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  1. The Walmart memo posted used the term Manufactured Spending. When they learn your lingo, you are in trouble.
  2. Gulf did have their own card way back. My parents had the card, sometimes they would give it to me to go fill up the Fury.
  3. If you are delinquent, you have no use for a replacement card. Or am I missing something here?
  4. I rented a washer/dryer maybe 20 years ago for about 2 years. Knew I would be buying a place, didn't want to have to haul them between an apartment and a house. Think it cost around $30 a month. Very basic units.
  5. I'm surprised a 2015 Yukon needs all that work. Did you buy it new? Sometimes, you can negotiate with GM to cover a portion of major repairs that occur not too long after the warranty expires. How many miles?
  6. 810 (+2) Says a recently opened card is affecting score.
  7. 807. My credit mix isn’t optimal. No car loans or mortgage.

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