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  1. Why not sign up for a new Blue Cash card and then cancel the Delta card. I see the Blue Cash no fee card has $150 sign up bonus for $1k spend.
  2. I added Cap 1 to my portfolio when they had an $800 sign up bonus for Spark Business. They gave me a $20k limit. I never us it, but it doesn't hurt.
  3. I have 2 accounts, both CA Limits are now 50% of CL
  4. See if Cap One will let you increase the deposit on your secure card. That would let you have a higher limit with lower util. As you get your reports cleaned up you may get higher limits on other cards.
  5. I use Quicken to track all of my accounts. Download every morning an review all bank transactions and place in budget categories in one place. I also have an Excel spreadsheet with acct information
  6. For me, it's just a by product of rewards card churning. I app for card a card, meet the minimum spend, pay it off, and then keep it until the annual fee comes due. It there is no annual fee, I usually keep the card. I'm not very aggressive at this and I still have over 1,000,000 miles and points. I have CL's that are almost $400k.
  7. I highly doubt this credit card will help you achieve your goal of building a relationship with the credit union in hopes of getting a mortgage next year. You should ask in the Mortgage Forum. Very few credit unions carry their own mortgages and most work on Fannie/Freddie guidelines. Build your credit report profile and you'll be able to get a mortgage from almost any mortgage lender.
  8. I only have two pieces of advice: (1) Use some of the money you have to hire a good tax adviser and let them handle this for you. (2) Don't listen to advice received from random people on the internet on this subject.
  9. The links above by Tyra are great information. If you know which airline alliance you want to use with the miles, you should choose an airline that is a partner. I see AeroMexico and Korean Air are Sky Team (Delta), Lan is OneWorld (American Airlines), and Avianca (United) is Star Alliance. Most of them are partners with Alaska Airlines. Do your homework before you decide where to apply.
  10. I told them "goodbye" this morning. They offered an extra free month. All I had to do was say "yes" and then call back in a month to cancel if I still wanted to. I told her I didn't like the on hold music and don't want to call back and listen to it again. It's closed.
  11. I have both Fidelity Amex and NFCU Flagship Rewards. I prefer the Fidelity Amex because of the Cash deposited automatically into my Fidelity Cash Mgmt account; however, not everyone accepts Amex. I use the Flagship card in places that don't take Amex. It's been really nice to get the 2% back on Fidelity Amex at Costco. I hear that's ending next year. We will see what happens with Citi.
  12. It's not on my account I called You might call them back and see if you would get one by opening another account. I have a Flagship and Cash Rewards. I have a BT available several times a year. They go back and forth between the cards.
  13. There is one right now. I believe it is targeted, you can call and ask if it's available to you. I received a postcard last week. It specifically mentions new or existing cards.
  14. I have 2 cc's with NFCU. One is Flagship Rewards, I get 2% back on everything and pay it off monthly. The other is Cash Rewards, I only use it for BT when they have 0% for 12 months with no fee. I keep everything separate that way. Both have limits over 20k.

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