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  1. IndyPoolPlayer

    Target RedCard Upgrade to Target MasterCard in October

    It will show "transferred to another account" - or at least it did back ten years ago when my Red Card was upgraded to what was a Visa card back then
  2. IndyPoolPlayer

    There are more than 3 Credit Reporting Agencies

    Wow your LN was almost 300 pages? Mine was about 125. Lot of it was redundant. I can tell you a little bit about Valassis - they are a direct mail marketing broker. So when companies want to send "targeted" postal mail to certain persons or certain zip codes based on income, home values, or similar criteria they work with Valassis. One of Valassis most known publications is the Red Plum flyers that come in the mail. These are typically customized for every zip code or group of zip codes (ie 462xx for all of Indianapolis within city limits)
  3. IndyPoolPlayer

    How America's foreclosure capital came back from the dead

    And I'm sure they are loving the calls they are getting from the DNC seeking donations ......... oh wait are we referring to the same DNC list?
  4. The "law" doesn't matter to certain groups of people. They think the "law" is a racist bunch of words in a book written by "old white men" and doesn't apply to them unless its convenient.
  5. IndyPoolPlayer

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Oh I've been around those who like their Portillo's with "some gravy" and "dunked in gravy" - the "dunked in gravy" is the one that looks like the hot dog buns at Coney Island on July 4th.
  6. It used to be in Marion County (Indianapolis) the paper you would get from traffic court if you filed a contest on a traffic ticket would read "PROPER COURTROOM ATTIRE IS REQUIRED" and would list the items that were prohibited to be worn in the courtroom. At the bottom of the paper would read in bold letters "FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THIS RULE WILL LEAD TO YOU BEING EJECTED FROM THE COURTROOM AND A WARRANT FILED AGAINST YOU FOR FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT!"
  7. IndyPoolPlayer

    Advice Needed...Fannie Mae Mortgage

    IS this an iPhone? It's a well known and documented feature called "WiFi Assist" where it will use cellular data when the wifi drops out or is otherwise inaccessible. I instructed all of my users to turn it off on our corporate phones.
  8. All the DA needs to do is let this trial stay pending until November.
  9. IndyPoolPlayer

    Norway - Free Heroin for addicts

    So while you're not incarcerating you're just shifting the public treasury outlays to long term hospitalization and medical care as a result of street drugs in a socialized medical system. And this is better how?
  10. https://www.wishtv.com/national/study-people-are-harming-pets-to-get-opioids/1361157026
  11. IndyPoolPlayer

    Norway - Free Heroin for addicts

    Now as someone who has been there and come back with addiction, don't you see this as ending only one way and that's not good?
  12. Funny thing is there was not a WORD of this mentioned on our local media, or if it was reported by the IndyStar it was buried in the middle pages below the fold. Though the AG has other challenges right now most of which would be a violation of this boards ToS to discuss.
  13. Is the reason for having the accounts in a trust is in case she would need to enter an extended heath care facility?
  14. IndyPoolPlayer

    The Dining and Food Thread

    I'll take my italian beef dry with the peppers thank you very much. I want to actually enjoy the bread and not mushed like Joey Chestnut eating a hotdog

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