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  1. Thank you for your suggestion, I appreciate it!
  2. I am not foolish enough to think he has MY best interests in mind. I believe he will not default on things because it is in HIS best interest. Just because he is my ex doesn’t mean he is a bad person or is going to suddenly become irresponsible.
  3. My apologies, it is Experian! My ex and I are responsible with our money in the sense that we are never late on payments and understand the importance of credit (we just spent too much)! I do believe he will get the two real estate pieces re-financed out of my name ASAP. I also trust he will keep current on the other debt and work to get into just his name as well. For the other debt it says we will both work to get the debt paid or in our names within 90 days. And, yes, it is my understanding that the judgement literally means nothing as our creditors will jointly hold us responsible unless refinanced in one of our names. Do you think having the real estate off my credit report will be significant enough (Wells Fargo monthly $1300 payment and Greenstone $300) that a personal loan is more likely? Or will the other debt still hold me back? Also, borrowing from someone or 401K is not an option.
  4. Hello all, My divorce was just finalized at the end of April. As part of the judgement I am required to try to get 2 debts in my name (or pay them off) and my ex-husband is responsible for all remaining debts. I applied for a personal loan through my credit union (BCU) and was denied due to debt to income. I make 60k and my ex makes 105k. Any suggestions on how to get at loan for at least the two required debts in my name? Ideally I would like to get the debt I accumulated the last year as part of the personal loan/debt consolidation too. I have no late payments or anything negative on any of my reports. My FICO 8 score through Experian is 732. The BCU loan rep told me my Vantage Score (which is what they use) was coming back at 650. Accounts on my reports: Wells Fargo Mortgage - 162k - ex is required to refinance in only his name Greenstone (recreational) Mortgage - 47k - ex is required to finance in only his name Honor (Side by side UTV) loan - 16k - debt is only my husbands according to divorce judgement Flagstar personal loan - 13k - debt is only my husbands according to divorce judgement Wells Fargo CC - 15K - I am required to pay off 10k of this Chrysler Capital - 8k - MY vehicle lease BCU credit card - 4800 - credit card in only my name Chase credit card - 2000 - credit card in only my name I am also required to pay 2,500 toward another credit card that is only in my ex name. I will take any advice on a loan to at least get my ex/judgement ($12,700) squared away. Any thoughts why my Equifax FICO 8 is 732 but the credit union uses a product that shows 650? THANK YOU!
  5. Thanks again CV. He has no idea the DOFD for these. They are all small enough that they “can” be paid but we obviously don’t want to make things worse by just contacting them and doing that. Is there any harm in sending validation letters? If they suddenly come after him (they haven’t yet) can’t he just pay at that point to avoid being sued? PS. Not a newbie at all! I joined about 10 years ago and have learned so much being a lurker It’s hard starting over learning after it’s been so long since I first learned all this! My confidence about all of it is back at newbie!
  6. Thank you CV. I’ve tried searching here and the WWW for an answer based off VS or comenity with no luck. I thought it it was worth a try as it has a $1500 limit and usually no balance. Right now there is like $90. He has zero open accounts (and 3 small baddies). I have a lot of positive tradleines with ample credit limits. Unfortunately my (ex) husband and I are still joint on EVERYTHING. VS is the only thing that is just in my name.
  7. I’m also wondering if he should apply for a secured card right now to get something positive going for him? Credit karma scores are low 500’s but Experian says they can not determine a FICO8 score for lack of credit.
  8. Hello! I am helping my fiancé with his credit. We have pulled all 3 reports and he has no “open” accounts. He does have history between 8-11 years on all 3 reports. All “closed” accounts are listed as “paid”. I am wondering the best plan for his 3 collection accounts: TRANSUNION Local Sheriff Dept Amount: $80 Date opened: March 17 Account type: Collection Account Account status: Open Comments: Placed for collection ATT/DirectTV Amount: $887 Date opened: July 17 Account type: Collection Account Account status: Open Comments: Placed for collection Verizon Amount: $579 Date opened: Dec 15 Account type: Collection Account Account status: Open Comments: Placed for collection EQUIFAX Jackson Capital Sy Amount: $579 Account type: Open account Account status: Closed Comments: Collection Account EXPERIAN IC System Amount: $887 Original creditor: ATT Account type: Collection Dept Account status: closed I’ve already had him opt out. No addresses are incorrect. The idea I have is: Send CA’s Validation letters, wait for green card, send CRA’s jack attack. Thoughts on that? I’m also wondering why transunion is reporting original creditor vs. the collection agency. I appreciate any and all thoughts!!
  9. Good morning! Does anyone know if Victoria’s Secret reports for authorized users? I am trying to help my fiancé build his credit and I can’t seem to find anything that states whether they report AU’s. Thank you!
  10. Also, I am not sure why this is showing me as a newbie!?! I have been a member for a looooooong time but was much more active years ago. I haven't been on in quite some time and had to reset my password - maybe that is why it is showing as my 1st post?
  11. Good evening friends! Last night I received a letter from a collection agency for a debt that I do not believe is mine. About 10-12 years ago I was young, dumb and made credit mistakes. The past 8+ years I have maintained stellar (no lates or missed) credit (with the exception of high cc debt). Anyways, I called them last night to ask what it was for (it listed the creditor as ATT who I have never done business with). They told me it was for an account with AT&T that was opened in November of 2000 and a last payment was made on May 2001. I ended the conversation there and immediately went to pull my CR. I pulled 2/3 and see nothing from them (as I shouldn't since it is 12 years old). I also pulled my score - 830 (woohoo - compared to years ago)! Anyways, my question is, do I just completely ignore this since it is not on my CR and it cannot be or should I do something to follow up with them? Thank you in advance for any advice and insight!

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