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  1. If you're in Mudville, DW and I be right over .... 🤤
  2. INM (I'm Not Marv), but wondering about the low FICO scores post-BK7. Nine years after your BK7 and you're still only in the 600's? Stating you have a revolving credit history of "8" with a sub-600 FICO doesn't add up You have 29 open revolving accounts or is that including those closed or IIB? 61% Utilization?
  3. (Soft Paywall) Why a 90 day sprint is key to getting ready for the economic restart
  4. Yeah - can't forget the PDL crowd. They owe their soul to the company store .... or rather the loan shark
  5. @centex With some insurers, and depending upon your state, just having a licensed teenage driver in the home will place said teenager on your insurance. When 8-Ball was contemplating coming to live with me when he was 18, I went to my Good Neighbor and looked at options for insurance. My agent told me as long as he was residing in the house, it would be assumed he would have access to all vehicles and charged accordingly. Too many people put the kids on their Beige Bettys and the kids are driving the nice cars and getting into crashes.
  6. They don't have three days of an emergency fund. I think one will find these are the Paid-On-Friday-Broke-On-Monday people.
  7. Meanwhile, NJ Puts out the Batsignal for COBOL Programmers to work on state's 60 year old UI mainframe COBOL? Good grief.
  8. That is more if it sits outside in the sun and you don't want that "stick your head in the oven" effect when you get in.
  9. Considering that's an HOA that might be the truth
  10. That POS shouldn't be allowed anywhere near pharmaceuticals.
  11. That one you have quoted looks like she could make a couple C-notes a night turning tricks. The others - their choices of occupations don't exactly scream lifetime job potential - Carpet store, coffee shop, Door Dash, local band, cell phone store, and finally server/bartender.
  12. Try it and let us know CLDs or outright cancellations? I have 2 Synchrony cards (Lowes, eBay) and neither seems to be affected - yet.

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