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  1. I ordered a docking station for my new MacBook Pro. After waiting two weeks of "please check back tomorrow" I finally checked with the vendor. UPS "lost" the shipment at their Chicago hub. So the vendor sent me another docking station. This one ended up at the Chicago hub as of last Thursday, and tonight I get a message that it is now sitting in Las Vegas at a UPS facility there. At least its not sitting on a cargo ship just offshore of Long Beach.
  2. About four 50-lb bags in the trunk. Has a massive trunk, almost reminiscent of the Po Po Crown Vics. Then again Indianapolis Metro fleet is about 2/3rds Taurus and 1/3 Dodge Charger currently. Oddly enough the Tahoes and Explorers haven't made their way into the Metro fleet unlike suburban areas which are all SUVs now. And yes why ding up a Lariat or King Ranch when an XL can get dirty and dented and nobody would notice?
  3. My 2015 F-150 Lariat with 148,000 miles decided to give me a wrench light recently and the engine shut off. After consulting with a couple reputable mechanics, none of which work for dealerships, and after some googling I found this was a sensor array in the transmission. This part is only available from Ford, and currently is on a 6 month minimum backorder. I managed to use an OBD scanner and time a code clearing sequence with pushing the start button and get it running again. A local used car store had a 2018 Taurus Limited with just shy of 60K miles. I did some research on KBB a
  4. Anyone with half a wit knows this market is way overpriced right now. A correction will happen eventually. When will it happen is anyone's guess.
  5. But as Confucius say we are living in interesting times.
  6. Even if CITGO did have their card apps on paper, it's not worth the paper its printed on
  7. Ahhh...memories of members who have disappeared into the ether
  8. The All in the Family one or the South Park one?
  9. MUFG sounds like the name of an R&B group and not a bank ... oh wait that was MFSB.
  10. That's weird. Back when I was in college (late 80s to early 90s) I couldn't go anywhere without being deluged with offers to apply for American Express (Green) and Discover(y) cards. My refusal to pay an AF was strong back then also so Discover(y) it was.
  11. Must be in Mudville as it hasn't rained a bit out here in SoCal this week. At least not in LA/LGB anyway.
  12. I wouldn't run Citgo in a lawn tractor to drive it to the scrapyard
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