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  1. Filed BK7 in 2014 with my then spouse. We divorced in April 2016. The house was awarded to me in the divorce. I was unable to keep up with the payments until my portion of the awarded 401K came in so the house went into foreclosure. We have been trying to work through a loan modification and assumption with the bank but I'm concerned that because I've defaulted on several CC's, the assumption won't go through. Divorce is hard on credit. Does anyone know anything about loan assumption? My back up plan is to buy the house out of foreclosure with a reinstatement offer and pay the arrears and legal fees and do things that way but the lower interest rate and stretched out terms of the modification would really help me right now.
  2. Yeah, I've called WF a couple times to ask questions. And I received a big packet of documents from this late last week. Since then, we changed our minds on what type of loan we could be comfortable with and those docs should be here tomorrow, I would guess. I'll be surprised if we pull this off. The good thing is that we don't HAVE to pull it off. We could just go on like we had been. I'll be sure to let everyone know how it all shakes out in the end.
  3. No, no money from us at all. Wellsfargo is covering all the fees. I may bite. The disclosure papers for the 15 year are on their way - I'll check back when I look them over real good.
  4. I don't know what a hard money loan is? The rate is 4.0% for 15 years and 4.5% for 30 years. She said she needs two years of W2's, a copy of photo ID, copy of SS card, copies of our BK papers from 2004, a letter stating why we filed BK and 2 check stubs - there really wasn't an application or anything.
  5. The lender knows that the CA is suing us. And FICO ranged from 497-526. They're using the 526 based upon what I got in the mail today. They sent papers for us to sign but we would prefer a 15yr rather than a 30yr so I called to get those disclosure papers today. This is all fishy, right? Do lenders really finance people witha 526? Seriously? And they cover all the fees. The loan amount is what we show as a pay off balance right now. As far as who owns the house, DH is on the deed. I guess for Wellsfargo bookkeeping purposes, it shows as a Wellsfargo owned property. It was IIB in 2004 but we have never missed a payment. I want to bite, but it seems fishy and I don't want a bunch of CAs hounding me when I really want to stall and file the BK7 next year. I'm afraid that if the house shows as in our names on the CR, some CA will slap a lien on it and we'll have a bunch of crap to deal with before we can even file BK7.
  6. The house is the house we've been in for 11 years. WellsFargo has been the mortgage holder since 2003 when we refinanced with them. They were offering a streamlined refi until they realized that we IIB the house in 2004 and have just been making payments with no contract/note. Then they said that we would have to be a straight "purchase" rather than a refi. Maybe the "streamlined" part of this is where we squeak by without an official application? BK7 is a for sure thing next year. If the CA that is suing us right now wins the judgment next monthm then we BK13 this year. I am definitely wary - seems just too good to be true. We'd do the 15 year at 4% and our payment would drop $30/mo and we'd shave off 2 1/2 years from our current term. Hmmm... But we have crap for credit so how can that be, you know?
  7. I never in a million years thought I'd be posting in this forum. We have been in our house since 2000. In 2003, we did a refi. In 2004, we filed BK7 after our daughter's drowning death. As far as I understand, we did not reaffirm on the house, but we have kept making payments on it and stayed in the house. I got a call the other day that offered us a refi. Long story short, we can't refi because we don't really own on the house (legally) but we can purchase. So they're offering us a purchase loan that is 2 3/8% LESS than we're currently paying. Our credit sucks and we're just marking time until we can file BK7 (again) next year. (No lectures needed - we can't unbake the cake) We allowed the hard pull on credit for the prequal. - and I'm afraid that the sleeping giants have been awakened. We have outstanding creditors(all CC's that are in collections) that I'm concerned will start to hunt us down if we take this mortgage. WWYD? Right now, we're being sued by one CA - the court date is next month. If we lose and they can get the judgement, we plan to file BK13. If they lose and cannot get the judgement, we plan to drag our feet a bit longer so we can throw on any left over bills from my breast cancer treatments (they should end in February, we can't file BK7 again until 9/1/12) So get the mortgage or not? Saves 2 3/8% and knocks off about 7 1/2 years of our payments. But would it start CA hell for the next year?
