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  1. Hello all. Back in 2016 I came here for help dealing with a medical collection on my reports and I followed Why Chat's method with great success. Original thread here: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/564330-deleting-medical-collection/ Here we are almost 3 full years later and the same medical collection has popped up from the same CA on my EQ and EX reports. They both show as being disputed by consumer, but are there nonetheless. At this point, do I start the dispute process over again? I've opted out, pulled copies of all 3 reports and verified that no old addresses/phone numbers exist, but I wanted to return here for advice before I waded back into these waters. Also, does SOL have any impact? I believe here in Maryland SOL is 3 years as it pertains to this subject. Does the clock start from date of service, date of delinquency, or something else? Also, I'm under the assumption that SOL applies just to the reporting, and not to the debt itself, that the debt doesn't magically vanish at the end of the SOL. Thanks in advance for any guidance and clarification.
  2. Just called them. They said they were calling to sign me up for autopay and give me a $30 credit for signing up for it. I have payments scheduled from my bank bill payer, but $30 is $30, so I'll take it. As far as the the talking to my wife thing goes, the guy seemed mildly concerned, but not enough to stray too far off his script about the autopay, so despite saying he was taking notes on it, I'm sure it will go nowhere.
  3. My highest util is my Marvel card. They axed my CL last month and put my util at 98%. My overall util across my portfolio is 33%
  4. I definitely plan to call them today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. No, my understanding is that Maryland is not a community property state. They didn’t leave a number with her, and no message on any of their other calls. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. So my wife was home from work today and she said Disco called the house repeatedly. She finally answered and they asked for me. She told them I wasn’t home, so they asked for my spouse and she told them she was. With no further verification of identity, they proceeded to thank her for the payment that posted to my account today, tell her my balance, my utilization %, and remaining amount due, and ask her if she would like to pay that amount over the phone right away. She informed them that she doesn’t handle my payments and dismissed them. I have nothing to hide from my wife, but we do maintain separate finances. What bothers me is more the principle. My wife isn’t identified anywhere on my account. Even if she was, they spoke to her openly about my account details without ANY verification of who she was, or even that she knows MY personal details. She could have been a roommate, ex, babysitter, etc. I should also say that I am current with Disco, and my payment due date is several weeks away still, so I’m not sure what the point of the repeated calls is. I do believe it was legitimately Disco calling because the account details they provided (payment info and balance due) were accurate. Did Disco violate laws by disclosing my account info to my spouse or failing to substantiate the identity of the person they were talking to, or are they just playing fast and loose with the rules? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks mendelssohn. That's helpful knowing that it's at the top of the Hilton heap.
  8. So I got a pre-screened offer in the mail yesterday for the Hilton Honors Surpass Amex card. 100k SUB on $3k spend in 90 days (better than the 75k on their site currently), 15.99% APR (not a range), which is lower than the range advertised on their site. I don't currently have any Amex in my portfolio at this point. I haven't been actively applying for cards lately, and am certainly not pressed to apply for this or anything else. What's everyone's opinion on the value of this card? We travel several times a year, and we do tend to stay in Hilton hotels a good bit. Those who have it, do you feel like you get your moneys worth out of the $75 AF? As far as Amex cards go, how does this one rank? Input is greatly appreciated!
  9. I've never once had a problem. My wife, on the other hand, swears she's never once had success with it. We both have the same iPhones.
  10. I got my second notice on this today. I'm a citizen of *Admin removes vulgarity*DiscoveryLand. My occupation is President of said nation.
  11. Has anyone had any deals lately? I used a deal for the Hilton Garden Inn back in August. The rest of my deals promptly expired and I haven't even received any other deals since then. I had tons of deals when I didn't use them. Use one and they take them all away. What a racket!
  12. A lot of the parking meters around here are pay by phone now too. Set up an account with a CC tied to it, the just pay by phone from your account when you are at a meter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Use it to buy something else. Give them another swipe fee to make up for not paying interest. It may help ease your conscience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Not quite sure why, but I feel compelled to call and tell them I lost mine too now so that I can have a plastic one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Also, I have no idea how they calculate interest on their credit cards. I have a BT balance on my Cash Rewards card at 0%, and I use the card for gas, and only gas, for the 5% cash back. The first month I charged $115 and paid $220. Last month I charged roughly $250, paid close to $500. Somehow they figured out a way to charge me 19 cents in interest. SMFH I've gone through their T&C / Cardmember Agreement, run spreadsheets, and can't for the life of me figure it out. It's only 19 cents, but I sure wish I could figure out how they came up with it. OK, so another PenFed CC statement came with interest on it. 24 cents this time. It's creeping up, despite my 0% BT balance going down. Also, I noticed that my balance + my available credit ≠ my total credit line. Called to talk to them, she listened, then put me on hold for 5 or so minutes. She came back and gave me this long convoluted explanation about how first the minimum payment amount (in my case, $38) gets split up across fees and previous cycle promotions, etc. then anything in excess of the minimum payment goes to highest interest charges (i.e. new charges), then to my 0% BT. Based on that she says I must not be making enough payments to cover my new charges. I paid $500 and charged less than $200 last month. She couldn't give me an answer. We moved on to why their basic arithmetic didn't add up. She insists the $200 difference must be because of the $100 payment that was received on the due date. She says that looking at my balances right now, everything adds up exactly. On my end, that wasn't the case at all and I told her so. She insists I'm wrong. I don't have time to argue, so I politely thank her and move on. I log out, and when I log in 20 minutes later, everything adds up, for the first time in probably 2 months. I suspect they fixed things on their end when I brought it to their attention. Who knows. Happy Friday from PenFed!

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