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  1. Maybe you should get your siggy notarized, wow that is bizzaro, might just be some newby over there whose having a bad hair day. They're prolly mad cuz your letter got around the scanning devices and their cushy little job was just made harder, who the heck knows. I bet WhyChat does!!!
  2. Well darn it, it is on Equifax WhyChat, I just didn't see it initially. But I really appreciate your confidence. I'm just a little bugged how easy it is for some, and then other folks have to really beat these people down and go through hell to get to the finish line with the desired results. I have confidence too, but you're so very right in that this is a scientific, methodical and very precise procedure that one must adhere explicitly to the minutest details, you've convinced me of that after reading all these posts. In the end, you just can't lose if you do it right, the LAW IS ON MY SIDE!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!
  3. UPDATE: Gosh I'm ignorant, I didn't know how easy it was just to click, click, print, there we now have our 6 credit reports!!! WhyChat, I have my answers, don't know what I thought I heard the gal at Regions tell me, thought I had the medical collection on my reports too, but they're not!!! Just on TU and Experian for DH. Sooooo, HE only needs to write to them two, right? But, I guess we need to clear off the old addresses first. We are both now "opted out", so that gets a checkoff. Plus, I need to see about getting that EOMB thingy from Blue Cross. Sure hope that isn't hard, since we don't have that insurance anymore, hope I find my passwords to access that. The CA is reporting that the starting balance when they got the account was $2014, now 3 years later it's over $3100! I just have no words to describe how flabbergasted I am by that. They think they're gonna get $1200 from us for all their "hard work". That $2014 isn't even right, gotta get that EOMB!! OKAY, SO GOOD SO FAR. Wow, this feels great, a new purpose in life, screw the CA!! I'm just hoping against hope that this doesn't eventually lead to me having to go the whole nine yards with filing a complaint to the FTC because the doctor ends up refusing the cash m.o., or they won't do the right thing if they do cash it and won't follow up with removing the blotch from DH report, or the CA won't remove the adverse info from DH credit report. We just might have to run the marathon. But it's a much better starting place that only 2 out of the possible 6 reports have this info making the fight a little easier and more manageable. I appreciate you WhyChat and all the other people here who have put such effort into helping the helpless. Laws do you no good if you have no clue how to make them work for you. It shouldn't have to be so dang complicated, but oh well, that's life.
  4. Hi friends, I think I have enough on the ball now to get this rolling, I just need a few little loose ends tied up WhyChat. Our story: In 2006, before my husband went to Medicare, we made a decision to have jaw surgery for our then teenage son who is now in college to help him with his bite since his teeth didn't exactly fit right and it made perfect sense to get this done before my husband didn't have access to this insurance anymore. I think we still could have done it later since I and our children were still covered after this, but I didn't want to chance any foul ups because of his transition to Medicare. Everything went well, but we had an amount that Blue Cross did not pay, somewhere around $1700. No problem doc, we will pay this if we can set it up on a payment plan, which we did. Well, that didn't work out too well, this greedy doctor charged so much interest and if we were just a little late with the $50/mo payment, only small piddly amounts would come off the balance, if any at all. We then told them to send it to collections, we erroneously thought that would "freeze" the amount we owed and we could then deal with it. WRONG and STUPID to boot! Fast forward to 2009, and this is after we have already refinanced our primary home TWICE w/o problems, even trying to settle the debt at that time of the first refinance with this surgeon, no dice, no negotiation. AND, on top of that the balance has continually increased since it landed at the collection agency. That first refinance was in 2007. The second one we did this year in February for a cool 4.75% and it didn't even seem to matter to our lender that it was there, like it was invisible, not even mentioned, I guess since my husband's credit scores were high enough even with that on there I suppose. My middle score is/was still around 688, so we refinanced in his name only on the note. Back to where we are now: We have a tax bill to the feds in excess of $9K. Oops, shoulda filed quarterly taxes when you're self-employed, even when you don't feel like you're having a banner year, you're rich to the govt. !! Anyway, we have 5 rental properties in Texas, 3 are paid off, one has a $3900 balance and the other one about $21,000. We want to refinance the latter (took out that loan in 1988 @12%!!!) and cash out the money we need to pay our tax bill and then pay off the other little balance on the other property. I didn't think our bank would tell us to go pay off these collection accounts (there's another little one from Sears too for $1800 and they were willing to negotiate it to half of that, even though those blood suckers have been re-aging that old, old account for years, makes it look recent, grrrr, I'll deal with them after this greedy doctor) Wells Fargo didn't do that to us for our primary residence refinance, I just don't get why Regions Bank in Arkansas is demanding this. (Ha, ya think they don't want to give up their 12% jackpot with us maybe?) Sooooo, long story short, since I've been reading and reading and reading on this forum, I now have my head turned around about paying any collection agency any darned thing because of what the fine folks here who obviously know their stuff have to say about that!! My questions: Since this insurance that we used to pay this surgeon was from my husband's former employer (Boeing) and was, I guess, then, his bill, how did they legally put that on my credit report as well? Is that right? And, when I start my letter writing campaign WhyChat, after I first confirm what our bank said when we get our once yearly free reports (that this medical collection account is on both our reports), do I need to start with writing 6 letters, not three to each of the bureaus, or do we treat this as the joint thing they are treating this as and send the letters to the bureaus signed by the both of us? Same question when we get to the next steps, if necessary. Thanx WhyChat!!! P.S. I did talk to the CA AND the OC within the last week to "negotiate" a settlement, meaning to pay off both that and the Sears collection with the proceeds from our refinance. I have since learned here that is a big fat no no. I also see that these communications should not interfere with the steps outlined with the pre-Hippaa and then the Hippaa letter writing procedure, correct?
