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  1. I would have gone through life never having heard of them or their music until I went to a dentist's office, and Air Supply to that list of dentists office music also. I once tried to get my dentist at the time to play my old Bill Cosby (before he allegedly raped the women) tape with his dentist routine on it. He wouldn't do it. Said it would be too distracting.
  2. There should be an exam for air travel. PERIOD. How you pack, what goes in carry-on, what goes in the cargo hold (NO LITHIUM BATTERIES ... "What's a lithium battery?"), how to march to the Government checkpoint, the proper arm extension and raised hand when you salute the Government Agent allegedly charged with personally searching you, and finally the proper movements through the chutes and gates before you're placed in your corral airliner seat. All the things the airlines are required by the Government to tell you like "This is how you buckle a seat belt" on each and every flight. If you don't know how to buckle the seat belt, where the find the exits, have to be told to not smoke, jerk off, get a BJ, or f*** in the lavatory, then you should be banished to Amtrak.
  3. Trolleybuses and motor buses IMO are really the same thing. One is just gussied up to look like a trolley in areas where there are no longer rails in the streets. New York's MTA has commuter rail (LIRR, Metro North, New Haven) and as I recall, New Haven is "dual mode" and has to switch between DC and AC as the Connecticut portion is not only overhead but once the train reaches New York is must switch to AC (or DC I forget which), and as the train approaches the City it switches to third rail as this is what the Subways use in some sections. MTA also sucks the money out of the operates the toll bridges, as well as operates all motor buses. Light rail, subways, and regional rail are all really the same thing - all carries passengers, typically "heavy" rail is shared with freight companies where light rail is passenger service only. Such as the case with NE Illinois RTA Metra service which operates on UP, CSX, or BNSF rails or the majority of Amtrak national service. Patriots still cheat. Tom Brady is a poof.
  4. While I would think a bank would be happy to loan on a home without a mortgage, the part I wonder about putting the loan in her name when you have the income. Is the house in both names on the deed? I know when DW and myself did our HELOC the CU wanted both names on the loan since both names are on the deed.
  5. I think we have a good data point for subprime applicants - Saw a fella at a local stop-and-rob. Buying some Olde English 800, Swisher Sweets, and a pack of Newports in a box. The Ghetto trifecta, and he paid for it with ..... the Apple card.
  6. In-DUH-vidual: "Can you do me a solid?" Me: "No way man. I had Mexican for lunch"
  7. You can pay a token amount but you are obligated to pay the minimum payment due every month. Whether you pay a penny or a penny short of the minimum, its still racking up lates with the creditors. If you're already late on everything, you likely won't get a debt consolidation loan. If you're looking for a debt management plan - well you can search on here.
  8. Corn Dogs. Was going to make a pot of spaghetti but when I got the pot boiling, DW complained about the heat in the house/kitchen. It was 67 degrees in the house. So DW made me corn dogs in the microwave instead. D@mn you menopause.
  9. Agreed, and to add cable companies, some utilities will send a collector to your door before shutting you off.
  10. Nah. He would be shipped off to SE Asia where Epstein can set up shop and serve his 1% clients from Bangkok.
  11. A certain high profile news commentator mentioned the possibility Epstein was "offed" in jail to protect those 1%-ers that he has the dirt on
  12. Yes, you're supposed to make sure the cord is in the rotisserie gap before closing the lid. DW and TAD would be in complete agreement on the meats.
  13. This time Florida Man is trying to be featured on People of W*****t. https://www.wfla.com/news/hillsborough-county/man-drives-golf-cart-inside-gibsonton-walmart-hitting-several-customers/
  14. Never never never ever co-sign for anyone. No matter how good her kitty-kat.

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