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  1. Didn't realize that, I thought I remembered otherwise or maybe it's changed since when I remember. Even so, a lot of places have established a higher minimum than the allowed $10
  2. I rarely have anyone ask for ID, except when renting a car (which is totally legit since you need a valid DL) or an Amtrak ticket (supposedly because they're worried about terrorist attacks) or on a rare occasion a liquor store (I guess they should do that to check age though no one in their right mind would think I was underage). The one that they always do though is demand that you spend at least $15 if you want to use a card which as far as I know is also against Visa/MC policy.
  3. First you have to find out what day the statement cuts, and make sure it's paid by the day before
  4. Yes, sometimes I do use them for alcoholic beverage purposes, though since they're already peeled they're not attractive wedges. The other thing I use them for sometimes is guacamole, but I haven't made that in a while.
  5. I like to cook, and by that I mean actual cooking from scratch ingredients. I use a spice blend that I mix together which is a hodgepodge of things like paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, black pepper, thyme, cayenne pepper, and oregano. It's sort of like Emeril's Essence, but they charge a crazy amount of money for the amount I want to use in my cooking so I mix it myself and try not to sneeze. I also use a lot of lemon zest and lime zest; the latter usually on fish, especially salmon. I find that I prefer the taste of the zest in cooking to the juice, so I wind up buying all these lemons and limes and shave the peel off of them as I use them, and I can use what's left of the lemon to squeeze into a pitcher of iced tea that I make. But I have no idea what to do with all of these already-peeled limes, and usually wind up throwing them out.
  6. Does anyone else find it annoying to get a phone call from someone already inside the house who doesn't feel like getting off his/her own butt?
  7. True or False: A hot dog is a sandwich.
  8. Thanks! When you're living with long term negatives on your reports, patience and planning are key. good skills to develop, and not just for credit report purposes
  9. Since our emos have been deemed by many as creepy I propose going forward we use Scary Lucy: Vitameatavegamin You need palindrome training. On poop, no.
  10. They certainly appear on your credit report... surprised it would be excluded from FICO scoring, nor do I understand why it should be. If you lose your credit card or if someone tries to charge something to your account that you did not order or if there is a Target-security-breach type thing, it's just a matter of closing one account and opening a new one in its place. I've had several cards replaced for various reasons, some of the ones above, or maybe the issuer switched from Visa to M/C or vice versa, or some accounts got purchased by another bank and new cards were issued, or the time when Target upgraded my red card to a Visa without asking me first, and probably some other reasons to. But those accounts hung around on the report for awhile, and the new accounts almost always took on the original opening date.

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