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  1. I wonder if anyone has called up AAA for roadside service and had this conversation .... "I need a jump start on my car" "We will be glad to help. What kind of car is it?" "Tesla model S"
  2. IF you like waiting by the roadside for 3-4 hours, there's AAA.
  3. Besides the fact its a division of Experian? No. Of course, being a part of Experian says a lot.
  4. If a car is an off-lease from someone such as yourself, would it reported under "Fleet, rental, and/or lease use"??
  5. "Ping" to an IT worker means one thing, and to someone else its a brand of golf clubs "master" and "slave" to an IT worker means two devices working in tandem, but to someone else these are racist words In America, "poof" is a snack from a bag, like "Cheesy Poofs". In England, CV is a poof. In America, a "flat" is what happens to your car at the worse time. In England, a flat is where one lives. Also in England, "having a suck on a fag" means you're bumming a cigarette. I'm not going to go there about what that means in America.
  6. Looks like GM got their "inspiration" from the Ford Edge and Chrysler Pacifica.
  7. My concern over getting into the current marijuana producers is if it is ever reclassified off the schedule of narcotics is that Big Tobacco will use their Washington clout to get the lock on production as a replacement for tobacco.
  8. The Indiana Unemployment debit card
  9. Sounds like a version of Prosper for college tuition
  10. With the smell of the burnt food and the overall BO, how can anyone tell the ciggy smoke from the smoke from the grill?
  11. Agreed with the above. Besides manufacturer subsidized 0% financing, 3.9 is about as good as one is going to get right now. Besides, its a cheap, disposable car.

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