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  1. Sears used to sell cars: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a23786730/sears-failed-selling-cars-twice/
  2. I haven't checked. I haven't used the card yet. Wonder how long I can go before they close it..
  3. 792 (+38) Don't know how. Of course, when it was over 800 and dropped to around 755, I couldn't explain that either other than I opened one new card.
  4. What is the reason you don't like the Costco Visa? If I were a Costco fan, it doesn't seem like a bad card.
  5. Not to put too fine a point on this, but unless you are Bernie Madoff, $27K is still a pretty hefty CL,
  6. Mine dropped to 784 after paying off the car early. Not in the mood to buy another car just to get back over 800.
  7. I just opened a T-mobile money account this week. I was able to do a mobile deposit as soon as I opened the account. You do need a post-paid T-mobile account in order the get the 4% interest rate, though.
  8. Does Discover have a process /application to add a co-owner to the existing Discover account? She might get more benefit from a FICO standpoint if she can be added as an owner to an account that already has history, and then keep the account after her husband passes.
  9. Are taxes dischargeable in BK if the returns weren't filed as required. One could try to have the taxes owed declared "currently uncollectible" by the IRS to get out from under IRS levies.
  10. It isn't clear to me how involved VISA was in the Costco switch to Citi. Citi also issues Mastercard products.
  11. I googled the title of the article and was able to read it. Sounds like a close approximation to a money tree.
  12. 90K outstanding loan + 40K new loan. I think I'll hang onto the one I have that is paid off.

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