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  1. Thanks for the reply. My oldest account is actually one of my parents cards that I am an Auth. user on - it's a non-Amex from like 1991 I think? Early 90's basically. Most of my other accounts are newer, like within the last 5 years, so the older one definitely helps my AAoA. My credit profile in general is GOOD - it's actually close to great or excellent if I paid down some balances. I'm at like 730, no lates or CO's. I had a CO but it finally fell off my CR last year, so it's now very clean. I have like 30% utilization at the moment and I know I need to bring that down, and my AA
  2. hello friends, I am wondering what additional trade lines I might look to add to my credit report, for the sake of diversity & improving my score. I have the following: Mortgage Auto-Loan 1 small LOC (3K) about 10 open CC's (close to 100K total available) 1 fully paid off personal loan (SoFi) Is there anything obvious that I'm missing here that I should go for? The one thing that I can think of is that I don't have any charge cards - should I get one? I'm not really sure if that would help or matter. Or anything else? Thanks in advance -
  3. Costco (Citibank) and Amazon Prime (Chase). The limits are pretty decent and will add approx. 50% available credit to my current limit, so I'm eager for them to appear and to see how much they affect my score.
  4. Hey all, couple quick questions regarding when things will show up on my CR. Recently my wife added me as an AU to some of her cards. How long will it usually take before they show up on my CR? Conversely, if I make a big purchase on a Monday, and then a mortgage lender does a hard pull 2 days later (Wednesday), will that large purchase show on my CR, or does the account need to "close" before that purchase shows up? I ask because I pay for USAA's credit monitoring service and I just got an updated CR today. Neither the 2 new AU accounts show up, nor does a
  5. does the limit apply to ALL CapOne cards? Or just to Venture?
  6. That wasn't the point...Sorry, what? What wasn't the point? Reread the original post and you tell me how normal that is I have no opinion on how normal or not it is. I don't come to the forum to judge or make fun of people. Most of us are here for the strudel... but some for the shepherd's pie.
  7. I dig the look of the Venture card. The numeric font they use is awesome, although I wouldn't mind having the numbers on front… the QS definitely needs a redesign (although in Passbook it looks ok)
  8. update: the other day when I made this thread I had spoken to one dept. which was where I needed to fax my state tax filings to. When I asked them some more in depth questions they gave me the number to another dept. that handled the records or something, so I called them today, after a few days of letting the paperwork move through their systems. I explained the situation and asked if the lien would now be removed from my CR. He said ok hold on, let me see if they have zeroed out your account. He put me on hold and when he came back he said yes, the other dept. zeroed out my acct. and
  9. yeah, old school computing, like Fairchild and Tandem… I always liked their logo
  10. So I got an email this morning saying I was approved for membership (applied yesterday) but I didn't get a member number yet, therefore I can't log into the site. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to be able to log-in so you can see your FICO ? The email said to wait 7-10 days for documents to be sent or something, but I'm hoping I can log into the site sooner than that…
  11. ok so that sounds pretty similar in my opinion. So what was it that finally made them change it? Did you finally just bug them enough, or get through to the right person who decided to do it for you? Or did they need something specific that you provided them? Any additional info you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. There's a tax lien from the state of MD on my CR. I have never lived in MD. I called them, they told me send my state income tax for that year and that should clear up the lien. I did that the other day, and called yesterday to confirm they received it. The woman was very nice and said she'd review the doc's and send me something today. Today I received this: Dear Mr. Baby Joe: Per our conversation, we have further reviewed your account and determined that you were not required to file a Maryland tax return for tax year 2007. Your 2007 tax lien has been released and our Annapolis
  13. I just did it - followed the instructions to a T and no problems. Just logging in to CCMP for the first time now. I'm using Safari on OS X mavericks, FYI.
  14. Seriously, his stuff is classic. Reading his posts at MF is also endlessly entertaining. It's like he needs a new thread for every random thought or change in his CR. The best is when on one page he claims to be done app'ing and "going to garden for awhile" and then the very next page he casually mentions that he got declined for some random card, or he starts asking questions about what it takes to get approved for X card… it's just endless. Even the people over there that he once claimed were so much more mature & welcoming than CB are turning on him. His thread about 'why I hate credit…
  15. I spoke to another company like this awhile back before I got some baddies removed on my own. They charged a lot more (only for successful removals) but they were WAY more legit than this site. I can't imagine sending this site my CR or any personal info… You gotta love how they put quotation marks around "credit experts"
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