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  1. Interesting that FNBO assumed your Amtrak card. When I used to travel the NEC on Amtrak I had the Chase Amtrak card. When Amtrak moved the portfolio to BoA the Chase accounts were converted to Chase Freedom cards.
  2. You would not be wrong in that statement.
  3. Used to be you only found Popeyes in the G and KFC in the "W" neighborhoods. Not anymore.
  4. Stable Health Able to fund two money market accounts paying 4.5%-5.0% Stable employment (which I will never take for granted again) A 3.375% fixed rate mortgage 825 FICO score
  5. Agreed. Ally Bank is paying 4.4% on their Money Market, and they are offering a 12 month CD at 5.25% and no minimum. Just opened another Money Market with Merchants Bank of Indiana at 5.0% no minimum. I'm thinking in January of putting $20K into the Ally CD and letting it percolate until January '25.
  6. Seen some YT videos from this dealer in southern Indiana that describes crooked car salespersons and F&I who tell customers that extended warranties are required by the bank as a condition of financing.
  7. I wasn't driving but we had a Canadian spec vehicle as our rental. Freaking touch screen display was set to French and couldn't figure out how to get it into English.
  8. Another glaring flaw in our property transfer system. All it takes is a forged PoA and you're in business of snatching real estate.
  9. If you're referring to captives, I think you can answer your own question. Captives move the metal for the manufacturer. Third party lenders - well keeping up with the captives. Granted what I read on CDG there's lenders almost weekly bailing out of purchaser financing market or floor financing market or both.
  10. That's not the first time. A few years ago $WMT wanted to establish a Utah industrial loan company (similar to what BMW USA did) and offer direct banking services. At first you don't succeed....
  11. Hear! Here! I got HVAC quotes last fall - I was gone for work so the lady friend was at the house to let the estimator in - she got "little ladied" and told by two different companies "well when he comes home have him call us so I can explain this to him" - no they didn't get a return call. Went with a local mom & pop company and he did excellent work.
  12. The inability to leave a cruise ship is why I won't book one.
  13. Good! I'm in Toronto and getting fed up with the weather reporter on TV saying its going to be a high of 30 so I grab a coat, I no sooner than leave the hotel and I'm sweating buckets!
  14. I read that headline at first and thought "why are there kids alone in a warehouse??" 🤣
  15. Since its litigation related, anything can happen, depending upon who is judged to be the "owner" of the account - WMT or C1 would be the big point. As with most bigtime litigation though it'll all be settled just before trial, the lawyers will get on a conference call and negotiate a "fair" settlement in the interest of expediency. IMO, I'd rather my WMT card get converted to regular C1 card.
  16. This is a duplicate topic - please see this OP's other post
  17. This article is about a ponzi scheme from years ago even before crypto was invented, where the scheme operator just got sentenced to what amounts to life in prison and who does CNN show front and center? SBF.
  18. Wait .... Harbor Freight is now in the car business??????
  19. It would be a major job to move a drain, unless you could somehow move the wall opposite the drain a couple inches and get your 32" tub that way. Not only do you have to concern with getting the correct angle of the drain line, you also have to get the slope just right. Its not just hair and bathwater going down that drain. Brown stuff goes down there with it and you don't want the brown stuff to accumulate when water drains too quickly. Little surprised at a 70 year old house on a slab. That's typical of houses starting in the 1980s, not 1950s.
  20. Don't Give Up. Don't Ever Give Up - Jim Valvano
  21. Those who don't like Robinhood seem to use the term as a pejorative, hence its relevance to the meme stocks and the WallStreetBets crowd. I currently use Robinhood but I'm leaning towards making new purchases with Ally and phasing out my poop stocks on Robinhood.
  22. Did you do without health insurance from June to December or was it not a HDHP?
  23. I'm in 100 shares of F now. I do like the dividend right now. I wouldn't touch VZ with a 39-and-a-half foot pole (same for T)
  24. Menards Big Card (Capital One) - +2000 for $6100 - considering I ran almost $10K through that card since October renovating my house, and that's not including $10K I spent on new kitchen cabinets that I put on a different card when CrapOne wouldn't budge on the CL a month ago. Patelco CU - Bumped me to $20K from $13K without asking
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