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  1. Only things that have changed is B* died a couple years ago, and more creditors are blacklisting when a debtor causes financial losses due to settlement or BK
  2. People at the top make millions and accused of stiffing vendors, those at the bottom are saddled with debt after empty promises
  3. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/intuit-eyes-credit-karma-in-what-would-be-its-biggest-ever-acquisition-2020-02-23?mod=home-page
  4. Chase and UAL renew their contract to 2029 https://www.chicagobusiness.com/airlines-airports/united-and-chase-finally-come-terms-new-credit-card-deal
  5. Speaking of Comenity, I need to see if my scheduled payment is migrating over to Citi or if it was cancelled and needs rescheduling.... Hmmmm....
  6. It would be at 24.99% nowadays and converted to almost useless Thank You points. I had a Citi Diamond Preferred at 6.24% that was ratejacked to 21.99% during the Credit Crunch Crisis - so I opted out and it went bye-bye.
  7. Please don't crosspost - it confuses people, and you'll get conflicting answers. Marv or Pam would you merge this with the identical post in BK forum?
  8. This is a very bad idea. CB once upon a time had a few superprime members who lent out their credit card accounts as AU to other members to help others build their credit files. I don't think it ended badly but there was always some risk in such a plan. There's lots of CUs to join that don't require such shenanigans as claiming 15th cousins ten times removed as a "relative".
  9. It appears they are a referral aggregator of various services. If you're in financial trouble they connect you to a financial counselor or BK attorney, etc Sort of like an Angie's List or Home Advisor for personal services. They are not a financial counselor or DMP provider themselves.
  10. I'm would not be one bit surprised if Robinhood doesn't end up being acquired by a Big Fish before the end of 2020. It fits the SV pattern - startup, grow, cash out when acquired, repeat.
  11. Right, 2.89 for something that costs no more than 75 cents including the paper cup, plastic top, and biodegradable dolphin approved straw
  12. XW believe the MLM hype - she thought she could make money without working. I told her you still have to do something and not just sit around and look in the mailbox for some check that will never come.
  13. Little Update: DW was P!$$ed at me tonight - found out about the credit freezes on her CRAs. She wanted to apply for a yet another credit card. I told her they were on there for her own good. Yeah, that didn't fly. I told her to call the CRAs herself and remove them herself and gave her the PINs. She demanded I go online and remove them and my reply was "I'm not going to help you ruin your finances" ... and left it at that.
  14. It will be interesting to see how much brokerage consolidation is allowed before coming to a regulatory halt. Ameritrade + Schwab, MS + E*Trade, who's next?

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