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  1. This is a duplicate topic - please see this OP's other post
  2. This article is about a ponzi scheme from years ago even before crypto was invented, where the scheme operator just got sentenced to what amounts to life in prison and who does CNN show front and center? SBF.
  3. Wait .... Harbor Freight is now in the car business??????
  4. It would be a major job to move a drain, unless you could somehow move the wall opposite the drain a couple inches and get your 32" tub that way. Not only do you have to concern with getting the correct angle of the drain line, you also have to get the slope just right. Its not just hair and bathwater going down that drain. Brown stuff goes down there with it and you don't want the brown stuff to accumulate when water drains too quickly. Little surprised at a 70 year old house on a slab. That's typical of houses starting in the 1980s, not 1950s.
  5. Don't Give Up. Don't Ever Give Up - Jim Valvano
  6. Those who don't like Robinhood seem to use the term as a pejorative, hence its relevance to the meme stocks and the WallStreetBets crowd. I currently use Robinhood but I'm leaning towards making new purchases with Ally and phasing out my poop stocks on Robinhood.
  7. Did you do without health insurance from June to December or was it not a HDHP?
  8. I'm in 100 shares of F now. I do like the dividend right now. I wouldn't touch VZ with a 39-and-a-half foot pole (same for T)
  9. Menards Big Card (Capital One) - +2000 for $6100 - considering I ran almost $10K through that card since October renovating my house, and that's not including $10K I spent on new kitchen cabinets that I put on a different card when CrapOne wouldn't budge on the CL a month ago. Patelco CU - Bumped me to $20K from $13K without asking
  10. Wonder if the Kitchen Aid mixer accessories will go on deep discount?
  11. Positive vibes for your recovery centex.
  12. I follow CDG - I think he's a bit of an alarmist but I do agree there will be a lot of loans which were even-equity become seriously underwater. Used car stores are already seeing their inventory devalue quicker than even normal years. When Carvana goes under the resulting fire sale of their inventory will jolt the user car markets for a while.
  13. Considering how many in the Tech and Silicon(e) Valley have been downsized in Q4 this is not surprising
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