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  1. IndyPoolPlayer

    BOA is stopping HP for CLI

    Just requested $25K -> $35K on my BOA Cash Rewards - got 7-10 day notice Edit To Add: Duh! CRA's still on ice.
  2. IndyPoolPlayer

    Refinance question for Marv

    Agreed. If it required 72 months to get the payment down to something you can afford, you bought too much vehicle.
  3. 50 years ago there was a death penalty and many states used it. Nowadays, even on the rare occasion that a death sentence is handed down its really just life without parole. There should be no more discussion on this as it will invariably violate this forum's ToS.
  4. IndyPoolPlayer

    Next Best Bank/CU to Switch to?

    Credit Unions do have one thing in common with charitable organizations - they don't pay taxes as a "non-profit organization"
  5. The men you once picked up in the bars probably thought you were Mr. Hot Pants, right?
  6. "and unnamed perpetrators" - sounds like he's taking a 5 year rap with the understanding of turning state's evidence against the partners.
  7. Be interesting to see if Bloomberg and Reuters will see libel lawsuits from Super Micro and J&J respectively in the coming months.
  8. IndyPoolPlayer

    Wanted (Reward)

    Can't eat because of no teeth as a result of Meth Mouth.
  9. IndyPoolPlayer

    NEW CARD!! Mr. Cooper Home Rewards

    My mortgage is currently serviced by Mr. Cooper, but this card offered by an overseas bank isn't getting me all too excited over getting it. (yes I know Puerto Rico is part of the USA but I'm being a smart@$$)
  10. IndyPoolPlayer

    NEW CARD!! Mr. Cooper Home Rewards

    https://www.mrcooperhomerewardscard.com/wli/nsmhome.aspx Issued by Banco Popular
  11. Yes - and I think the lenders are the ones who didn't remember their history. Oh wait they got bailed out so what do they care right? Just like in the bubble preceding the dot-com explosion, and again in the run-up to the mortgage meltdown and Great Recession.
  12. Huh??? Is this that "new math" I kept hearing about??

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