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  1. Welcome to Creditboards! We hope that you find what you're looking for here. Some helpful tips: Your post may not get a reply right away. Don't be discouraged, this is a very busy board. If it falls off of the first page, feel free to reply to your post yourself, with the word *bump* in the text. This will *bump* your post back up to the top of the board. If you haven't yet, take a peek at out Newbies Section. Everything that you need to know is in that forum, for the most part. It's a lot of reading, we know, but this credit stuff can have a steep learning curve. In no time, you'll be posting like the pros! If you find that someone is discourteous to you, use the REPORT button at the top right of every post - that will ensure that a moderator or admin looks at the post and decides if it is against the TOS. Off -topic posts should go in the General Forum. Again, welcome to the CreditBoards family! CB Admin: Pam, MarvBear, radi8, LKH & 😇breeze😇
  2. Which is really a Maytag underneath the nameplate.
  3. No surprise. When there is a general fear of a "national lockdown" given by the incoming administration, why buy a car when 1. you may lose your job 2. you can't go anywhere.
  4. GMC Acadia / Chevy Tahoe would be decent choices. Also the Chicago built Ford Explorers, but I recall the fold down third row of seating will eliminate any cargo room in the rear. If you're hauling kids OR the mutt that could be an option. For the price range you're asking the Ford Expedition or Chevy Suburban are out of your range - those sticker around $50K as I recall, unless you're willing to consider 1-2 year old pre-owned.
  5. Sorry I think I over-simplified my statement. What you said is exactly what we did. I signed the back of the title since it was in my name only, drove it to the dealership and dropped it off. She then traded that car in for her new one bought in her name only.
  6. I also think George Michael is annoying, but I'm not LGBTPQRTUVWXYZ either.
  7. Mall owners know that even high end retailers like Apple Store and Williams Sonoma (in spite of CV's shopping) won't keep the lights on in a retail mall. Sears is gone, Macy's and its brands aren't doing much better. The Simon family who holds a controlling interest in Simon Property Group were major financiers and supporters of the incoming administration. It will be interesting to see any dynamics of a potential nationwide action against the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Like straight guys who willingly go to Cher concerts. They exist, just not many.
  9. Well .... DUH!!!! (and that's ALL I will say about that....)
  10. Chase is quite neurotic these days. They had XDW blacklisted over a settled for less CO from 10 years ago.
  11. Or the other way around. Its hard telling until the players are in their places and confirmed. I'm almost certain now the CFPB will regrow its teeth again.
  12. *RAISES HAND* As part of our marital divestiture I traded in a vehicle that was in my name only and she bought her vehicle in her name only.

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