  5. So which is it folks? Do you get all 3 FICO scores from myfico.com or just one? Seems to be two different responses here, and when I went to myfico.com, at first glance it seems to me alls you get is just the one from the one CRA. Thanx.
  6. Hi Jack, Well what I meant was that I paid that large balance off years ago, but the 3800+ balance is still showing, also showing that I have a monthly obligation of $89. The acct. is showing closed by credit grantor, with 0 past due on 30 60 or 90 ever, but it closed years and years ago, so anybody with a brain lookin at my report would know it's a mistake some sorta glitch. Guess my wonderment comes in at, do I get them to delete the whole thing, would that increase or lessen my credit score considering that there is this pretty large balance showing with it's payment of $89 monthly? I for one don't like the error, just not sure what I can exactly ask the CRA do in this instance, like will they just correct the mistake on it, or will they end up having to delete the whole shabang? Thanx for your interest in my problem. And to all the others who posted to me too!
  7. First, just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site that I found a couple of weeks ago, you guys are my new family almost since I'm spending so much time here! OK, got my credit reports from all 3 bureaus and have studied them and the info here to see about getting in better shape--goal is 720, and really surprising to me was how close I am already to that!! EXP-718, TU-670, EQ-651. One thing I've done since coming here I really regret is cancelling a Household Bank credit card a couple of days ago. I didn't do enough due diligence and found out a today that a huge part of your credit score is "available credit" IOW, best to pay off, bad to cancel. I sure hope that move didn't hurt me too bad. Today I finally worked up the courage to get started and sent out 3 letters challenging first off the erroneous personal info. I asked the bureaus to delete a couple wrong address, one belonging to my parents (never lived in that particular house) the other two are my PO box, but since I never have and don't now live in that box, I thought they should delete that too. Was that a good idea? I also asked them to delete an employer I never heard of, much less worked for. Is that a symptom of identity theft? That really kinda scared me, so I did the opt out thing today, although I'm not sure that particular action will keep me safe but "freezing" seems inconvenient and a bit extreme. BTW, I didn't sign those letters, thinking about some advice I read on this forum stating that you shouldnt, but now I wonder if that was concerning the letters you write to the CA's and the OC's. Does that mean my letters will be completely ignored? Do you have to sign them for them to be valid to the CRA's? OK, here's my new focus: I have a $96 unpaid collection reported by 2 different CA's, it appears that one may have sold it to the other. Omni Srvs gp reports opened 01/06, LA is 09/05, reported 04/07 and this appears on TU and EQ. The other (same alleged debt) is on TU and reported by Recheck and is more current, same opened date, but no LA date entered, reported 11/08. My question: Do I send DV letter to both of these since the first one mentioned above seems not to have it nor reported it to the CRA's lately? One more question: I have a "positive" TL with Best Buy through HSBC that is closed (by credit grantor) is rated R1, but for whatever reason shows that there is a balance of $3,839 with a payment of $89. This is flat out false since I paid it, but I'm not sure if I should ask that this acct. be deleted even though this TL is over 9 years old. Can I just ask the CRA's to investigate this and delete the outstanding balance and associated payment only? I'm afraid ask them to delete a positive TL, but I'm not sure this is really is a positive after reading all about FICO scoring on this site. Boy was that an eye opener. Thanx in advance for any help ya'll can give me.

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