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  1. That's a definite throwback - XW#1 was a big Cathy fan. She had Cathy posters, figurines, and all kinda of knick-knacks.
  2. I'd venture to guess its more the first three. The ones with a long rap sheet know if its bad enough on the streets, they can stick up a stop-and-rob and go back to the joint for a 6x9 with three hots and a cot.
  3. I avoided a gold digger once. Second phone call before we even had our first official date "how much money do you make?". She then told me I wasn't what she wanted in a relationship. I replied with a terse tirade and ended communication with her. We found each other years later on LinkedIn - she married and the guy she married .... well she was definitely the breadwinner there. Then she got downsized. Karma. ETA: Marriage is overrated anyway
  4. I love Mustangs but they are not essential transportation. They are toys like sport bikes. I would never have one as my primary or only mode of transportation.
  5. It could be the lot was waiting on the title paperwork to come back clean before offering it for sale. The whole talk of "prep for delivery" sounds like a game they're playing to get you to move quickly. Don't walk. Run.
  6. No but I hear that's how United removes passengers from their aircraft
  7. It has happened. I know of: Snork Maiden and Romadant (they married and had a couple kids at least), RussInGotham and HoustonLynne (not sure if they married yet or not), and I think OrangeCrush may have met her spouse on here? Most I think moved to be near the object of their affection.
  8. I just received the same notice from Chase. Went from $23,000 to $11,500. Seems 50% CL cuts are the new normal with Chase.
  9. I meant the left coast as in geographically, not politically.
  10. What is that? Whole Foods generic?
  11. You have the animal poop out in the streets in San Francisco. There's your zoo. Chicago let a bunch of murderous raping inmates out of their jails, in order to make room for those violating isolation rules and curfew/quarantine.
  12. I don't voluntarily visit the Left Coast. I prefer to see the sun rise over the ocean, not set.
  13. D@mn right. I did gently remind her that paying in excess of the monthly would be better, and she better plan to keep that vehicle for most of that 84 months. I've bought Fords on A/Z for years, there's never any bargaining on the price, just on the trade. I don't know if GMS or whatever FCA calls their program is any different or not.

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