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  1. Are Preparing for Recession? https://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-many-goldman-sachs-private-equity-clients-are-preparing-for-a-recession-every-single-one-of-them-2019-12-05?mod=the-tell
  2. Carmax is just as shady if not worse. They are a subprime finance company with a retail front.
  3. Wasn't there a movie about smuggling stuff into Turkey ??
  4. Did you take pictures of your apartment with everything out of it just before leaving and turning in the keys? Otherwise its your word against the landlord's and guess who will win in court.
  5. Maybe. Though there would be some validity to the point of "put more in, leave it in longer, get more out". Just like doing the nasty. Or a 401K/IRA.
  6. Impressive. I thought I hit the jackpot last year with my $400 back from Costco.
  7. Diversity - okay Inclusion - goes part in parcel with Diversity Equity - so this part of the job ensures everyone isn't underwater on their home mortgage?
  8. Of course it only goes up to 12,500 feet. Above that requires an oxygen supply. The "traditional gasoline" would have to be E0 gasoline because even E10 will freeze up at altitude. 200 MPH = appx 175 knots - not shabby considering your average Cessna cruises at 125 to 140 knots. So this thing can both hover and fly and it takes off vertically or horizontally? Can't wait to see what kind of pilot certification the FAA would want to drive/fly that thing. BMV Driver test and an FAA Checkride all in one.
  9. Has anyone mentioned Dilbertesque work phrases such as "High Performing Employees" or "High Performance Workplace" ??
  10. Needed tires - went to Firestone for black friday special CFNA - $4500
  11. Never heard of it, so its not like we're discussing a Fortune 500 CEO here.
  12. https://www.ibj.com/articles/sen-rand-paul-offers-bill-to-combat-student-loan-debt-with-retirement-savings Offered with just this comment: Regardless of who comes up with the plan, frankly the idea of swapping your future for the present isn't all that appealing nor very smart. Especially without future (and likely drastic) action there won't be Social Security retirement for those who are currently under age 40. And then there's the missed gains on your 401K or IRA that you really never "make up". Keep in mind the Golden Rule when commenting please
  13. Little Johnny drinks a pint of milk at school, farts, and suddenly he's labelled lactose intolerant.
  14. Don't think you can do that. Report back if you get away with this. What did you do for your other business credit?

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