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    37 and BROKE!!

    IRS (well The Big G in general) wants their money first. Is the student loan a federal loan or private loan? How did you get $32K in the hole to Uncle Sam on just $28K of income?
  2. IndyPoolPlayer

    Golden Girls'-themed cruise to set sail in 2020

    You'd be the one dressed as Blanche?
  3. IndyPoolPlayer

    Are the super-rich ruining Burning Man?

    I thought those who went to Burning Man were rich folks trying to channel their inner hippie?
  4. IndyPoolPlayer

    Used car lease through CU?

    There's higher maintenance costs, then there's Mercedes-Benz. I think the only vehicle on the road who is higher maintenance is a Ferrari. Don't waste your money on an old Mercedes. You'd be better off renting if its only a few times per month and you're able to write it off as OpEx.
  5. Linked article from the article Hegemony posted: https://www.stlouisfed.org/on-the-economy/2019/february/is-college-still-worth-it-complicated And from the original article:
  6. IndyPoolPlayer

    How can I best pay off my mortgage early??

  7. The recipes for Coca Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the true killer of JFK have kept secret for all these years. A little thing like the vaccine conspiracy theory is nothing.
  8. IndyPoolPlayer

    How can I best pay off my mortgage early??

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  9. IndyPoolPlayer

    My Credit Union is So Amateur...

    It is legal here, but I find it highly unusual that's all. I wasn't all that enthusiastic about the job as it was a glorified help desk role, and three HP without so much as an interview and possibility of an offer is a bit much IMO. This was the first time I've ever submitted my resume for a position with a financial institution, and I suppose when you have relatively inexpensive access to the CRAs you can run pre-interview background screenings like that.
  10. IndyPoolPlayer

    Shift Card Closure

    "I got fired from the Frontier Hotel for saying 'shift' in a town where the big game is called crap!" - George Carlin
  11. IndyPoolPlayer

    My Credit Union is So Amateur...

    I applied for a job with one of the credit unions which I am a member. They emailed me asking me to release the credit freeze for at least 72 hours so they can do their background investigation. Now granted I have yet to have a job interview with them, much less a job offer or anything else indicating I'd be hired. I called the HR person in the email and the conversation went thus: Me: "So you want to do background on me, but I have yet to interview or anything with your organization" CU HR: "Yes. That's our standard procedure" Me: "So does this mean I'm one of your desired candidates before even interviewing me?" CU HR: "No, and we can't guarantee granting of an interview or a job offer, but we do our background before bringing people in for interviews" Me: "Which credit bureau will this be on and will it be a soft or hard inquiry?" CU HR: "These will be hard inquiries, and we pull reports for all three major bureaus and Lexis-Nexus for employee screening background checks" Me: "All that BEFORE the interview or job offer?" CU HR: "Yes" Me: "I'll withdraw myself from consideration. Thanks for your time." I've had post-offer or post-acceptance background checks so this would be expected after an offer was made. But all that prior to even an interview?
  12. And going by the reports I posted elsewhere on this board, over $83 Billion is for tuition paid to the for-profit diploma mills
  13. Comprehension is beyond the ability of the conspiracy theorist. Calling the conclusion fraudulent is part of the conspiracy, the bogeyman wants you to believe the results of that fraudulent study were wrong so the other bogeyman behind the mind control, autism causing vaccines can profit and benefit the remainder of the Medical Establishment with required lifetimes of intensive medical care.
  14. IndyPoolPlayer

    BestBuy Deal of the Day - Microsoft Surface Pro

    They are not intended to be upgradable. This was Microsoft's answer to the iPad. Unfortunately Apple has gone that route also with the newest generation of Macbooks. Not upgradable, so if you go cheap on the initial purchase you're stuck with what you have. Lenovo went there with essentially non-serviceable laptops with the X1 Carbon.
  15. Its a convenience store chain that's on nearly every other corner in the mid-atlantic down to Florida.
  16. https://www.nber.org/papers/w25462 Back then it was Carnegie, Rockefeller, Chase, and Vanderbilt. Now its Bezos, Cook, Buffet, and Zuckerburg.
  17. I'm pretty sure Citibank and Chase have a large payment processing center in the Chicago suburbs, and Carol Stream is the largest PO in the area that can handle that volume of mail. Plus its pretty much adjacent to ORD so when the large mail flats come into ORD, they can be trucked nearby to the PO for final processing
  18. IndyPoolPlayer

    Shift Card Closure

    Get that shift outta here! Cut that shift out! I've had it up to here with your shift! I think you're full of shift Eat Shift!
  19. IndyPoolPlayer

    And Now Payless Shoes ....

  20. IndyPoolPlayer

    Shift Card Closure

    Awww Shift!!!
  21. IndyPoolPlayer

    What Is a VantageScore Used For?

    Vantage Skore is like Edwin Starr's one hit wonder .... "What is it good for ... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"
  22. IndyPoolPlayer

    Words, Phrases and Other Stuff that Annoys Me

    AoTD: Those who don't know the proper usage of the words console, council, and counsel.
  23. IndyPoolPlayer

    Proposal To Make Student Loan Payments Auto-Garnished

    As one might expect, according to the linked article, 52% of the defaulted student loans are from diploma mills.
  24. Please remember the CreditBoards Golden Rule when commenting https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/13/a-gop-proposal-would-snatch-your-student-loan-payment-right-from-your-paycheck.html I give it no chance of becoming law.
  25. IndyPoolPlayer

    Portfolio Recovery field trip

    Nuh uh uh ... it's not a "boiler room" anymore. It's an "open office space plan"

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