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  1. My mother has a Sears Mastercard--she gets these types of promotions also--some extra cash back fr stuff not bought at Sears. It seems weird. She got a new card last week and I helped her activate it--shows the open date as 1965. A 53 year old tradeline!!
  2. When I think of USAA, I think of their commercials with military guys. For that demographic, I see USAA customers paying household expenses, car payments, etc and having a couple of direct deposits a month. I don't see that demographic transferring $5K or other large amounts in/out multiple times like jellybeans, while not doing much actual banking with USAA. So your transactions set you apart from what USAA sees in their typical customer demographic. Now, what USAA does with that information...
  3. chicagorich

    What did you get in the email today?

    Why would a company that sells kitchen ware encourage card holders not to use their kitchens?
  4. chicagorich

    Wash your pet bowls.

    I use a pet fountain and run it through the dishwasher weekly. But I have not found a good way to clean out the submersible pump. Even using those brush kits doesn't clean out the area around the power cord where slimy goo can hide.
  5. chicagorich


    I doubt those IIB accounts are going to magically turn into positive tradelines
  6. Most of the calls I get on my cell phone are spam/scam calls these days.
  7. chicagorich

    whole life insurance. do you ever stop paying for it?

    When I said underwritten, I meant medically underwritten, where you supply medical records to the insurance company. Most of the final expense policies I see advertised are not medically underwritten, thus the higher cost and payments that, for all intents and purposes, last the rest of most people's lives.
  8. chicagorich

    whole life insurance. do you ever stop paying for it?

    It depends at what age insurance is purchased and whether or not the policy is underwritten. I have an underwritten whole life policy that is paid up after 20 years of payments. Some of the no questions asked policies have payments that go until a very old age which for most people is effectively pay until you die.
  9. Another question, for those that might have gotten the letter, is your Rewards MC a World MC?
  10. Anybody who got the letter have more than one Barclays account? I have the Priceline card as well as the Rewards MC that started out as Sallie Mae. Haven't gotten any letter here.
  11. I opened a Citizens account online, never set foot in the branch. They are PA.
  12. Probably best to request any rewards credit in time to post before your statement closes so that it reduces the statement balance. I had the same issue with Barclays recently and their app was telling me I had not yet paid the minimum balance even though a rewards credit posted after the statement closed bringing the balance to zero.
  13. I wish VISA, MC, etc had gone with chip and PIN methodology. Now it will apparently be chip...and nothing.
  14. chicagorich

    April DCU FICO is Up

    Damn! Tell me about it!!
  15. chicagorich

    April DCU FICO is Up

    805, up from 705. BK7 dropped off a couple of months ago, now all scores above 800.

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