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  1. So you had an auto loan for 4 months? Talk about your 90 days same as cash....
  2. There was a charitable group that ran a JDB who would buy medical debt for the aforementioned pennies on the dollar and then forgive the debt. The name escapes me at the moment.
  3. I wonder what SWA's strategy is going to these larger hub airports they once despised - ORD, IAH, etc when they pretty much "own" the other airport in town (ie MDW and HOU). Now if they ever make an appearance at DFW that'll be one for the record books considering the legal wrangling in Southwest's beginnings related to Love Field, DFW, and Congressman Jim Wright.
  4. Could be worse. My brother's house (which was built by my now deceased grandparents) was built in 1980 and it showed. Originally dark paneling, harvest gold appliances. Now the walls are either wallpapered or painted about five coats of white to not have the dark bleed through. Appliances are now stainless steel.
  5. More victims of credit cards. How dare those creditors!!
  6. I received the AA notice notifying me of why they countered my 30K request with 15K - "Significant Unsecured Credit Exposure" - in other words true CWs need not apply.
  7. No. No SUBs or incentives. Actually their HQ is in New Jersey in the NY Metro area, but with the huge Polish and Slavic community around Chicago it made sense to locate branches there.
  8. 1. SMH at the thought of a predatory reverse mortgage, no matter what senior actor/actress is pitching the scheme 2. At least in this area, Townhomes are really condos. There's a common roofline shared among many units, no separation between units, and the unit exterior is maintained by the HOA.
  9. This. NFCU might let the OP remain a member, but for that much loss I doubt it.
  10. When I was in grade school my mother asked me if I learned any words that day, so I naturally said "yes!" and blurted out some profanity.
  11. So PSFCU countered my request for $30K with $15K. The analyst told me while my income would support $30K limit, most of my existing lines of credit are in the 10-15K range, with Discover as my $49.5K outlier.
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