  8. Yep, yep, yep - I grew up on "Cream of Whatever" casseroles. And we've lived on those and pizza for most of 16 years of our marriage. No wonder I'm fat and have cancer. BUT I'd like to reverse this before one of my kids or my hubby fall ill. The truth is, we're starting from scratch here. My kids (4 of 'em - 14, 11 and two 6 year olds) and hubby are getting used to branching out. Heck, it's only in the past year or so that my husband would let ANY vegetable pass his lips. We already use brown rice (but it is Minute Rice), 100% breads, etc. Whoever posted that they buy groceries and then eat out for whatever reason - AMEN. Us, too. Pizza Hut on speed dial. *sigh* I'd like to avoid pork, limit beef and dairy. My people generally flip out at the sight of a bean, but they may have to toughen up. I'm in for anything. I'm looking for low-fat, low-ish carb and nutritious. Heck, anything is an improvement over the crap we've been living on. Any good cookbooks I should look at? I like the idea of SIMPLE. Let's not try to use bay leaves and a bunch of different spices. That will come...for now, SIMPLE. I didn't like that Everyday Food Magazine. That's the one by Rachel Ray, right?
  9. I need healthy, economical, kid-friendly and simple recipes. Is that too much to ask? We eat crap. This has to change. I buy healthy stuff and then it rots. 'Cause I don't know what to do with it. I know nutrition will be very important in the coming months with my treatments and surgery recovery. But I'm clueless. If it's not swimming in sauce (canned soup) or cheese, I don't know how ot make it. (Only slightly exaggerating...)
  10. Thanks everyone. A little more info about the situation... The surgeon said my tumor is very, very small (7mm x 5mm x 9mm) and not fast growing/aggressive. It's not close to my chest wall so he isn't expecting lung involvement. He said that due to the size and type of tumor, he is not expecting lymph node involvement either. But I do have a 1 in 3 chance of lymph node involvement. He'll be introducing radioactive dye into my breast and pulling the sentinel node to be sure the cancer hasn't spread, but he's really not expecting it to be in the nodes. He did warn me that this could all change if he cannot get clean margins or there is lymph node involvement but he's not expecting either. So on the 27th, I go in for lumpectomy. I'll have radiation 5 days a week for 4-6 weeks after. Chemotherapy will only be a part of my treatment if there is extensive tissue involvement or any lymph node involvement. He didn't say anything about the stage or grade. I'm thinking he doesn't really know until he knows for sure whether nodes are involved or not. (You know, 'internet doctor' that I am...) I'm doing ok with all of this. My older kids (14 and 11)were really flipped out, but are doing better now. The little ones (6 yo twins) have no clue how big this news is. My husband is amazing. He'll do anything for me. We've been through hell and back in the 16 years we've been married. I have AWESOME friends. I know they'll be there for whatever we need. When our daughter drown in 2003, they were so amazing to us for MONTHS afterward with meals and anything we needed. We're definitely loved. Family is 4 hours away but planning to do what they can in shifts instead of all converging upon us at once.
  11. UPDATE: I got the call today. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I have breast cancer. I'm scared but oddly peaceful. I see a surgeon in the AM to discuss more details. All the prior testing was done at a much larger hospital 75 miles from here. I'd really, really rather not go there for ongoing care. I'm really not a big fan of losing my breast. But I'm trying to come to grips with the possibility. The tumor was small 3mm x 8mm and close to the surface of the skin (If I heard her correctly, 1 cm below the skin) so I'm praying that this was caught very early. I'll update tomorrow. I may have a stage and grade then...
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm up reading and trying not to panic. I have Xanax for the actual appt on Monday. I just feel nauseated thinking about it all.
  13. *deep breath* I had an abnormal mammogram on Wednesday. The last few days have been a flurry of phone calls and second guessing myself. Has anyone ever had a needle biopsy? After an abnormal mammogram? I'm 35. But I have a history of breast cancer in my family. It's a bit removed from me, but I had my first mammogram at 30 as a precaution. I've had some nipple discharge (not spontaneous, unilateral) for a few months. WHat they are seeing on mammography/ultrasound wasn't there 5 years ago. It's small, but that doesn't really seem to matter when one is talking cancer. It's close to the surface, I guess. The ultrasound lady had to use a light touch or it disappeared. I'm slightly freaking out today. I have 4 kids. My breast still hurts from the mammogram. Is this common? That second diagnostic mammo. was a lot more aggressive. Ouch. Sad. Confused. Blah. Anyone have a story to tell about this? I've already called for a sedative. I go from trying to be normal and act like it's nothing to crying and planning my funeral.

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