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  1. This is great to hear and congrats on the new AmEx. Now don't screw it up!! Most have just one chance at great credit after rebuilding. I recovered after divorcing XW#1 after I let her ruin my credit, and I realized and admitted my mistakes, and vowed I would never do that again, and I've had excellent credit now for 15 years. Yes, @kaylee34 is a wonderful gal. Good that you listened to her and was able to recover from your financial foibles.
  2. Many times you can do it online. You might need to follow up with a phone call to make sure. Back in the day I'd snail mail a cut up card to the lender.
  3. Oh you know its going to get really bad, really quick. That pin is about to be pulled on not only rent forebearances but also mortgage foreclosures. With the market in some areas being so crazy, you might see a lot of home borrowers put their houses up for sale this coming month and try to salvage something to rebuild for the future. Granted a lot of borrowers are probably not that smart or aren't thinking past their next EBT payment. Courts are about to get loaded up with tenant evictions and mortgage foreclosures starting Monday.
  4. Being he's not far from Area 51, he could probably hitch a ride with some aliens on their next trip back to their star system
  5. I don't think Med School is a 100% sure thing - you know there's some young med school grad out there who is working for a dotcom prescribing V****a over the internet.
  6. I went to Costco for my prescription pickup and was hankering for a $1.50 Costco hot dog and drink combo ... well lo and behold the snack bar was gutted. All the equipment - gone. Pizza ovens were removed. Hot dog cooker was gone. Cash registers and ordering kiosk removed. Hmmmm. May need to duck into the other local Costco and see if its the same there.
  7. ANYTHING from Sonic is a gastrointestinal mistake
  8. I would say something but that's over the P line here ... I'll just throw out the question of whether the ankle monitor is cut off yet or not
  9. Remember the days before roaming could follow you, one had to dial a special access number to reach your roaming area, then your subscriber number (i.e. your cell phone number) So one had to know where you were, otherwise the caller would hear the "subscriber is not in the local area" message. Cellular One finally introduced follow me roaming in the 90s. And wouldn't have you just been an undergrad or L1 back in the 80s??
  10. OP is not clear on whether this is an out of state purchase or not. When I bought a vehicle near Chicago, the dealership mailed me the original Illinois title to the vehicle. Then I took the Illinois title to Indiana BMV along with my loan documents and applied for an Indiana title and plates. Your state's motor vehicle registry can request the title from the lender to make corrections or issue a new title if required. The form here in Indiana is called "Request Title to Perfect Lien". BMV sends that to the lienholder in order to obtain a title to make corrections.
  11. Oh I know. The company owner from two employers ago leased two BMW 750iL's for his sons to drive.
  12. Just remember - a divorce is nothing more than just another business transaction. Keep that in mind as you negotiate with your STBX. I'm sure there's emotional attachment to the home but in the end it's just another asset and piece of property. Since there's lots of equity, you can compare the costs of refinancing vs. selling, paying off your ex- and your brothers. The court will no doubt put a timeline on the property settlement, unless you and STBX drag out the proceedings (which IMO makes things a thousand times worse) then you'll need to come up with settlement funds quickly.
  13. There's a reason BMWs (and their owners) are compared to female hygienic cleansing devices.
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