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  1. But the Carter era inflation rivaled that of third world nations. At least we didn't get as bad as Zimbabwe where they circulated a trillion unit of currency note.
  2. When will people learn that tax refunds are just an interest free loan to the Government?
  3. Letter from BoA telling me the Major League Baseball credit card is no more and it will be replaced with some lame BoA cash rewards card.
  4. $3.7B for all of Citi's assets in 4 countries seems like a drop in the bucket for Citibank while UOB is gaining a huge foothold in those countries.
  5. Icing the kicker. Disallow time-outs once the ball is snapped on a place kicking play.
  6. I take it Rick Harrison couldn't buy it to either sit on it or open a 2nd store?
  7. Speaking of RIVN I sold my $100 worth of LUV and bought 1 share of RIVN. Wish I had some Nikola. Not that I agree with a stock price jumping at the announcement of 1st sold unit, but I'd take the jump.
  8. You can kiss Chase and Amex goodbye - Chase permanently or close to it. My XDW did a less-the-full debt settlement with Chase years ago and they still held a grudge against her. Amex seems to forgive after about 10 years or so these days. It used to be Amex was forever also. I burned Discover in the 1990's when they were still Greenwood Trust. Through the mergers and spinoffs in the early 00's I got back in with them in 2006.
  9. Keep in mind the marketing department and underwriting departments at Chase are two totally and independent operations. They deny the existence of each other.
  10. If Zillow does their home loan operation like they do their home values published online, they are borked. My home - Zillow = $267.5k, Real value determined by lender = $238K
  11. This. I thought Bitcoin etc was a bunch of vapor. But this non-fudgeable token stuff takes the cake.
  12. Agreed. DoD should redefine Area 51 to include all of Las Vegas and seal it off.
  13. So I dove into Robinhood yesterday. Figure its better than a lottery ticket. F (30 shares), LUV (2.5 shares, $100), PTLO (10 shares), and I was given OPKO as my free share for signing up.
  14. The real stupid ones are those who subscribe to Motley Fool's stock picks.
  15. Yup. Ye olde "I go to your church. Nothing bad will happen"
  16. Isn't that something how Fast Eddie was able to run Sears into the ground, buy up the carcass, sell off the good pieces of meat (names like DieHard and Craftsman) and take it private. From all appearances it was to acquire commercial real estate properties.
  17. The irony here is this used to be a co-branded account - it was Amtrak Guest Rewards when Chase had the contract. Amtrak switched to BoA and Chase changed it to Freedom Card. Saylavee.
  18. Whelp. Sorry to be the one to say this but "sucks to be you". I get a daily deluge of those from all kinds of organizations. And they are correct there is no requirement to call, email, send you a telegram, or display smoke signals. The CU did their job by snail mailing you a notification of the negative balance.
  19. Chase Freedom -> Amazon Rewards = NO but Freedom -> Sapphire = YES Freedom -> Slate = YES
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