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  1. XScottX

    Credit Card Success!

    Congrats! It's a great feeling when you've made a concious effort to take charge of your credit, and see the results.
  2. XScottX

    OMG Amex just approved me!! 11yrs post BK7 (I bk'd them)

    Congrats!! Out of curiosity, what CRA did they pull, and what region are you in?
  3. XScottX

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    Penfed pathfinder amex Penfed platinum rewards Actually these came on Monday
  4. XScottX

    Chartway Federal Credit Union I got Approved!

    Congrats, a few months of great payment and UTI you'll be well on your way.
  5. Lounge really is sweet. I cant count the number of times i'd be held up someplace for 3 or 4 hrs and sitting at the gate waiting.. Uggh I dont miss traveling as much any more.
  6. I was explaining what I meant by "prestige" no knock or condemnation. I will have an Amex gold in the next year or so. One thing that never seems to get discussed here, is, when a UW does a hand review on your reports, having starter accounts etc will hurt you. In business having 2 mil CL from bank of boston, is not the same as having one with Chase, for example. The same goes for your personal credit in a hand review, especially making the transition to new biz credit. You want to avoid a Personal guarantee at all costs. Right now I probably could qualify however I have 4 new accounts in less than 8 weeks, so its time to cool it lol I am still learning who and what benefits cards offer that I can utilize.
  7. It's not to impress your friends, but an Amex has more prestige than credit one, right? Most people dont care, we're (those here) a lot more focused on credit than the average citizen.
  8. That's challenging my traveling for work is coming to an end, soon. For 16 yrs banging 50k domestic, will be down to 10k locally.
  9. Out of curiosity, what is the draw to amex? I was reviewing amex the other day and any of the cards that appeal to me (for goal purposes) have an AF. I admit, for me, slamming down an Amex gold has some prestige to it, that I will have next year. I know that's not a good reason, just saying.
  10. XScottX

    Rapid reporting onto XP

    I just found it odd that 1 reports before i even have it and the other hasnt. I havent received either one. Just very surprised, because it took so long with the others. BTW the higher balance card is platinum rewards, personal not a biz.
  11. XScottX

    Rapid reporting onto XP

    I opened up 2 better CC's last week than i had. Xp hadnt reported either of my 2 from late dec and early jan, then today it reports 3 out of the 4, and one of them i havent even received yet. It shows my panthfinders reward for 3500, but isnt showing my high limit one, both from pendfed. What's this all about?
  12. This is a new concept for me. I really only have 2 cards worth using this way. Amex Pathfinder Travel. $3500 Penfed rewards card $14500 Then 2 toy cards Cap 1 $500 useless Navy fed 750 useless but I think in a couple months I can get a substantial bump I dont even get what I'm doing with the points I get . I just wanted no AF and build my file up
  13. XScottX

    Penfed Amex

    Ok I said screw it, my pull was fresh so it wasnt going to cost me anything. Instant approval for $3500. I dont know why only $3500 after approving me for $14,500 on the other but whatever. I guess I dont need to worry about cards for a while. So 4 cards in about 7 weeks, 2 toys, 1 moderate, and one i can actually put the month housing bills towards, and not be maxed. I will wait until August or september and go for Chase. Assuming 5/24 doesnt count them giving you a card does it?
  14. XScottX

    Penfed Amex

    I think as approved earlier this week for penfed rewards card. Today I was sent an offer for their pathfinder rewards card. Should i app this? I have 3 approved apps in 7 weeks.
  15. So, black or white jeans are more "classy"? Ok, sounds good.. Is this with or without high top sneakers?

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