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  1. You know its against policy to go through the checkouts at Costco for less than $100 right?
  2. Pfft. Metal is for those who have more money than they have brains. NFC is where its going now. I'm enjoying having Google Pay on my new phone too much.
  3. Are you near any of the following: Restrooms, Coffee/Vending Machine, Water Cooler, or the general break room?
  4. The fun part about owning an HP graphing calculator is handing it to someone who doesn't understand RPN and see if they can use it.
  5. Why pay a premium for food (that you still have to cook) delivery when your local grocer can deliver the same stuff for less?
  6. You gotta watch those roach coaches.
  7. They seem to be a favorite among ugly women who only wear Birkenstocks
  8. Since OP is a teacher in California is there a program like Homes for Teachers or something like that which would put her in a home relatively inexpensively?
  9. LVNV and Credit One are the same entity
  10. Aren't they the #1 car brand among the LGBPQRTUVWXYZ?
  11. FTD is for the most part now an anachronism like a Western Union telegram. In a day before the internet was invented by a certain someone, if you wanted to send flowers to an out of town funeral or a loved one in the hospital you called your local florist and used FTD. Now, pick up your smart phone, pick, click, pay, send. Done.
  12. They probably can work out the letter, they would be utterly confused as to where the remaining three (Occasionally 2 as some stickshifts have an N in the middle to mark neutral) letters are, and why are there numbers up to 5 on there when there should only be 1 and 2 ??? Side Note: Do semi-tractors have automatic transmissions in them these days? I was talking to the truck driver at work and telling him what are we going to do when guys his age (close to my age) retire and how none of these kids would know how to drive a manual transmission truck. He told me there's tractors with automatics in them now. I said "no way. you're [pooping] me!" he told me the big carriers like Schneider and J.B. Hunt buy them because that's the only way they can bring in young 20-somethings to trucking. I think he's feeding me a line of mushroom feed since I'm the FNG there.
  13. Piece of cr@p according to Consumer Reports

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