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  1. Yup. And its only the beginning. Once the pins are pulled out of the eviction grenade in high cost areas we'll really see some downward shifts.
  2. Consumers finally seeing that CK is a bunch of hot air and one can find out the same data for nothing?
  3. For sure. Interest rates have gone up, but new vehicle pricing has not conversely gone down. Reading elsewhere that used vehicles at Mannheim are sitting on auction lots unsold because they are not meeting selling dealer reserves. Get the water and soap ready because your overleveraged franchise dealerships are about to take a bath.
  4. Both Carvana and Vroom are going the way of Dotcoms it seems. Vroom is <$1.00 now. Bye Bye car vending machines.
  5. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/ford-credit-eyes-1-billion-bond-funding-as-yields-hit-2009-highs-investors-weigh-recession-fears-11667327855?mod=search_headline So if I'm reading this right, Ford Credit was looking for $1.5B, and Wall Street responded with $3.5B in financing?
  6. So the swear filter is not active for moderators. But Marv chastised us in our private forum telling us to "set an example"
  7. Were my eyes deceiving me or was his spouse 28 years old? I mention that because didn't he cause a big stink back in the day when he married an underage distant cousin?
  8. Goodness gracious Great Balls of Fire!!
  9. Listen here PLA corporal, you need to get back in line with the rest of the troops before the next Congress. GOT IT??
  10. Yeah. He's damn lucky he didn't get the SEC crawling up his backside for that tweet.
  11. Just talked to my folks north of Orlando. Never lost power (they have house generator anyway), cable stayed on, and just minor tree damage.
  12. And yet The Regime was making a big stink about Bitcoin, etc. Probably because they can't perform the mass surveillance on Bitcoin like they can with this.
  13. <sarcasm> You might be just as profitable to put $100k on the tables in Vega$ </sarcasm> Agree with centex - carbon energy isn't going anywhere despite what the greenies are trying to accomplish.
  14. At least around here, Buick is normally combined with another GM brand at the same store. One former acquaintance purchased a legacy stand alone Buick store through a minority ownership program the GM had at the time. He ended up selling the franchise back to GM a couple years before the GM bankruptcy. He realized he couldn't compete as a single brand store against all the mega-franchises with multiple brands, and he thought Buick would be the next to fold after Oldsmobile (instead of Pontiac).
  15. I watched his anchoring of CNN's coverage of President Reagan's shooting on YouTube recently. He basically put CNN on the map that day.
  16. This is possible because companies have these third party contract recruiters that are many times from overseas particularly India for their job placements. If one were to contact that company's HR, they'd be either get no response, or deny there being a job open. Also I think a hiring manager might go around their HR because of whatever procedures are in place for hiring or just nothing in the line item for additional employees and put said hire into a 1099 role and pay out of a different line item on the spreadsheet.
  17. I thought as much. Too coincidental for a CFO to head for the eternal exit on a Friday before a long holiday weekend. BBBY dropped from 12.10 on the 29th to 9.24 on the 30th to 8.59 on Friday's close. Last time I was in BBBY there was more empty shelves than stocked. Reminded me of Sears before its demise.
  18. I'm surprised to see anything in Maryland on that list. There's nothing inexpensive about living in Maryland.
  19. I bought in RIVN thinking it was going to be the next TSLA. Boy was I wrong. I'm in for only 6 shares but cost was 82.70 .... WEBR board just canned their CEO and the head of IT is the interim while the headhunters do their thing for a permanent replacement. Wanted to increase my position if the shares were <$5.99 but so far they are hovering in the 6.50-7.00 range.
  20. Do you not see the red lettering to the left of my posts? I work with MarvBear keeping the peace around here. If you don't like it, there's MyFICO and CreditInfoCenter.
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