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  1. I am about to send these dirt bags a C&D letter. They call me about once a month and leave a bogus vm with an "account" number. I have no idea what they are calling about.
  2. mjtsd

    Ugh I'm back.

    I am going to ask for some of my retainer money back so I am sure I will get a bill. I just checked my credit score and sure enough nothing has changed. I should have just continued my letter writing campaign that prob would have done more for me. Oh well my lesson has been learned.
  3. mjtsd

    Ugh I'm back.

    So after two years of supposedly handling my case I finally contacted my lawyer asking him for my paperwork back. He was supposed to be helping me with a lawsuit against Pressler and Pressler and has done no work. I cant believe that I let this drag on for so long. Now I feel like I have to start over again. What a waste of time and money. Now I have to see about getting some money back from him. Any suggestions as to what to due next?
  4. Any update on this? I just got a letter from these dirtbags.
  5. I just re-newed my membership to grocerygame and I am glad that I did. I went out and bought some groceries yesterday and bought only stuff we needed that I had coupons for. The total before coupons and my club card was just over $26. After the card it was $23 with coupons I paid under $20. I try to stockpile when I can too on stuff that I know wont go bad quickly.
  6. mjtsd

    FHA Loan

    I just got my FHA loan and it was surprisingly easy. I had a great loan officer (used the in-house real estate mortgage company). I had letters from my attornery saying that two judgements against me were in dispute. My fiance and I had enough of a score that they were willing to work with us. The only part that was nerve racking was the FHA inspection, we could have lost the house if the owner wasnt willing to fix the stuff the FHA report pointed out. Luckily it all worked out in the end.
  7. I am closing tomorrow at 2 pm! Got a 6.75% loan 30 years fixed, FHA. We put 3% down and bought a 4 bed 2 bath in SJ. Quarter acre yard, full basement and garage. This is my first home Congrats to all of my fellow Dec closers!
  8. How bad is it if you were late one payment in 15 months?
  9. That is the site that I went to. I also googled "South Jersey home inspectors" and I was brought to the SJ chapeter of ASHI and there was a list of inspectors. I called a few and then chose one.
  10. Another fed here. Make sure you use the exact words that they use in the application. Like if they say "researched", "presented" or anything like that. Someone in the HR dept is going over your application with a highlighter making sure the words are there. They are scoring you on how many you use in your application .
  11. A friend and I are both going for FHA loans. She told me that someone told her that she would be able to borrow a small amount over what the cost of the house is (but not past the limit for our areas) so that she can have a little more cash to buy things that she needs when she moves in. I told her that I didnt think this was possible with an FHA but that she could prob do this with a conventional loan. Am I right?
  12. I am in S Jersey btw. If anyone has any recommendations for an attoney in the area please send me a PM.
  13. By the end of the year I wil be purchasing a home with my bf. I am looking for an attorney to help me sort out some legal items. As we are not getting married I want to make sure that my financial assets are protected. Does anyone have any idea as to what kind of attorney I need?
  14. Does anyone have any experience with using a FHA loan for a house that was flipped? I am interested in a home that was flipped that has been on the market for 24 days. Am I SOL with the new rules? I guess I wil have to just keep my fingers crossed that no one steals the house from under me while I wait out the 90 days.
  15. UPDATE: We went to see a martgage broker yesterday and he said that we qualified for both a FHA and a conventional 100% loan. We were quoted 6.875% for both loans.

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