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  1. Not sure how Buick makes money these days. They only have three models, two made in Asia and one American made.
  2. My gas bill goes up $18 a month in September. So far, I have seen minimal change in the electric bill.
  3. Why not just run the credit card for preauthorization when people come in? I would never hand over id.
  4. And make sure that the small balance only reports on one or two cards, not multiple cards.
  5. chicagorich


  6. I don’t understand the post office reference.
  7. But the EX and TU scores didn’t dip, hence my comment, although in the scheme of things, there probably isn’t much difference between 788 and 810 as it regards approvals.
  8. I chose to drop Merrick. (and mine had no fee)
  9. 810. My score dipped to 788 in March from 810 in February. I let two small balances on Lowes and Amazon report. Seems strange that would have caused the decrease.
  10. I wasn’t aware of the 3%. I’ve used mostly Amazon gift cards over the past year.
  11. I believe you need to be an Amazon prime member to get the 5% back from Synch's Amazon card.
  12. I actually got upgraded to the CareCredit Mastercard after a couple of pricey vet visits.
  13. I logged into my already existing Citizens account and now have two checking accounts listed. I was hoping my transferred HSBC account wouldn’t commingle with my existing Citizens accounts.
  14. Well, I didn't know credit card companies would do balance transfers from a non-credit card account. But, I regularly get checks from credit card companies that could be used for that purpose, although they come with a fee.
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