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  1. I have a Chase Freedom Visa that used to have 12000 limit. Chase sent me BT checks in the last couple of months, and I used it to pay off my BOA credit card balance by going to a BOA branch and making payment to my card using the BT check. The amount was 6000. I had paid off the Chase balance before the statement cut on 5/3, and the balance on the card at the time I used the BT check was about 300 bucks. Now that was Wednesday 6th, and today I checked out Chase website to see if the BT has posted, and I see that my credit line has become 1700, with a pending balance of about 6000, and available credit of 0. I called Chase, and I was told that my credit line was reduced on the 7th, and that I need to talk to another department if I want to ask just what the heck has happened, and I have to wait until Monday because that department is closed during the weekends. I have had this card since 2005, and I have never missed a payment, and I have always paid the balance in full since 2006. I have two other Chase cards (formerly WaMu cards), one with 2500 limit and 0 balance and another with 5500 limit and balance of 2360. Except for one major baddie (multiple delinquencies on a student loan in 2003 and 2004), my credit is clean. I have about 57000 available credit (well, before the 10300 cut by Chase) and about 11000 credit card debt. What should I do? I'm very concerned about Chase not honoring the BT check and returning that payment to BOA, because that would be considered as default by BOA and I don't want to think what that would do to my BOA account! I'll very much appreciate any advice on how to (or who to.. anyone know a secret number?) talk to Chase to deal with the problem. What a nightmare...

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