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  1. My experience is the $30K max. I have a 5K Visa and 25K Founders card and no dice on anything more. Perhaps you could reduce the line on one to add the PSU card, but I've never tried to shuffle lines around.
  2. As a long term PSECU member it seems to always be the first of the month for everything... at least in my case... and I have 5 accounts between mortgages and cards.
  3. AMEX Hilton $35K Discover $31.5K Amex Blue Cash and B of A Tied @ $30K each
  4. Pulled the trigger after reading this post. Had $20K and requested $30K. Got the 7-10 day message and figured it was a denial. After four days it was finally approved and no HP that I can tell.
  5. A few years back I moved both my rental and primary mortgage to them as well as car loan and visa. I got almost $700 today. Definitely has to do with mix and loan products count for more. I love PSECU!!
  6. I just asked the same question of my mortgage bank this week before my approval. I have a 85% LTV and I was considering borrowing from family the other 5% to eliminate PMI. They indicated straight out that it had to be a gift and no other quick money with potential for obligation. We decided to let it ride at 85%. They did tell me that we could call back after close and pay down the principle without any questions and ask for PMI to be removed from the payment. It was called an alongue?? may have that misspelled, but said it was doable after close without question they said.
  7. Just received refinance approval for my primary home and will close in about 2-3 weeks. Have about $1,300 is escrow. Is that typically just refunded and not taken off of the principle balance at close? Did not think about this until I read this thread.... Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes just did this with income property and had 80% utilization on CC's. Income was high enough and was about 50% of the total equity... $70K. I just paid all of the cards after closing myself....
  9. Good luck on the home search first of all. I too am a landlord and if you live in a reasonable township or municipality just call them about issues at the rental. They usually will contact the landlord and he has no choice but to react or face stiff fines and/or lose the rental permit. As for the letter I would simply write it and go to his house and sign it. Makes it painless for him..... but do this first before you call the township! Good luck.
  10. I just paid off 2/3 of my revolving accounts and went from 664 to 708 fico. Maxed revolving was killing my score.
  11. Was just wondering this myself. Once a debt is sold to a JDB would the OC still accept payment if offered? I am thinking no but....
  12. Just threw one of their invitations to apply away today. It is a bit of slick wording, but it states the first annual fee of $75 is up front and then $99 every year thereafter. The $99 is then billed monthly at $8.25 per month. The $19 authorized user fee is buried in there too it looks like. Too steep for me, but if you need a good trade line it may be worth it to rebuild.
  13. YOU FRONT MONEY FOR THE COMPANY ON A PERSONAL CREDIT CARD...THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PAY YOU BACK BEFORE 4 MONTHS yeah, you would think . . . My company turns expense money in two weeks or less and it was the same at my previous employer too. If it took 4 months I would be looking for another job as that can add up quick if you do a ton of travel.
  14. Did they say why they closed it? Utilization. I carried a balance for about a 18 months making minimum payments. This was one of their "for life" 3.99% deals so I was not in hurry on this. It originally came with a $35K CL so it was only about 25% utilized. Then mid last year the CLD came making it instantly 98% utilized!! I would have not paid this one just yet, but considering it was maxed and killing my score I decided to PIF. They CLD'ed to 1K two days later then closed it. I was a bit pissed, but hey they served their purpose at 3.99% for the time I needed it. With banks today I'm just moving on.....
  15. Recently Barclay's closed my Carnival MC after I PIF'ed. They continued to send me satements for the next few months on the small interest fee and then another showing the $0 balance. I could still pay on line even after the closure.
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