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  1. Has PRA hit you with a 1099 form yet? For that amount look for them to send you a 1099.
  2. Weather Channel been unwatchable since Comcast bought it, ruined it, then dumped it onto a washed up hazbeen stand up comedian (Byron Allen).
  3. Mishawaka, Granger, and South Bend all run together in that East side of the Michiana area. Likely its in the city limits of Mishawaka, and the post office zone of Granger.
  4. Not really. No vehicle holds their value. Oh the devaluation curve might be steeper on some cars vehicles than others but there still is quite a devaluation curve on all vehicles, excepting classics and exotics.
  5. Yeah sell you a more expensive vehicle to "bury" the negative equity, then you end up with even more negative equity.
  6. I think we used to call that "Old Man Tan"
  7. Basic iCloud service is free for up to I think 5GB of space. If the email that is associated with your iTunes account is with Sprint you'll want to change that before switching. Other than that you can keep iCloud. In case you ever decide that Android sucks worse than iOS
  8. Filed Under "I can't take DW or her mother anywhere" ... Mexican restaurant menu item Chicken and Rice (in Spanish of course) "Yeah I'll have Polio con Arrows"
  9. With the latest wealth redistribution scheme, most people will not benefit from itemizing since the standard deduction is now so high.
  10. I used my Patelco card on a recent trip to NorCal. My statement cut and I noticed my CL was bumped to $15K
  11. I showed that to DW. She said its the anti-something something blah blah conspiracy.

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