $15,000 down and pull out $20,000 at closing ?
  12. Carnival CL 1300 report to all 3 and Us Air CL 1000 report to all 3
  13. Thnx For the response guys !!

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