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  1. Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet were throwing shade all over Robinhood at the BRKA annual meeting. If Robinhood were to fail one brokerage I can see being nudged by the SEC to pick up the pieces would be Schwab. I don't own any shares of Robinhood but I bought WRBY at 47 and RIVN at 82 ... oy vey!!!!!
  2. I still have a Sears MasterCard leftover from when I bought a fridge, washer and dryer in 2011. I'm surprised this wasn't morphed into some bubble cash card or something like that.
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/04/12/consumer-prices-rose-8point5percent-in-march-slightly-hotter-than-expected.html
  4. There's a former franchise dealer salesman on YouTube (@ChevyDude) who struck out on his own with a used store and he posted a video on the warranty companies, which ones are frauds and which ones are good and reasonably priced.
  5. When I was in SoCal last week when watching the news they had a story about a "number" of dispensaries being held up in armed robberies. Not for the pot, but the cash.
  6. While watching CNBC last night on the plane ride home, there was a story about Chipotle in this metafakeverse where people can make virtual food and convert it to rewards for real food. I just sat there and the poor sap next to me heard me mumble many times "Its a [expletive]-ing video game!!!"
  7. I would believe this in a second. In that era the CFPB was severely crippled, probably just had enough skeleton crew to keep the doors open and lights on.
  8. The last Blue Light should be put in the Smithsonian
  9. Besides the AU issue, could the OP go through one of the Canadian-American banks (TD or BMO) for credit products to get started? Especially if OP had an existing account with said Canadian banks before
  10. I can tell you from semi-personal experience (my X-DW), settling with Chase is just as bad and totally burning them in BK as they will blacklist you. Amex used to blacklist for settling but there's anecdotal evidence that you can get back in with Amex if you make them whole.
  11. This is a 180 degree view from those who hail from Cincinnati who think chili should resemble applesauce mixed with tomato paste
  12. DeVivo Bros. Eatery - Keller, Texas Had the rigatoni with spicy sausage. highly recommend if one is ever in the Fort Worth area
  13. I think Amazon also was rumored to have express interest in buying Kohl's
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