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  1. I agree an ira or something is at least some sort of return on your money, as apposed to "pissing it away" HOWEVER, most bond, ira's etc are totally useless, as is a house (as far as ROI) The bond short term long term inversion a couple weeks ago tells the tale on house useless they are. Buying equity on the other hand, where you can have some sort of control is a far better choice.
  2. Got an offer in the mail, pre-approved. Anyone have one? Nothing about it seemed special, but thought I'd ask here, in case I missed something
  3. Doing it via mail gives you paper trail. They stalled me last year, and i had to call and talk to a rep. Then i had to move, and called and said to the same thing as the letters indicate, and got it knocked out on the spot. They sent me updated CR in about 1 wk or so
  4. Approx 30 days. You can call and verify new addresses and delete old ones too. I had a hell of a time with XP last year.
  5. Right now I am holding still on any further credit until about June, then ill buy a car and pay off the personal loan, or at least down to negligible (probably may ill do this) Pen fed came out the gate with my 2 best cards, i'll work the nfc card just to get a better limit. Penfed with 14,500 and 3500, was a great start with them, so obviously i will favor them. I think NFC will work with me but I have only been with them since jan, so, I'll wait them out and use the card as described by you and the other person, charging low dollar nonsense, just to show payment and use.
  6. I had meant "increase limit" No negatives, Age of file 12-15 yrs After correcting several items last year, I lost a lot of TL's, so my file is thin. Active 4 cards, 1 personal loan Inactive 5 car loans 2 cards 3 personal loans. Scores as of yesterday are in my sig
  7. None are secured. In 08 I was building, got divorced in 10, she had opened a bunch of nonsense in my name, then i lived cash lifestyle for about 6+yrs. Cap 1 opened in dec NFC Jan and 2 penfed in Feb. Cap 1 500 NFC 700 I reapproached NFC asking to match pen fed, they said account is too new. Cap 1 got burned from ex for about 1k, so they set me up on 5 months of probation then will give an increase.
  8. I have 2 cards that are toy limits, and essentially useless. One has 500 the other 700 Then I have 2 others 3500/ 14500 I paid off the 2 toys and havent used the one with 3500 at all. The toys will graduate after time, but how do i rotate them? The highest limit card i have been using for everything, then pay it off at the end of the week or every couple weeks. Do i just buy a tank of gas with the 3 small ones and pay it off when i return home? What happens if theyre not used at all any more? A
  9. Isnt his day job. If someone wants to give me 60k at no interest, and allow me to take my cash and put it back into my biz, or some other investment, I will suffer the 1200/mon or whatever and run the wheels right off the damn truck. You do not build wealth by saving you build it by leveraging other peoples money. You cannot save your way to 1mil, you have to earn the 1mil. and the best way is using someone else's money.
  10. Considering I will buy "new/used" my rate should be at around 3.5% give or take. You're right on investing the cash and using the banks. I know a guy who has been very lucky with the casino's over the last couple of years, and by lucky i mean taking down around 100k +/- The man had 0% financing on his truck, and went and dumped cash on it to pay it off *face palm
  11. I wouldnt be down with a high interest rate car loan i'd skip it. Anything over 6% in todays world is robbery.
  12. I didnt mean the elimination of installment account, but the initial LV to amount owed. challenge is for a 20k car, im going far too many years. My current car which is/was my track car owes me nothing, however, its not exactly age appropriate or comfortable. I'll buy a car thats 2-4 yrs old that has around 30k mi, and beat the salesman without mercy to get it done RIGHT. The last brand new car car i bought was in 05, i drove it for 7 years and took a check for 12k when i was done. I essentially drove it for 3 yrs for free, before depreciation caught up to me.
  13. I am looking to buy a new car shortly. I never knew that installment loans (personal loans in this case) will be calculated in fico as almost like a maxed CC initially. With this being said, If I were to buy a car lets hypothetically say 35k and financed it full boat, then a month or so later, threw 20k at it, would this be a help to my score MORE than getting a 15k loan?
  14. Congrats! It's a great feeling when you've made a concious effort to take charge of your credit, and see the results.
  15. Congrats!! Out of curiosity, what CRA did they pull, and what region are you in?
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