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  1. Is this an ongoing problem or a one time blip? I have my cell phone bill automatically set up to charge to my WF card, and I haven't had any problems with pushed payments showing as credited the next day.
  2. I wonder if this involved just one of their private label cards.
  3. Well, I suppose you can try to duck the BK, but it will be harder to dodge the trade lines that led to it. And legally, you still have to admit to the BK if asked when applying for credit.
  4. Maybe Cap1 should try to get Allegiant or Spirit for their airline partner. Can't think of any other airline that might be remotely interested.
  5. Is this the Walmart Mastercard or just the plain old Walmart card?
  6. If I recall correctly, my IIB accounts were listed individually with a zero balance and a BK notation. Perversely, even though those IIB accounts were stinkers on the CR, I believe they counted towards AAA as long as they were listed.
  7. It wasn't clear from your post if this was a legitimate debt. If it isn't, you should be able to simply dispute.
  8. It's possible the debt would be covered under the BK if it was inadvertently omitted. Depends on the circumstances of the BK.
  9. Do you have other closed accounts that might have reached their reporting limit and dropped off your report? Or any changes in balances vs credit limits?
  10. Well, you can always pony up the $25 and pay the merchant. Is it really worth the $25 to put yourself through this aggravation.?
  11. It looks like you're paying a steep price to maintain AAoA.
  12. I opened HSBC's online checking account about 15 years ago because they were paying a good checking account interest rate with no minimum. You could also do inter-bank transfers free--Citizens charges for that. HSBC nixed the higher checking account interest rate a few years ago and I never got around to closing the account. Since T-mobile just nixed their higher rate on checking, I guess my wallet will be two cards lighter.
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